hey beauties today I’m going to be
showing you my super easy go to everyday outfits. These outfits are so easy to
recreate with your own items from your own closet. So yeah, I just thought that I
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hauls and all the fashion content! let’s go ahead and get started with these easy,
cute everyday outfits. Basic summer outfit number one a fun colorful maxi dress. I
love this maxi dress because not only does it have pockets but it is a really
light chiffon material. I do like to wear these oversized sunglasses and then of
course you guys have seen my go-to handbag. Some nude shoes, a pair of earrings
and you’re out the door. super easy you guys. I’ve worn this outfit
to the grocery store. I’ve worn it to the movies. This outfit is so easy to
recreate. I’ve done it with literally every single dress from my Amazon
dresses haul so if you haven’t seen that one up be sure and go check it out I
would leave the link right up here or I think it’s on this side either way it’s
gonna be up here on the screen for you guys to check out after you’re done
watching this video. here is the next outfit all of us
probably have a striped t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts so let’s go ahead
and judge this up the first thing that I’m going to do is front tuck my top I’m
actually going to take a belt this is just a skinny at brown belt I picked up
in a three pack from sheet in now that we have the belt on at what I like to do
is match my shoes to the same color of my belt for this brown belt
I typically ago with my Tori at Burch sandals I kind of go back and forth
between earrings so you could do this Kendra Scott Duke that I found out
Walmart you could even do a basic hoop depending on how extra you’re feeling
that day usually I go for the tortoiseshell sunglasses with this
outfit I think it just brings together the Queens and the Gold’s my go-to nude
bag now let’s style these super cute little
leopard shorts though I’m just going to take this high-neck little mussel tank I
picked this up at Old Navy and I’m going to tuck it in all the way around I’m
gonna pull it out just a little I’m gonna grab it these sparkly little
slides I love to add sparkles with leopard I think it’s so cute leopard is
really glam to begin with so just adding a little sparkle like you’ve never heard
any white and I love it now I’m just gonna go ahead and add at these at
little gold hoops if I want to add a little bit extra umph to this outfit I
will go ahead and just grab a denim jacket and let’s go ahead and just tie
that around your waist I’m gonna go ahead and just grab the oversized gold
sunglasses a little nude handbag that matches everything let’s go ahead and style a white tank
and denim shorts I like these shorts in particular
because of the button-fly detail I’m going to go ahead and just tuck in the
top just my friend let’s add a kimono I’m just gonna go ahead and throw on
these white slide pumps I like when my kimono falls off the shoulder I think
that’s super cute I think I’m just gonna go with the basic hoops
let’s go for the oversized sunglasses okay so let’s go ahead and style these
at camo shorts that I picked up from Walmart you guys with just a plain of
black tee so the first thing that I’m going to do is front tuck my t-shirt
I’ll already know that I front tuck everything I just think it makes your
outfit look so much more pulled together so if you notice I do have a tee lace
bra let underneath this is a Free People dupe I will link everything in the
description box but I did find this on Amazon it is spot on to the Free People
one sometimes most of the time I go ahead and just leave this top like this
super easy at the door other times I do actually pull it off the shoulder if I’m
trying to be extra then I’m going to go ahead and reach for my white slip on
tennis shoes for accessories I’m going to keep it super simple with my gold the
small little hoops by the way I know I haven’t been talking
about it but I typically do just leave a dainty gold necklace on my stack so just
this cute little rose gold bangle and a Pandora bracelet that I got for Mother’s
Day and then my ID bracelet these stay on my body for every outfit that I ever
wear it’s just an easy way to mindlessly add jewelry without really having to
think about it all this jewelry matches literally
every outfit that I wear unless I’m getting like really really dolled up and
fancy I’m actually gonna go what with these olive aviator sunglasses by desi
and key and going straight back to my go-to handbag this is an easy everyday
super casual super comfortable outfit okay so for the next outfit I’m going to
just style this military inspired top this is a great transition piece in the
fall because just imagine it’s some cute skinny jeans some really cute boobies a
pumpkin spice latte and a dark maroon that lips so cute but I did want to show
you guys how I wear it right now in the summer so you can do a couple things to
style this top you could front tie it and there you go you have a really cute
easy front tie this front tie is really trendy right now I’m sure you’ve seen it
all over Instagram I think it’s cute like this but I’m actually just gonna go
ahead and front tuck it after front tucking the top I’m just going to throw
on a brown belt just because the buttons are different colors and I think that a
belt buckle is cuter than my pants buttoned so I just like to do that and
I’ve seen a lot of belts trending for fall and out reaching for these at
leopard at sandals I love the leopard with the olive so I’m just gonna throw
those on and the keeping with the leopard theme I’m just gonna throw on it
the tortoiseshell sunglasses then just picking up my very versatile handbag let’s style this up you already know
that the first thing I’m gonna do is friend tuck this top but actually I’m
going to tuck it in all the way around and then just tying this up into a
little bow for shoes I kind of alternate between at the white tennis shoes and my
white slip-on sandal I’m just gonna reach for my sandals because there was
easy to get on it off right now as I’m changing out all these outfits let’s
just go ahead and throw on these white tassel earrings because I really do wear
them all the time I love them and it’s an easy way to just add some style and
personality to your outfit just gonna go with the gold sunglasses and my handy
dandy little person and totally match my background right now I’m gonna show you
guys another dress just a basic little black baby doll dress I’m actually just
gonna throw on at the leopard slides with this dress
and let’s go back to these at fan earrings just for a little pop of color
let’s go with the alava sunglasses and my purse my little baby I love this
handbag so let’s go ahead and style just a pair
of jeans and a t-shirt you could either tie it if you wanted
you could front tuck it which is what I’m gonna do I just think front uh king
is so much easier than worrying about a tie on your top I don’t know for shoes I
typically just rotate between at the slip on tennis shoes and you slip on
white sandals then for accessories I’m just gonna grab these little kinder
Scott Dukes from Walmart I’m just gonna grab at the tortoiseshell sunglasses
throw them on my bag I’m out the door the last outfit I have to show you is
the easiest one of all no effort no front Chucky and no belt nothing I just
throw on a really cute little peplum top with a pair of white shorts and going on
just a really cute easy pair of white sandals as well I went ahead and just
threw on my Kendall Scott dupes but you could have so much fun with this
sometimes I put on a bright pink earrings red is really cute with black
and white just have fun with it add a little bit of your personality to your
outfit and can’t go wrong I’m gonna grab the oversized at gold sunglasses all right you guys so that wraps up this
video I really hope that you found it helpful I hope if you got some fashion
inspo because at the end of the day we all deserve to look and feel our best
so thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed if you want
to see anything in particular let me know down in the comments also are you
guys shopping for fall yet it’s the beginning of August it’s still going to
be really really hot here in Texas but I am like so excited for all the fall
trends so are you shopping for fall are you still living in summer let me know
down in the comments below thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys
next time bye bye you

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