– Hello people! Guess what I’m doing today? I’m doing Oprah’s morning routine. Well, not today. I’ll do it tomorrow. ‘Cause I have to sleep first. Hi baby. I’m doing Oprah’s
morning routime tomorrow. Did I say routime? I’m doing Oprah’s
morning routine tomorrow. (upbeat music) My research coordinator Elaina, pulled a bunch of interviews and researched to see what
Oprah’s morning routine is. However, since I’m not a billionaire, I’m gonna be doing it on my own budget and using stuff that I
have around my own house, rather than buying a whole bunch of stuff that Oprah uses. I want to see how my life changes if I take on her morning for my self. So for my morning routine, I usually wake up sometime
between 8:00 and 8:30. Get up, pee, poop, shower, feed my cat, and then I kind of jump in the car and go. We have some food at work, bagels if it’s a Friday. And then I’ll usually work out after work. There isn’t a whole lot of fuss. I do think that it’ll be cool having a set routine
that I have to follow. I think it might take some of
the stress of the morning off because I won’t be like what
am I gonna eat for breakfast? When do I do this? When do I do that? What’s happening? It’ll just be like, hi, here’s your list, check it off, do it. So let’s see what Oprah does. Oprah says she wakes up usually
between 6:02 and 6:20 am. She doesn’t set an alarm and wakes up naturally
because of her dogs. She says of her process,
I don’t believe in alarms, I find them alarming. That’s a direct quote. Can’t you see Oprah saying that? I put the number in my mind
and I wake up before that. Usually because the dogs are trained to go out around that time. Put the number in your mind. That’s above human. What’s a word for above? – Superhuman. – Su- there it is. Oprah is once again proving
that she is superhuman. (alarm buzzing) Okay, so tonight I am
going to set an alarm. I’ll do 6:19. And then we’ll go from there. (alarm ringing) Okay, 6:19. I don’t feel super tired. I went to sleep at a pretty okay time. I do wish I was a little less tired. But time to get on with the day. Her first thought that
she says in the morning is I’m a live, thank you. That’s something that
I don’t typically do. I usually don’t wake up
with a sense of gratitude. I usually wake up with
a sense of why was I up playing my games so late? I should have gone to sleep earlier. James, you’re alive. You’re alive. Thinking that thought actually makes 6:19 feel not quite as painful, but this feels early. I guess it’s about getting
a jump start on your day, though, right? Then she brushes her teeth and let’s her dogs out
to use the bathroom. So that will be when I feed James. Oh god dammit. It’s fine. Next, Oprah let’s her dogs out. I don’t have a dog but I do have a lion. And he actually does like going outside. Really? Oh fresh air. By 6:45, Oprah has made a chai tea or skim cappuccino and has put on sneakers to prepare for her time at the gym. So she gets to the gym early. I don’t drink chai. I’m gonna have to go
out and get some chai. I’ve decided to get ready for the gym before I drink my what? It’s too early. I’ve decided to get ready for the gym before I feed James and everything. Because being in my gym wear already while I’m doing those things I think kinda helps me get into the mood. Get into the mome of working out. Go to feed the lion. Going to feed the lion. He’s like it’s too early, I don’t usually eat at this time. Stubborn. But you know what? Same. It’s 6:45 now. I’m actually on time. I thought that I was going to be late. Just ’cause. Oprah makes a chai tea with skim milk. A little bit lactosey sensitive so I’m gonna use some almond milk. But I did get some chai mix. So I feel like Oprah probably
does not use a powder from Trouder Joes, but that’s
what we’re going with today, because I am not Oprah. And I don’t know how to make fancy stuff. I don’t have the technology. James, I don’t think Oprah
has this wild rumpus. This is a lot of tea. The thing is, I am more
hungry than I am thirsty. Especially before going to the gym. Is this sugar what gives her her energy, her strength. I don’t know. I feel like I’m probably
missing something there. (upbeat music) Let’s go. 7:05 am, by this time, Oprah is working out
in her home jame, nope. By this time, Oprah is
working out in her home gym on an octane elliptical machine. I do not have a home gym. But there’s a gym by my home. It is a beautiful day outside. I think that sort of morning mantra, oh I’m alive, kind of does help
to give you some perspective on random stuff that I
normally wouldn’t care about. It’s my friend Kelly. Kelly. Hi Kelly. – Hi. – Are you taking me to the gym? – Yes, it’s 7:00.
– Yay! Let’s go. We’re off to the gym. Kelly, you’re my Gayle today. – I’m your friend. – Kelly’s my friend Gayle today. I do not have an assistant. I assume Oprah has one, if
not multiple assistants. I’m not saying you’re my assistant, but I’m saying thank you
for driving me to the gym. – It’s like a fancy Uber ride. – Sure. She usually does 20
minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes walking on the treadmill, and finishes her workout with sit-ups. I usually got to a spin class. I do what they say, I sweat,
I drink protein, I leave. Going to the gym,
especially in the morning, will be a little bit new for me. I haven’t really done an
elliptical for a long time. Like for a long time. While she works out she watches Eye Opener Hits on CBS This Morning to appreciate Gayle King
and her crazy ass necklaces. Kelly, you gonna go on TV? – Yeah. – Great. (upbeat music) Finished Oprah’s workout. A little sweaty. So now we go home and
make an Oprah breakfast. 8 am, Oprah tries to take about 20 minutes to do some form of walking
or sitting meditation. And prefers to sit in a seat by a window or outside on her balcony. But if she’s in a time crunch, she’ll shorten her
meditation to 10-12 minutes. The weather is beautiful today so I’m going to meditate out here. I have pulled up a guided
meditation on my computer, so I’ll follow along with that. Let’s get ‘tatin’. Meditatin’. Oprah. (content music) Honestly, I really liked meditating. I don’t meditate ever. So I think the meditating
really kind of like calmed me down and set
the tone for the day. Wake up with gratitude,
exercise, and some deep thought. Wow. That was pretty nice. I think I feel very relaxed now. Guess it’s time for breakfast. Let’s go do it. For breakfast, oh dammit, she finishes her workout with sit-ups. I forgot that. I haven’t done sit-ups in a while. (fun music) Breakfast time. 8:38 am she eats breakfast. Oprah eats medium boiled eggs and a piece of multi-grain
toast for breakfast. And then from another interview, she said that she eats a lot of fruit. Passionfruit, raspberries, blueberries, sliced banana, avocado on toast. So we’re gonna incorporate all of that into this breakfast. And she’ll make breakfast for anyone else who is in her home. So Kelly, you got some
eggs coming your way. (upbeat music) So, me and Kelly/Gayle,
we’re done with breakfast. I don’t know exactly when Oprah showers, so I’m going to do it now before I kind of get started
with my business for the day. So bye. Wait I was going to say something but I don’t remember what it is. (shower running) So Oprah likes things
that are flowy and billowy if she’s just gonna be hanging out, which kind of means like a flowy skirt and a billowy top. I don’t really have anything
that super matches that, so I’m going to wear a dress
that I wear on vacation. That way I can be comfortable and try to channel my inner Oprah with things that I already have. By 9am, when she’s finished her breakfast, she makes phone calls, does her banking, and just conducts business. If you’re anything like me, you’ll notice one glaring
omission from that schedule, and that is when does Oprah poop? So conducting her business
usually fills up her time until around 12:30, noon. And so that’s what I’ll do. She’s like, alright, had me, time to give them some of me. We got paid yesterday. Hello. So I gotta bank. I actually have a video
that I need to wrap up and package. So I’m gonna work on that right now too. And then she’ll take
all her business calls and everything now. I don’t have any business calls today, so I might just see if my
manager’s available to like chat. (phone ringing) – Hello. – Megan. – How’s James facing everything? – James is, he’s doing great. He’s just, you know,
living his life, sitting. – Well interestingly enough, I do have some business
to run through with you. – Oh great. – Alright ladies. You and Gayle have fun. – Thank you. – I’ll see you guys
later on this afternoon. – Okay, sounds good. Bye Megan. – Bye. – Wow, so much business to tend to. – Is your leg a little bit awkward? – Does it look like it’s
bent in the wrong direction? I’ll give ’em one of these. Oh the door’s open. Okay we’re back. Hello. Wow, this day was honestly
a lot more relaxing than I thought it was going to be. It’s kind of nice doing it all at home. That way, when I get to the office, I’m only doing things that
have to be done in the office. I just feel a lot more relaxed and like I get more work done. And so it was kind of
nice having something that I just had to follow. This was my first time doing a billionaire’s morning routine. Thanks Oprah for giving those interviews where I could kind of piece together what your morning routine is. I know that it was like
a little bit imperfect, and there’s probably stuff that she does better than I do, obviously. But this was really cool to see. Who’s morning routine
should I lurk on next? Let’s get crazy. Let’s get crazy. Oprah! Bye. (fun music)

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100 thoughts on “Chantel Tries Oprah’s Morning Routine • Ladylike”

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