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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj”

  1. Cardi B…Spoilt Brat. If this is how new Mums carry on then I'm glad I had my kids over 30 yrs ago…kmt

  2. Sorry Wendy but getting an Emmy is or should be farthest from your thoughts and it is not possible because your show is not classy. Do not make it about color…..because it is more about content, style, entertainment etc. Your show runs more like a reality show and can never compare to a show like Ellen that has fun, humor, uplifting and inspiring content. You actual offend white people too much? Just say in'!

  3. Wendy Williams spends all her time gossiping about others. Yet she needs to criticise herself for being so unnatural it is obvious to look at and disgusting. She is not in position to judge anyone but herself. She needs to work in a circus

  4. Can someone explain to me why America makes this kind of people relevant? Why America???? This is why we are a joke to European countries.

  5. Terrific 👗 dress Wendy! You're a princess… I love your show Wendy!! Thanks!! 👍👍👏👍👏👍🤝🤝🤝💅👁️

  6. i like BOTH nicki and cardi. but cardi took an L. how you start a fight with someone but you lose a shoe and leave with a knot on YOUR head? like if you're going to swing first, at least win!!!!!

  7. Cardi B lied about Nicki saying stuff about her baby. Nicki did an interview on the radio about cardi B and she spilled all the tea. At first I was on cardi’s side ,but I just found out a whole bunch of stuff about her and all of it is coming out the closet.

  8. Wendy is a instigator she likes drama she thinks is funny that’s what her shows are mainly about GOSSIP that’s what the public likes 🤭😱😂👀 I don’t like her show I watch this because of Nikki and cardi headline

  9. It's sad that two black women can't support each other. There enough room for both. Bring back the old skool female rappers.

  10. 'When you're black, you always have to think, if there an under tone of racism'
    If you think that way, isn't there a possibility that at least sometimes you might see racism while it's not actually there?

  11. How can you make an argument about Serena being treated racist and end it with commenting about how White girls are white in the front and white in the back?

  12. I'm such a true blooded troll I love to hate and I have no boundaries but I LOVE HOW POSITION WENDY IS EVERY TIME I SEE HER. ROCK ON GIRL STAY SEXY 😎

  13. I love me some cardi b like she’s like the best like I look up to cardi b sooooooo much like I just love her like I wish I could meet her

  14. I can’t believe people support Cardi after she told a person to kill themselves on Instagram live,a few days ago, she beat up people who were sleeping with her husband, she mocked a woman who’s baby died, she admitted she doesn’t care about her music on Instagram and that she just wants money, She’s overall just unprofessional, she mistreats her makeup artists, she can’t write rap, she threw a fucking shoe at fashion week and she’s just overall just not talented……
    Nicki is the queen of rap and there is no arguing with that

  15. Cardi B really needs to drop a long overdue diss track on Nicki Minaj. And like Nicki she will take a month to respond with a collab 😁

  16. Why does it seem like Wendy has been rude and very unlikeable lately? I used to love watching her now it's like ugh she has such an ugly attitude and her rudeness is not funny at all.

  17. Sicki! tha history repeats! but you' re a Lil' Kim's clone clown! And Cardi just stopped you down. She is a realtalent not a ghostwriter's sucking slut as you! If you have a lil' bit of honour just accept this facts…

  18. For the Serena Williams issue, Serena and lots of people addressed the fact that what she dealt with was sexism, which it was, but it was also racism, something that Serena and lots of people didn't address, with the exception of Wendy Williams. Plus lots of people call out sexism and lots of people call out racism but lots more people call out sexism more than racism, and people who call out racism always get criticized for "playing the race card," "using race as an excuse," "pushing a race agenda," "having a chip on their shoulders," "whining," etc., but people who call out sexism get criticized by fewer people and those few people are the ones that get criticized. Just thought I'd point that out.

    For the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj issue, this is typical. Women and females are like black people. Women & females who are inconvenienced, less successful, getting less attention, and have
    problems in their lives are hating and are mad at other women & females who are more successful and getting more attention but they stick together like glue spewing that Women and Females' Rights BS when men & males disrespect them verbally or physically and/or
    discriminate against them, and black people who are inconvenienced, less successful, getting less attention, and have problems in their lives are hating and are mad at other black people who are more successful and getting more attention but stick together like glue spewing that Black Lives Matter BS when white people disrespect them verbally or physically and/or discriminate against them. This is tiring. Just saying.

  19. 4:54 why the mixed racial girl nodding she aint black, I bet they are other black ppl in the audience why they turn to her tf.

  20. If in the place of that tennis player if I was her bloody you don't know what I could have done that m********* would have died from my hands

  21. I personally think that something between Cardi and Nicki is just a misunderstanding, and the brawl that night wasn't worth to happen…
    Cardi has no resentment with Nicki before and Nicki too

  22. Nicki Minaj The reason why she did not perform was that her team didn't manage to bring her technical stuff in time, as the trucks got stock on the way from Germany. But her microphone worked, the speakers worked… those people had been waiting for 8 hours. They deserved a song. The story she said to them as an apology didn't work, considering how quickly she threw the sadness away, took a couple of pictures in the meet&greet and then left. Meh… In the same arena in Slovakia six years ago Beyonce nailed amazing show with spectacle sound, lights and screen-show. Im really sorry that someone is able to use this as an excuse and just because its a big star people will actually believe that. I work as a journalist in Slovakia a often also cooperate at my work with Slovak company who organized this concert. They are high professionals and I really doubt guilt is on their side. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  23. Wendy immediately defended cardi and that’s not right.
    So cardi should be in the same place as someone who constantly talks badly about her and threatened her?
    Oh well that’s where she comes from

  24. Meanwhile there's Angelique Kerber who just focused on herself instead of bringing racism up like you guys love to do at any given moment.

  25. nicki should had never mention cardi name on that trash motorspor verse and she should had never liked a comment about cardi parenting abilities now dont start crying cause poeple dont like ur bs nicki minaj!

  26. Tyga sent pink Custom Prada sneakers to Nicki, Donatella Versace sent custom designers to Nicki, Fendi sent custom made to Nicki…Cardi B throws her “red bottom” shoes at people cause they are not custom made.


  28. I hate how Wendy makes everything about race. That's not what everything's about. This worldneeds to learn how to stop drawing lines and just unite as people. I'm a white guy, but I have a very diverse set of friends my friends are white, black, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Asian.

  29. how’s musty wendy gonna drag nicki for something only cardi did? “iM eMbArRaSsEd bY bOtH yOu lAdiEs” cardi literally did everything. nicki stood there as she should and let her security team deal with that bird.

  30. Cardi said herself a few months before this on IG live that she wanted to fight someone with mad followers. She only did this for clout. You people keep making the wrong people famous. Cardi’s music sucks and she plays for radio play & uses Payola. That is a FAKK.

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