G’day folks, welcome to Wimbledon. Cat Pash
here. Australian legend, tennis superstar and let’s face it ladies: hunk.
Here we go for the Men’s Cup Semi-Final. It’s Dave to serve. The atmosphere’s building.
Here he goes. Great serve. Great return. Returned back, but that’s in! And it’s a point for
Dave, that’s a really good shot from Dave. He’s serving for the… is he? No, yeah, that’s
right, he is serving for the match. Here we go. Great serve. And it’s all over and Dave will be going through to the final to meet Andy Murray, of all people, can you believe that? Hang on, what’s going on here in the background?
Oh leave it out mate, you lost fair and square! Chhhh, give him a fair go. What a dill. Yeah,
quite right, you can’t do that, mate. Shake hands, fellas. Oh, oh no! He’s gone
right through him with that one. You don’t do that in tennis.
Don’t forget, you don’t need balls to have fun so get your cat neutered, folks. We recommend
that you get your cat neutered at four months of age. Visit that website there for more information. Oh here we go, post-match. They’re getting
along pretty good now, that’s nice to see… oh, hang on. Oh not more trouble! There’s
trouble with the strawberries there, folks. Cream – that’s it. Go on then, fellas, enjoy.
Get it down ya! Cats that got the cream. Ha, I like that! Cats that got the cream. I might
write that one down.

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