what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel we are back with another horse game for today I am challenging
basketball freestyle Kalani ball free what’s up guys casual ball on your hat
same rules as always it’s gonna be like normal trick shot horse except you get
three attempts so if I get it on my first try you forget my first try up to
up to three tries but because he’s a basketball freestyling he does some
juggling too it’s not just gonna be shot so it could also just be a trick a
freestyle trick or a juggling trick here we go
okay climbs up first alright I have to do all that okay I don’t know if I can do all that
fancy stuff back to you oh he’s grabbing a second ball two balls at the same time
okay that part doesn’t count right nice okay first try to that’s kind of crazy
yeah first try but I can’t do spinning things so I just have to do the two
shots yeah just two shots okay that is an H for me H – nothing it’s back to
Kalani looks like he’s gone pretty deep okay oh boy that’s pretty close
that’s him number one airball third attempt Wow
that means it’s back to me or if not back for the first time it’s back to me
it’s first attempt he’s going three balls when you thought two was enough
hey you got let’s see I think you’re probably capable so you think you can do
it but I think that’s an H to basic this is the most difficult shot in the world what you just have to spin it huh attempt number two oh he didn’t need a
third attempt back to me so I know you can juggle three but can you juggle and
shoot right here pretty deep you get three attempts yeah I wish you guys
could see this face right now yeah well I got a number two Oh close those clothes that’s plus third
attempt possible Oh oh all right
it is a Chotu H all right Kalani I’ve got one no shot just a basketball trick
you’re obviously go to battle chicks but I’m nursing you do oh shoot
that doesn’t count never seen you do this no no I don’t think so a little bit
oh man you’re on your third try what a sworn I’d be able to get that three tips
okay that’s that’s back to you this is the same court where I filmed the horse
game with officer George versus the cop and that video is at like 1.5 million
views so hopefully there’s good luck for this court and this video does a couple
million views – they’ll be good huh it’s a space anticipating 15 million views 15
million that would also be I’d be okay with that so if you haven’t yet give
this video a like and a comment and share it so we can get those two 1/2 a
million views as well or 15 million I will now attempt to open this water
bottle while spinning a basketball okay I see people do this I’ve never really
tried hey that was really easy this is Josh’s drink hard part for me is my
basketball spins this way but the thing twist that way so I need to get the ball
to my left hand if I wanna do this well I only had one attempt so I guess
that doesn’t count dig it all right I have a hoh-hoh Oh
today I’m back to Kalani do this let’s see okay high-low shower box first right
Lani clearly has been watching my videos lately high low high low high low bucks
no problem give me something little bit harder do
it with his chest I’m gonna do that oh I’ve never tried that and you got a
first try dang that’s that’s pretty cool if I don’t get it I’m definitely to
practice that I’ve never even thought about doing high low off the chest okay
let’s try it also if you’re wondering why is it this
high yeah I’ve got a black eye it’s because I was filming with venom trick
shots and this happened video coming soon
that really hurt but I think it was worth it cuz the videos gonna be awesome
alright let me try this learning thing learning something new today oh wow
that’s so good thank you for teaching me a new trick Kalani unbelievable humble
that’s why I should never do a juggling trick for a juggler okay let’s see
something else maybe something I can do huh okay I know pretty sure you can’t
spin the ball yeah well where’s the third one
oh gosh yeah I’m fried it’s gonna take a letter on this one and that is so
impressive yeah there’s a there’s no chance that
that’s happening here’s the training gears of practice hor okay I really
don’t like that you have five basketballs right now the hoop running
through these basketballs I guess oh I wish you’d give you try something that
you might get on your second or third try this first try stuff is killing me
that was cool though maybe replay in slow mo that looks difficult okay I
think you should try a trick shot or something next time Kalani I’m kind of
over this freestyle stuff whoa that was pretty close h o r s back to you
clines getting getting back to the long shot oh my gosh Philly I’m probably safe
with us but I don’t think there’s any ways making this in two more attempts
but maybe I’d almost rather you make this then try another freestyle move honey no whoa
that was super close super close but you’ve made a mistake cuz now it’s
coming back to me you guys know what’s happening it’s not that amazing to watch
at this point but it’s pretty consistent so let’s see two chimps Kalani I can’t
believe it I really can’t believe I see it vid on video all the time I said I’m
like people ask all the time like if I got chosen to do a nekkid NBA shot
contest or something I would probably choose to do it backwards then forward
facing cuz that’s how much more consistent I am with that it’s pretty
weird but let’s see if mr. Kilani ball free can handle it two attempts little
hard Oh most all right sir that is H 0 r 2 h 0 RS r Kalani I’m going off light
pole catch it in the air and make three-pointer Oh where did you come up with these
ideas get their holes on target come on let’s go funny ha ha off this pull off
the bull catch in the air number two there’s a plane up there’s a plane up
there wow that’s deep oh alright it’s a close game guys
hor s 2hrs right yes Ultra lar yes hor s this is if next next letter
wins go easy on me this is the game winner right here I don’t know what its
gonna do oh my goodness it’s a good shot but too difficult fit into the game wire they’re coming for you oh now attempt
spin the ball on my hats okay oh gosh I don’t think I can even do the Hat thing first drive I don’t even know if I can
do that part of it oh oh oh snap oh oh oh oh oh oh what oh my head is a little
bigger than his barely fits no I’m not sure if you can start this hey that’s
the game I was gonna fall so I didn’t want to do this I feel like I was gonna
hit the ball I don’t know how you did that I guess you could have shot out
here so I’m with the granny and the granny let me down but that’s that’s the
video everybody but hold on let’s do some freestyle stuff real quick data says video everyone thank you so
much for watching check out Kalani on your favorite social media platforms
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ball free on any social media Instagram Twitter Facebook whatever and links to
all that is in the description we do Instagram shoutouts every single video
here those two people hold up a fake Instagram shout out there you go thank
you for following me on instagram at drilling josh like and comment my most
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monday wednesday and saturdays make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet let’s
go to the beach

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100 thoughts on “Challenging Pro Basketball Freestyler To TRICK SHOT HORSE!”

  1. HEYYYYYYY! I’m loving these HORSE games and I know you are too! Who should I challenge next?! Make sure you watch til the end for a little freestyle/juggling routine! Congrats to JY Production for winning this video’s juggling balls! Like/Comment early on every video for your chance to win! Must be a subscriber so click subscribe and that bell if you haven’t yet! I love you guys! See you Monday with a MAGIC video!

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  4. wow this is very long… that dude is so dope but your excellent at your style I say he wins but only because he was so sik and dope…you did well jason cummings… did u stash the samurai sword well ? and chop his head off with one clean swipe? nice one! yes my son! sensei mon dundee fc! lol

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  6. On the opening cap trick the guy with the hat cheated his cap wasn’t on tight like yours his was loose yours was tight look closely

  7. I have that same basketball! It’s the money ball! Sadly mine is all tore up now and all the money signs are faded off of it

  8. For The bottle cap opener spin the ball on your right hand. You made a logical error there, just think about it for a sec. Yes, he spins the ball the other way BUT he also spins it on his left. Guess you thought it was his right. And also dont screw on the cap tightly

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