– I am here in my childhood home in the hallway that leads
up to my childhood bedroom. I am here because Devin
revealed what was in her bag. Kristin revealed what was in her desk. Jen revealed what was in her trunk. And Fred revealed what
was in her trunk of shoes. So now I am going to show you all what is in my childhood bedroom. I haven’t really gone through
my room in a long time. I’m not exactly sure
what we’re gonna find. Are you ready? (light jazz music) ‘Cause I’m a little ready. I wish I was more ready. But let’s do it. Okay, this is my bedroom door. This actually has remained the same since I was in high school. I am obsessed with Peanut M&Ms. To this day they’re
still my favorite candy and I was like, “These make
excellent decorations.” At one point, I cam home from
college and my mom was like, “I found your old leprechaun craft. “It’s on your door now.” And there it stayed. This is my graduation
announcement from college and I just designed this all myself. This is my cribs moment. (magical music) Is this my bucket list? Here we are. Welcome. This is where the magic happens, AKA zero magic because I
was a Christian virgin. Welcome. This was my room probably
from age, like, 12 until Now I guess. It still kind of feels like
my room but it also doesn’t. My parents just, like, moved
different boxes in here. When I was like 13, I
got struck by the vision to do bright colors in my room. With the help of my mom
being gracious enough to do it with me, it came to this. After deciding my color
palate, I remember finding this trash can and I was just
like, “This… it’s perfect” There’s a little piece of gum that’s still stuck inside of it. Don’t now how long that’s been
there, just gonna ignore it. This is a little jewelry thing that spins. Baby me! 15th Birthday. I don’t know why I chose this picture because my eyes are not open. I was like, “It’s candid, it’s good.” This is my grandma and that was my Kiki. She was my childhood pup. So this is them sitting together. Don’t know where the glass for that is so I just keep pushing it
up and it falls back down. So here’s my first driver’s license. Nice and saturated and shiny. Before Chantel knew what
translucent powder was. So she was just always shiny. Okay, this has staples
‘cuz why wouldn’t you want 1000 staples in the jewelry drawer. Treasures! More baby Chantel. It’s probably the gayest
baby photo I have. I look at this and I’m like,
“Mhm, the signs were there.” I don’t know where most
of these came from. That’s a lie. I actually know exactly
where they came from. I’m just embarrassed
because I used to love them and now they’re trash. Welcome to Chantel’s reading nook. Trademark. I was a big music person. Played piano for nine years. I also taught myself to DJ after college. Never happened, but I
know how to do it now so that’s a fun fact. Let’s see what sort of CDs I have. We have a classic, nice and dusty, Britney Spears “Baby One More Time.” So my favorite on this was Soda Pop. We got Destiny’s Child
The Writing’s on the Wall, which has no Michelle Williams in it. That’s how old this album is. I see many NSYNC albums. Lots of Christian Rock in here also because I was a youth group girl. Times change, you know. I remember getting this TV in here. Chantel was a very cool
high school student and would come home, sit here, dip some Oreos in some
milk, and watch Oprah. I probably own like 5 DVDs. One of them is Napoleon Dynamite. I thought it was one of the funniest films I had ever seen in my entire
life and I stand by that. Fight me. But don’t at me. Also youth group girl,
my new adventure bible. So like everyone in school, it’s like this was like the cool bible to have. This is a hat I wore to a Michael
Jackson themed club night. Aw, Linkin Park, Chester. You can also see this amp because I also started playing
guitar at one point. Oh my God. We’re fine, ow. This was it. This was it, this was my little guitar. I remember my guitar teacher being like, “I think you could be
the next Avril Lavigne.” And I was like, “I don’t sing.” Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends, just makes my heart flutter. So I found that my favorite genre is just stuff that makes you feel charmed. Oh, you can see how, like,
beaten up this book is. I loved it so much. Dr. Seuss, of course! Hop on Pop. I don’t know when the
“d” became red crayon. I’m sure that was me at some point. Let’s have a seat real quick. So in third grade, I loved sharks so much that I had a shark themed birthday party. My mom made shark themed goody bags. We had a cake that was
in the shape of a shark. Sharks are huge huge part of my life. All the cool kids have shark
birthday parties, right? I want to find my pivotal shark book that taught me everything that I know. I’m not seeing it which is
incredibly disappointing. (sighs) This is exhausting. This is a pillow that I made
with my friend one time. That was how me and my friends had fun. Could you not tell? The expert stitching. Let’s just do an orange pillow
and write on it “orange”. ‘Cause I was also
obsessed with Mean Girls. “She asked me how to spell orange.” Do I have the Mean Girls DVD? No. Do I have the soundtrack? Of course I do. There’s also Will Smith Willennium. This had the hit Will 2k. I would take out all the,
like, the whole lyric book and then I would just sit
and listen to the album and just read all of the lyrics. This is my senior year book. I was the Co-editor in chief for it, and oh, since we were on
the yearbook committee we had access to like special things so we had our names engraved. That was us being naughty! I was voted best film-maker. So it was me and my friend Madeline. I will have you know what photograph of Instagram
does this resemble? None other than Kendall
Jenner’s hair photo. She’s sitting on the ground, and her hair is out in all those hearts. Where do you think she got
that idea from, boys and girls? You heard it here first, but
you saw it Kendall’s first. Is my hair in hearts? No, but it could’ve been. You remember the era of
just having these around? Not that it’s an “el” not at “al”. So when you send me
emails, spell it right. We’ve now flipped around
and are at my closet. This is something that it
really hasn’t been cleaned out since I was in high school. Okay. So I rode crew for a semester in college. Uh, this was my jacket. Everyone’s like, “You rode crew? ” Were you the coxswain?” AKA the person that doesn’t row and just sits and tells people what to do. And I’m like, “No, I rowed” All five foot and three
inches of me was there rowing. I needed a tall person to help grab what was my favorite toy for a long time. Yay, thank you Mike. Okay, this is gonna help
provide a little more insight into who I am as a person. My favorite toy was a Super Sealer Laminator. I just liked laminating things. So I also used to do kickboxing
at the gym in high school. My little knuckles were always
kind of bruised and bloody. It’s attractive. This purse was my staple purse. Looked like a hot dog and my friends called it the hot dog purse. And actually I was like, “That means I should just
use it all the time.” What do we have in here? Got two highlighters. My college graduation robe. It is fun to waft around in. This was my grad cap! And I just took out
photos of the people that meant a lot to me, including
my boyfriend at the time. Still a lovely person, I just
don’t feel like contacting him to get a photo release. It fits so well with a ponytail. This is one of my Halloween costumes. Was I a Jazmin? No. Was I a Genie? Yes. Also I was probably
inspired by A Genie Bottle, which was not kid friendly but I listened to it
countless time as a kid. Baby’s first robe! Little Christmas Robe. I’m not mad at it. The treasure has been uncovered. In middle school, I was A cheerleader. I remember even at the time my boobs didn’t really fit in this and I’d be squishin’ ’em down. This concludes my childhood bedroom tour. Thank you for being on
this journey with me. Now my wish for you all is
to go and surround yourself in fuzzy neon pillows. Because I will say, it does feel great. Let me know in the comments
what surprised you the most. What do you relate on on
a nerdy emotional level? What should we unpack next, my friends? You tell me. (classical music)

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100 thoughts on “Chantel Reveals What’s In Her Childhood Bedroom • Ladylike”

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    Curiously, she's the one I relate to the most as an adult, but I realize now that as a child I wouldn't have related to her at all, except for the fact that we were born raised as Christians and that we were both good at school (as she says in the video in which they do 3rd grade Math tests).

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