yeah work it girl work it I’m a
world-record holder what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesdays we break or set a world record every single
Wednesday make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet cassie is here today and
this is their first official video as a full time youtuber so welcome Cassie we
have been breaking records on this channel for a while but Cassie hasn’t
been part of that so it’s time to get her caught up to speed so today we were
going to be bringing and setting some world record using some of my old
teacher supplies she has a bunch of stuff from her old job as a teacher and
so we’re gonna use some that stuff and it’s gonna be a good time here we go we
got some puzzles and we got an app so we are going to do the most pencils broken
with an axe in 30 seconds they explode pretty crazy when you hit up with an axe
so Cassie’s got some safety glasses on and I think we’ll give you the GoPro and
it’ll it’ll be sweet good luck three two one begin oh my god I’m in the
danger zone are you did I don’t know but we should have been counting feel like
there was a lot of pencils broken and all of that yeah they were exploding
everywhere all right let’s get the final count let’s count all right we did 27 in
30 seconds not bad on to the next record the next record I’ve got an idea first
hi this is not a world record but during all the water bottle flipping craziness
kids started flipping everything including markers and I’ve literally
never tried this but Cassie has tons of these markers left over with hundreds of
them and so we figured we’d try the marker
clip and we figured you’d up the stakes oh we good first person to land this get
to put a pie and the other person say excuse me you know I think
evenly-matched thing I don’t think I have any
advantages here so let’s go ready I just want you to know max keep kids on
Instagram you literally just go like this and then it lands and I don’t know
how the heck that’s possible we’re just trying the one Oh Cassie is getting set
up for the next record it’s one we found on
is the most pieces of paper torn in one minute you have to tear them
individually and they have to be full size eight and a half by 11 sheets of
paper Cassie thinks she has found her strategy we’ll see if it pays off to the
record to beat is 70 so I’m going for 75 are you ready
hey so take your mark three two one begin traffic so that was was at 76 76 new record baby and don’t worry we’ll recycle all this
paper it’s like what’s the trick be gentle I don’t know and also both of us
are like super stubborn so they will probably end up in here all day until
one of us good I’m not gonna pie in the face all right next up we are going to
be putting 140 pencils in your hair teasing your hair yes hey your your
stupid that’s teasing it welcome Josh I’m starting a beauty channel now like
and subscribe really nice all right so this last pencil is for the
world record so if we get this one to stay somewhere djenka we’re good new
record I say we go for the full 144 you want every single pencil we have every
single pencil alright yeah you’re like talking so you don’t even move your
mouth with too much so this is how many 144 pencils in my area so Andy Cassie
you are officially a youtuber congratulations welcome welcome to this
weird weird world youtuber that break World Records yes let’s you can stand
out without me falling out oh yeah work it girl work it huh guys I’m starting a
new trend it’s called pencil hair pens they’re alright we just posted this
photo to Instagram on Cassie’s Instagram go like it and comment the little emoji
girl the emoji girl that does real little like here that one and one of you
will win a self-driving balls speaking of Instagram let’s do race cams
house real quick follow heart important and gently Josh for your chance to win
Instagram shout out like these two people we’ve got one more record so
don’t go anywhere leave a comment who do you think is
going to get this first Josh or Cassie leave a counter right now and we’ll see
who’s getting pie in the face at some point maybe buddy in this video Cassie
what’s your favorite pie delicious I can’t believe that worked we found this video and that is the
world record for longest chain of Expo markers there’s really a world record
for everything that was an entire school so I think they probably gathered the
expo markers from the entire school to come up with 294 markers an entire
school but somehow my wife has more than so we’re going to put all these bad boys
together and break the record so Cassie’s kind of freaking out right
now because she knew she had a ton but we are four short for markers short of
the world record it says she’s looking through all her stuff excuse our garage
everyone but we have found more expose let’s do this
all right this is pretty cool I feel like this is like every kid’s dream come
true every kid in school would always connect those markers and build towers
or have sword fights or whatever this is pretty crazy here we go from one corner
of our house out the door new world record baby 298 Expo markers
all links together pretty crazy oh we just barely had enough to beat the
record but that was that was pretty cool but we got one last thing before we go
that Cassie I’m sure is very excited about I know you guys are thanks for
watching everybody hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and
just congratulate Cassie I’m doing a full time youtuber I know we’ve said it
a few times but this is like this means we’re really truly in it and starting
the next chapter that I would talk about last video we’ve got videos every Monday
Wednesday and Saturday including this Saturday we are doing two videos one for
my channel and one for his channel and they are both ninja weapon course yes so
a trickshot challenge between Katsina just tested her world-record skill and
we’ll be testing out her trickshot skill here on Saturdays make sure you
subscribe to make sure you tune in on Saturday and I think that’s all we’ve
got except for oh no just just just that love you babe welcome to YouTube let’s
go to the beach no I’m just kidding

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