what is that very very welcome back to
the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays or break or set a
world record every single Wednesday very good Caleb thank you today we are joined
by the Randall Twins I’m Caleb and you guys might remember them from the time
we’ve played them in horse and you guys lost yeah we did we took a tough L! team
cash all the way as we team cash versus the twins again there were some more my
summer dunk tank challenge 5 rounds the 5th round we’re gonna use the tennis
ball bazooka other things you can score one two or three points three attempts
each person and the winners of the competition get to be the ones to
attempt today’s world record of into this video so make sure you watch the
run here we go last person to move win I’ve lost in the Sun Wow great first up
are baseballs and twins you guys are the guests that you’re gonna take the throne
first but each round you guys are got to do rock paper scissors to see who is the
one on the dunk tank for that so Caleb I both get three attempts and then we can
choose which cone we want to stand on this one this is one point two points
and then three points obviously one point those points but probably a little
bit more accurate and whoever has the most points at the ends are the ones
that get to attempt the world records and be the world record holder so we
wanna I want another world record I don’t have enough don’t have enough babe
you’ve been doing the series two to half years
I need more world record more Guinness holler at me for real I’m waiting to
hear back on like four of them caleb bring the heat should I bring the
heat should I go easy you think or like well I mean just hit the target he’s
back up to two I don’t care zero points Caleb I’m playing it easy
here’s the first round I want to get it some points on the board so I’m going
all one pointers that’s one we’re going for a two in a row two points
not bad not bad one one it is a cold day in here la it might look nice we are in
Los Angeles but today it’s like the high of 60 so it’s kind of cold out here
okay now it’s a twins turn it Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to be done
to see come on I’m shoot yep yeah but I don’t want to get wet and cold right
now so yeah all right it actually is worse to have to do the
early ones because I’m gonna be cold longer I’m gonna go change real quick idea even though it’s mine wait wait
I’ll give you $100 I’ll give you $100 if you oh my gosh you wanted it bad honey so bad
I’ve been in there twice no more opportunities we in our adventure we’re
gonna get our revenge you dumb oh I’ll be if I don’t get one
I’ll be all right caleb is safe which means it is zero
y’all thought y’all could dunk me?V 2 2 so we are ahead next round is the bow and
arrow twins who’s going back up on the Dante let’s
see it how’d she won’t shoot yeah they’re twins oh thank god Oh baby you gotta say to me they’re
lucky I got this I was going to try to go for some two pointers I’m just gonna
play it safe get fit number one he’s nervous you ready three two if you haven’t
subscribed yet make sure you do so we do fun stuff like this all the time so make
sure you drop a like and subscribe you haven’t yet no boy please do got dunked
that son was more rewarding three points for team cash don’t call me big I hate
it I don’t know how but just rigged to the rock-paper-scissors
I don’t know how he did it but he did it okay I won the rock paper scissors again
so Kayla’s back up there you guys are down zero to three have you ever shot
one these before I’ve never saw one of these before
okay well good luck we I killed in that put some points on the but I won an
exciting video so you guys have one point we have three we are now moving on
to the frisbee round well three we’re throwing the frisbee
rock paper scissors in let’s go Kate Caleb Emma start off this time
Oh gah – I’m feeling confident I’m gonna start on the cone number two we’ve done
only one so far they’re not paying attention here we
gonna wake mom oh my gosh the second that left my hand I was like
it’s good and it betrayed me by that much so I move up count yeah okay
all right we’re going for a guaranteed one oh let’s go alright
Caleb’s turn you ready you give it your fans want to see you get dogs man
you ready my fans would also love to see you dude every time because that would
be so funny I’m all the rounds though I feel confident hey I know we’re competitors right now
please put them in me I gotta put them in a starting to see why they have a
basketball account no points in the frisbee round we gotta step with our
frisbee skills I guess the next step is football I can almost guarantee there’s
gonna be some dunks this round speaking of dunks if you haven’t yet check out
the dunk League on whistles boards different different kind of dunks but a
lot of fun one of my favorite series on YouTube it’s good right yeah and a big
thank you to whistle sports making this video happen they even helped me out
with world record Wednesdays so go check out whistle sports and the Dunkley and
comment down below if you want me to be in the dunk League next season spammer
or we we created new series called the dunk League with all dunk tank videos
cuz you’re enjoying yourself so much Rock Paper Scissors shoot okay the score
now is three to one there were no points scored in the frisbee round but I really
want to put some points on the board so I’m going for two pointers with the
football guys ready oh my gosh all over it ah oh dang it okay no points okay
yeah that’s it that was a delay with that for the Hail Mary ready to play your
favorite game here we go oh hey fellas y’all better get all sixties I don’t
care about little you know every time I go up there hey guys and you know around
two different teams but I want you to raise that kid in the water get your
butt up there and get in the water my show just stay in there G oh I almost
fell for two one down three we need some points we need
to kind of change the game plan up a little bit we can’t be we can’t hit
these ones so we’re going for some fries right now let’s do it I don’t have this
it’s not in the repertoire right down Oh a tip number three goes that top
Brady let’s go oh my gosh that is really cold staying there so tie ballgame going
into the fifth and final round with the tennis ball bazooka here we go let’s go
final round is the tennis ball bazooka it’s a the canine commando it’s meant
for dogs so it’s not super powerful but it’s it’s pretty pretty cool I’m gonna
fire that at dogs yep for them to play fetch not as like
punishment oh okay here we go need a little bit more juice Oh too much juice too much oh ok need
Caleb for some points on the board please get one Caleb say hello to my little friend
good boots closed oh so we got zero points which means it’s still tied which
means if the riddle twins get us once they win the challenge and get to
attempt the world record ready yep Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors
shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot hahaha get on up there a little sassy today is
gonna be okay a little recoil okay I’m good are you good good let’s go let’s go on your third of two
had you had to get home alright so the Randall twins have won the challengers
means they get to attempt the world record the world records gonna be the
longest hit on a dunk tank guess what Caleb I’ll be nice I’ll let
them hit me I’ll go I’ll go get a better than uptake will you be nice
yeah it’s so generous of you Josh so josh is in the dunk tank we’re
accepting the world’s longest dunk tank shot at 75 feet all right I’m gonna step
in because you know we’re roommates thank you so much for watching and make
sure you subscribe you haven’t yet these guys just started a YouTube channel so
go subscribe to the rebel trends so pro do subscribe to Caleb Nash future as
well thank you to all sports make this video happen and we’ll see you guys
later I’ve got o Instagram chats every single video here they are boom
follow us all on Instagram our handles are here that’s all for now guys we’ll
see you guys later bye Caleb yeah one more
Caleb get back in the tank you

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  2. Josh can you shout me out in your next video my brother watches you every time you post a video

  3. have some world records try them out i think I wa the one to attempt it most granny passes in a minute distance between you should be 3 feet to 5 feet we got "43" and another one normal passes in one minute same distance we got "65"

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