Please give support for my sister new channel with the link below, she has helped to translate the drama. Thanks you can say your second target now my second target is to be her boyfriend what? to be whose boyfriend? Little whirlwind I finally found you don’t you even think about it this person is belong to Jinghao Little whirlwind is he really your boyfriend? do you still need to think on how to answer him? make it clear Qi Jinghao is my boyfriend Qi Jinghao is the best I like Qi Jinghao very much are you clear? you want to challenge the president position I am ready to fight but your second target I advise you to give up now I will continue to challenge will not give up I will never give up on Yan Xiaoxi Wasn’t me, I didn’t ask him to come I heard from Xiaoxi, sport model is needed here so I volunteer to come, hopefully can help Xiaoxi to get additional marks on the semester Fine, no problem don’t facing each other This kind of composition is not very beautiful Do an action that shows muscle lines why you all keep starring? hurry up and start to sketch I came here today just because of you I know, thank you You are welcome Who told you that we need model here? Yes, you didn’t told me, I overheard your conversation with other I told other is nothing to do with you I didn’t ask you to come if I will only help you when you ask to, then I am very unsuccessful how is your sketch? good let me have look no no, don’t see why cannot see? Did you draw me in ugly? no I will let you to see next time what is this? you draw two of us as the puppy that fighting for bone? I spend two hours here for you to sketch you draw me as a puppy? no, I am very serious but I just can’t get it right the main point if because you are here I am a little confused in my heart then I just simply draw It turns out that I am so cute in your heart just now I stood on Qi Jinghao left side this is me that is him Why is his tail shorter than mine? this this one is not done yet puppy? and also the tail is shorter? is it funny? This is serious, what are you going to do? do as what you say ignore for a few days you want to ignore Li Sheng for few days? wrong the one that I angry is Yan Xiaoxi, therefore I want to ignore her for few days cannot ignore her your enemy is in front of you, you still want to ignore her? wait for Li Sheng to take her away? starting from now, you need to treat Yan Xaioxi gentle, gentle and more gentle, love, love and more love you had asked me to change to others few days ago this wasn’t the right time to change brother, we can lost the match But the dignity of a man must not be lost even if one day you really don’t like her anymore also cannot let Li Sheng to take the opportunity you cannot give up this in point of time do you understand? I understand, let’s training I have other issue, I make a move first I said training if you put the same energy with me to Yan Xiaoxi, you two have long been reconciled Xiaoxi, wait for me I have lots of question to ask you, about Li Sheng is both of you knew each other before? when is it? What do you think about his announcement that he is going to be your boyfriend? please….. You give me some news, they are waiting let me go please Ke Er tell me please she’s already had a headache, don’t bother her anymore You are willing to care on me? Do you care whether I angry of not? Wasn’t you only need Qi Jinghao? don’t I had told you I am not purposely hide the issue on Qi Jinghao from you furthermore, our relationship at that time…. I’m also very confused what I told you that time is the truth you had explained it several times, I understand really understand? really understand Great Why you seem like different today? different? biscuit? not for you so for who? you will know soon Xiaoxi I had make everything clear to you I have boyfriend I am lost Tengyuan compound is so big I don’t know where is the club building that side then, do you know where is the meeting room for club? second floor I heard second floor have four meeting rooms do you know is which one? you just yes, I am finding excuse to have conversation with you but I like you am I wrong? I said to you that I had boyfriend so, do you think am I wrong in challenge Qi Jinghao on the president position? that was between both of you two questions, you also didn’t say I am wrong I know what I want this is me hope you will not hate me, Li Sheng I didn’t hate you, we are just school mate So, Xiaoxi school mate show me the way thank you Xiaoxi, table ten customer requested you to take order you go and I will handle here Hello Qi Jinghao do you come here to scold me? I have apologized to you is it so important which puppy tail is longer? give me a Fillet steak Fillet steak set meal set meal coffee change to apple juice don’t you make me loss my job again It was very hard to get this job and only need to work on saturday, so I can accompany you for training on the rest of the days You specially arranged your work on Saturday is to accompany me? you have to do as you said you not angry anymore? do you know why I get angry? is because I had draw you a short tail puppy not only because of this so why do you get angry? you still don’t know why I get angry? Sir, what else do you need to order? give me a dozen of Yan Xiaoxi one is good enough, still want a dozen what time you off? when you done on eating I’ll wait for you are you ok? how come you are here? I will be where ever you are I help you Don’t, Qi Jinghao is eating outside he will misunderstand again when he see us you are suffering working here he is enjoying his meal there, I am not the same as him I will accompany you here she doesn’t need you to be with her Let’s go She is not off from work yet I said let’s go you aren’t care on her Li Sheng, you don’t be too much you let her to serve you, you are the one that is too much Let’s go Cannot go Let’s go Cannot go Let’s go Go where to? to a place that full of fun no…. Gaoyang said, when girl see handbag will be very happy this kind of happiness is too expensive do you like it? I buy for you I don’t want Sir, do you want this bag? want….. don’t want…… why is it so difficult for me to buy you something? I am your boyfriend, can you stop rejecting me? further, this will make me very embarrassed you are the one saying bring me here is to let me to be happy wouldn’t you feel happy that I buy bags for you? all this will not be able to make me happy then, tell me how to make you happy? are you willing to buy those that can make me happy? surely how about this? you like this kind of things? is it cute? how? cute is your turn now me? let me have a look why cover up? not bad be more confident let’s go if you done on trying try this again go Pikachu are you done? very cute wasted the whole day only bought two rabbits at the end so happy, don’t you happy? I bought it, so you must wear fine, you also need to wear Why you were so angry at the restaurant just now? I don’t want to tell why? tell me you will laugh at me if I tell you tell me, I will not laugh you promise? I am not angry on you for draw me as a puppy what I angry was why you also draw Li Sheng the same because of this you got angry? This is not very easy to understand Why this is not very easy to understand? Is Li Sheng in your heart having the same position as me? I further, why he and I are the same kind of dog? no he should be the dog food, destiny to be eaten by me In fact, I just simply draw why do you think so much? the tail also longer than mine it really about tail? Yan Xiaoxi, I am telling you now, in future I and Li Sheng can not be compared I am Yan Xiaoxi’s the one and only Do you get it? I got it Faster You are not allowed to abandon me Do you get it? Fool You said it just now, you want to be Yan Xiaoxi’s the one and only, don’t later on I really treat you as the only one, then you don’t want me anymore then what should I do? For me the things that I scare the most is abandoned by people that I care Last time, when I at you home I tell you the truth, but you lock me out at that time when I saw you shut the door….. in future you don’t be like that you must promise me no matter what happen in future you also cannot abandon me no matter what happen also cannot abandon me do you get it? promise me do you get it? I will be holding this hand no matter what happen I will not let go of it you had promised I want to drink milktea Pearl milktea I will go buy for you Qi Jinghao very cute I will hold this hand no matter what will happen I will not let go of it is you? You scare me You pervert Jinghao, you had misunderstand, I can be her uncle with my age what had I misunderstand? you follow her, took photo, did I misunderstand? what do you want on her? I don’t want to do anything on her, I want to know what she wants you still denying? her father is Yan Zhiyun do you know Tengyuan had caused Yan Zhiyuan lost everything? Now his daughter suddenly appears at school and on the application form Deliberately misleading everyone Let everyone think that she is from a design family I am worry she comes to revenge will hurt Principle Lin twenty years ago expelled Yan Zhiyun was Principle Lin so you had been following me Principle Lin has grace to me if you want to do anything to him I will stop you You found out there was suspicion why don’t you report I want to report, but I…… I found that you and her are a group Jinghao, Principle Lin only got you one grandson fine since discovered by you I will ask face to face Yan Xiaoxi What do you want for entering Tengyuan? I know Principle Lin expelled my father but my target wasn’t Principle Lin I just want to find out the truth who is the one that hurt me father? how to investigate for the matter that happened twenty years ago? I only got this photo No wonder you keep paying attention on Doctor He and also kept sneaking into the medical room grandfather was in this photo, so this issue don’t tell grandfather first You are doubtful about your own grandfather? Is because I trusted him, so I can agree on Xiaoxi to do the investigate I hope that Manager Du can temporarily help me keep it secret Cannot why? Because you are young, there is no need to focus on these old things. there old things had hurt my most important person Fine, even it is real based on what you said Your father was been framed Then, is he work very hard to raise you? had get over with it? Since now everything is fine, why are you still holding on to the past? Manager Du, I would like to ask you a question If a student is injured by a gangster After a few months, he was recovered from the injury and had over come it Is it not necessary to investigate and catch the gangster? as long as the victim had overcome it all crimes can be ignored? Who can be so tolerant? The spectator The spectator does not care what the victim or his family experienced It’s not him that is hurt or he is suffering. Therefore, the spectator can be very tolerance then anyone else watch out it’s hot because this cheap tolerant, this world will have so many bad guys Doing bad things can still be free Can also hurt more people with unbridled yes my father still with me every morning will prepare delicious breakfast for me but i still want to find out because I am not the spectator I am Yan Zhiyun’s daughter. My father was hurt by others No matter how long it had past, I have to trace down to the end Has caused such serious damage Why I had to treat as it never happened? It is not possible as long as I am here I am also not the spectator When it happened that time I was just been transferred to Tengyuan I clearly saw the most famous pingpong club of Tengyuan drop from the peak to the bottom I also see the principal Lin who has always encouraged and take care of me turn into white hair in a night fine, if both of you can find out the truth It’s a bit of a make up at least so you mean promise not to report? I will keep silent for the time being but remember during the process of investigation If you do something you should not do I will report to Principle Lin Fine but you also remember, if you dare to track on my girlfriend again I will report police So, thank you help me up you are my girlfriend I don’t allow anyone to hurt you so good of you Am I very fierce today? no wasn’t this is Yan Xiaoxi’s style? why got? I am usually very gentle gentle? do you still know gentle this word? what do you mean? I am not gentle? if I am not gentle, why do you like me? I like the taste you tasted Dad, I’m back you’re back drink the water that on the table what is this? Glutinous rice water, the sundry shop boss said now a day the young girl like to drink this can help to turn you skin better Who are you doing this for? The landlady, she said she needs a cabinet with drawers, to put some sundry you see, we often accept her food we should do something to pay back Dad you never find a partner is it because of me? what kind question you are asking? actually I think the landlady after getting along for a some time, she is kinda of cute why not you consider? with regards on this issue stop here, don’t ask about it in future I realized, in fact are you there is someone in your heart what happen to you today? why keep asking the unrealistic question? am I? have boyfriend? no no boyfriend I am asking you, don’t you change the subject I am curious dad you say what is it like to like someone? when like someone want to be with her forever but if cannot be together? then that is destiny will it be very sad? yes And it will be very sad and very depressed sometime will think that whether that person have a better life then you do you help him up you are the only person that can help him now dad, please help Zhiyun, please Are you punishing me? dad? I like the taste you tasted My Gaoyang is a sweet talker last week he just said a sentenses my dear, I like the taste you tasted This is will makes people’s heart beat faster. The theme of the this week radio station is the sweetest sentence your boyfriend said to you. You are one of our key interviewees why are you recording, Ke Er, delete it Xiaoxi, you also one of our key interviewees can you tell us, your boyfriend which is our most handsome man at Tengyuan Qi Jinghao, what is the sweetest sentence he have ever told you? Teacher, the previous lesson, I have this question which I still didn’t understand this was the main focus point of our previous lesson Be more careful Qi Jinghao now belong to your good sister, now you are holding this big box of biscuit Intend to give up and eat till over weight? what are you talking about? I said you are kinda of pity at this point of time, do you think with the biscuit can win the heart of the man that you like, dreaming Tong Jiayue, you are being too over Yes, I, Tong Jiayue, had been overly perfect Get off my way Professor Xu Jiayue This is my design for the design exhibition. You named your design as Love over the cloud? That’s right Your design has always been a gorgeous drape Taking care of the elegant beauty of women the name “Over the cloud” is very appropriate but this few design drawing, still need to work more on the details waiting for me? Jinghao, I will wait for you at canteen let’s go together to eat let’s go, have lunch this time canteen is full of people, I go to queue first waiting for you at the canteen what happen? accompany me on training fine biscuit again? you don’t like biscuit? no just it is too many, is kinda of wasted if I can’t finish it I purposely make more in order you can share it with your team mate what are you doing? you know it yourself I don’t know don’t know I just like the taste you tasted what’s wrong with I like the taste you tasted? do you learn this from Yun Gaoyang? yes Qi Jinghao, you are the most disappointed boyfriend that I ever see who ask you to learn? every things also learn from people don’t be to much For who I learn all this for? To let who be more happy? what the most disappointed boyfriend what do you mean by the most disappointed boyfriend? how many boyfriend do you have? I You are the person that did wrong but still want to complain? I don’t care on all this, just tell me how many boyfriend do you have? why I….. why I have to tell you? I don’t want to talk to you, don’t want to see you, don’t meet up again you are the one say that don’t meet up, fine Qi Jinghao, are you being reasonable? wasn’t quarrel also learn from people? I don’t want to quarrel why we still quarrel again? don’t want to quarrel do you still want….. as long as you like it, you can throw as many as you want why are you here? I am club member, of course come for training he is unable to catch your ball I can Qi Jinghao would let me to do, then I will not do this wasn’t you You are just afraid that he gets angry, so just obey him to be your boyfriend should be protecting you, loving you and make you happy and not stress you out all day long

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