“We had a blast, I really did. I know they
did. (Betty:)”… and Brian Thomas thought that he could knock everybody off the court with his serve.” (Brian) “I remember the day I found out we were
going to have trials. I had played recreationally through leagues and I got
in the mail, a flyer. They said there will be tennis tryouts
on this day at Chattanooga State. Come try out, the new coach is Betty Jones.
I thought, wow ok I’ve never really played. I started playing college baseball but
then that I wanted to try tennis. So I ended up making the team. She told me, you’re not real good at
tennis right now, but you work hard and your attitude is good and I’m going to
keep ya. From there, Betty had to take us and mold us and decide how she was going to
play lineups and stuff like that and she would tell us you guys have got to get
better I’ve got to put a line up together. I’ve got to put a line up together. we’ve gotta to do something really something. And
we procedure just to work really hard and she worked us very hard.” “I think I remember you just teach us where all the fundamentals start. Just teaching us the game itself. We were just used to pounding it.” “Back up a sec. I pulled back. I
was gonna hit him.” “You come out here, you actually taught us the game.” “We rarely played. We
always did drills, fundamental work, stuff like that and very rarely we’d play. We had to work
on different things everyday.” “Discipline!” “Betty was a lot of fun. She was intense. Always on-the-go. Betty
was… I call it 300 miles an hour, cause every time she’s got a thought, just go go go. There was no what I called lag time until
practice was over. Practice started, Betty took over. Practice was over and she was still
going fast. You know, she’s always on the move, always something to do.” “Well, you
want to see them play?” “Well, they all look really good. (laughs) The main thing is …they’re good lookin’!” “We started out… a lot
of people you know that the the impression was, you play at Chattanooga State – you’re terrible, they’re no good. You don’t know what you’re doing.That
was the initial impression that we got from other teams and we started winning
because we would outwork the other team we would prepare and eventually start winning.
“When I came in I knew very well what i wanted them to do. Number one is I want
to be sure they were basically fundamentally sound in all their
stroke reduction and and playing, but also wanted them to be exposed.I needed
for them to be able to play college tennis.They had to be exposed so we
took them to the top schools like Dekalb college in Atlanta. We took them to be sure that
they could play these schools and know what it was all about. Also wanted them to
have exposure as far as culturally, so they knew what was going on in the whole world, how it got there.So that’s some of the goals that I had.” “I can still remember when we played some
of the bigger schools it was like, hey, you put your shorts on just like they do every morning.I can remember that… “We used to say that on the van, going to the matches.” “And John C. I can remember him, with
his forehand topspin… It was all about learning discipline tennis, cause a
number of them had not had that exposure, so they need to have learned
how to play discipline tennis and on top of that, I can tell by the things that
I’ve learned from them, they not only learn discipline tennis but they also
learned that discipline life that you’ve gotta have. It shows. And Chattanooga State had a lot to do that with their beginning.

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