today we have the inauguration of the
Chapin tennis courts we’re so excited for our students to be able to
play on this on this project on the tennis courts this is just one of the
projects that we’re rolling out we spend about 1.4 million dollars on the courts
themselves but we’re also gonna bring a total 3.4 million dollars to Chapin high
school and we’re going to have lighting for our baseball and softball we’re also
going to have artificial turf that’s going to be replacing the the current
turf here at the high school we’re also going to be putting in a new track for
our athletes so we’re excited about the bond projects we’re grateful to the
community for the opportunity to be able to create these kind of opportunities
for our kids and so we’re really great we’re really excited to be here they
look really good they look like some of the best courts eat in the EPISD
we’ve been waiting them for a long time and we’re not disappointed with them
before we didn’t really have home games like every once in a while but I was
just we’re now like we can have home games and it’s really exciting because
people could actually come out and see us play so it’s very important for us to
be able to invest in our students because many of this other schools that
are across the state are playing in facilities that give them more an
opportunity to excel and so we what we want to do is we want to invest in our
students and we want to invest in their ability to play and and get them give
them an opportunity to play at a higher level and have you know great facilities
for them to be able to practice on and so I think that that’s really important
for our for our kids to give them equal opportunity to be able to to practice
and continue to excel

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Dennis Veasley

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