One of the great things about having this
design center and finishes lab right here in Columbus is we can really kick the tires on some of the newer
technologies. We took a step back and said we want to take a fresh look at the branch experience for our
customers. Our finishes lab is kind of our final staging point for new technologies and solutions where we
put the final bits of window dressings on it before we take it out into the wild and we start putting
it into real branches. I like to think of it as a bit of a playground. Like a chef you get to play around and invent
new recipes. You get to try things that haven’t been tried before. I try and think about it as a customer
not as a planner or as a designer or as a banker. We now have a design studio that gives us the ability
to test what’s important to our customer. Just insert your card in here. Chase employees can come in
and use the actual test branch and see how it flows and how it functions. One of the first things you’ll
notice when you first enter the new Chase branch is our express banking kiosk. Giving our customers
access to all of their accounts is something that we’re keenly focused on. Now you can do more transactions,
transfers, even make payments creating that experience. Inside the branch you
can still do your cash and check deposits, get cash, make payments and so forth. You don’t have to go
stand in the teller line. We don’t take it away, we have a scrim it’s a curtain that comes down so when
you come in you may not see that teller position at all. Our tellers no longer have to worry about counting
cash, printing receipts, processing checks, filling out forms…now we’ve got the access bar so that
our bankers and our tellers can focus on our customer. You see a banker you see a support person, I already
know without anyone telling me that I’ve got somebody there that can help me should I need
it. It enables the bankers to see more customers. This access bar because of its design because of
the proximity to the express banking kiosk enables our team to meet the customer sooner and find out what
their needs are. At the end of the day we are empowering our customers. We’re creating more
choice and ways for them to get banking done. I’ll share with you a little bit about we’re doing
here at the design studio. I don’t know what retail banking is going to look like ten years from now but
I can tell you that Chase will be at the forefront and this design studio actually helps us do that. We’ve
taken our design cues from more of a hospitality industry than a retail industry. You can see the fit
and finishes of what you have here, you feel special this is a unique experience. We have a space inside
the branch that we call the comfort zone. We’ve got tablets where customers can learn about Chase, about
the people in the branch, have access to online tools and pay bills, everything you can imagine. The
legacy model of having a banker sit behind a desk and pound away at keys with a customer sits there and
he answers questions just wasn’t working. Customers want to be involved, they want to participate.
By putting this tablet in front of them they are actively participating with the banker. (go ahead and
hit tap to sign). Filling out information directly on the tablet, doing digital signatures and so forth.
(I think the customers will love it). We are literally changing the face of retail banking, not the face of
Chase retail banking, but the face of all retail banking and that’s pretty exciting.

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Dennis Veasley

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