Here’s Wendy. [music/applause] How you doin’? I’m feeling like a winner let’s get started it’s time for Audience: Hot Topics! Welcome to season 10 I never thought it would happen. Thank you so much for watching every day. By the way reupholstered. Sumptuous. The same chair but reupholstered. mmm velvet and crocodile II and tufted sumptuous and I have a bigger table because I have more stuff to put on here and I’m talking but the tears are coming down at the same time but I refuse to let myself totally cry today. Audience: Awww although no no you know I’m very uh you know cry for I’m a crier but as soon as I came up to block this morning me Kevin and Kevin were in the car and we came up the block and out of nowhere I started bawling when I saw you. Oh. Audience: Awww Just thank you for appreciating our show and Fergie you nailed it. Okay. All right so everyone’s talking about a whole lot of stuff but I want to start off with Serena Williams and the big loss that she suffered over the weekend. Well she lost to the 20-year old half Japanese and half Haitian I think she is her name is at Naomi Osaka after the umpire accused a Serena of cheating like getting getting coaching from her coach in the audience but when you sit in the audience your arms are always flailing what does that mean coaching from a coach? Plus she’s out there playing tennis. Who’s squinting and looking at you know arms flailing? [laughter] Who’s doing that?This woman is at the top of tennis. so she ended up confronting the umpire perhaps you’ve seen if you haven’t that’s what I’m here to remind you of take a look. I don’t cheat. I didn’t get coaching. How can you say that? [booo] You need to you owe me an apology. You know me an apology. I have never cheated in my life. I have a daughter and I stand what’s right for her and I never cheated. You owe me an apology. You’re a thief too. And then she took her tennis racket and crushed it in in yes she was just furious well you know not for nothing a lot of people are accusing the umpire of being sexist and I think he is. Before the race is involved. Let’s talk about the sexism. How many times have we seen the men on the court crush and talk bad we can go back as far as I mean in my day when I was growing up [appluase] yeah in my day growing up John McEnroe would take issue with everybody using the f-word the P word the c-word the whole bit so I do think this was sexism sexism however when you’re black you always have to think is there an undertone of racism always always. Oh Serena look I just wish you would have adressed it that way. you know after the match you should have gone into your dressing room taking your shower changed into your civilized clothes and come back out there after gathering your thoughts none of your people putting stuff in your head but your own thoughts cuz you’re smart you know what to do. Gather your thoughts in the shower you know and then come back out and address it they want to see us angry like that and you gave it to them and then she was fine $17,000. Well what does that mean I mean she’s all over she’s all over TV She’s the face of Nike and all kind of stuff she’s doing one of those charge cards she’s.. Anyway Serena you’re always and by the way the way the black cat suit you know what they were threatened by her fantastic body. [applause] and and we talked race here on the show and hopefully you can get into the groove and you’re not gonna feel offended but we’ve seen white girls since as early as the 80s wear catsuits but they’re white in the front they’re white in the back you know this is before a white girls started drinking milk you know you know now they got the same bodies but you know yeah I mean you were threatened by her boombastic body. [applause] and anything she wears is not gonna hide it certainly not a tutu which as a matter of fact emphasizes everything I love a tutu – you know I do alright so now Nicki Minaj and Cardi B listen I’m in the house having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Klamado and and and at people called me you know get on the unit on TV so this is like major news it’s not just on the blogs. Cardi and Nicki fought on Friday night at the Harper’s Bazaar icon party at the Plaza Hotel darling oh yes no they were not at the tunnel on a Friday night you know who are you women I’m I’m embarrassed for both of you and as far as I’m concerned there is no winner. You know Cardi ended up first of all they walked in they both look great you know working the red carpet and their stuff. Cardi ends up leaving with no earrings one shoe on and her meat slumped. [gasp/laughter] In the meantime you know those white people sitting there I like what sorry it does become a black-white thing up some particular point like like I’m embarrassed for you and I’m embarrassed because you get given them exactly what they sometimes think about us. Do you understand? [applause] Like I’ve never gotten a Daytime Emmy for best talk show host but if Abby, the new girl over -oh please please – if Abby the new girl at The View – wins and she will because she’s attached herself to a winning show – I’m not gonna lump her meat I am NOT going to throw shoes. I would say congratulations Abby. I am this Susan Lucci of daytime TV. [appluase] anyway Cardi takes her shoe off and throws it at Nckki but one of the security guards caught it and so Nikki wasn’t hurt apparently the thing on her that knot on her head was given by one of the security guards from Nicki’s camp who was trying to I mean just a mess just a mess. And then and then afterwards Cardi posted a rant implying that Nikki insulted her parenting. Who cares. Who cares.Kids used to be off-limits but in this in this day and age when the entire world is imploding even they’re not off-limits people criticize parenting skills all the time who cares you know what kind of parent you are. [applause] Who cares? Little Kim is in the studio somewhere right now saying yeah I’m about to go back in. She’s laughing. Remy Ma laughing. Disgusting behavior Well lucky for us we’ve got a special guest correspondent here she’s been a friend of our show for a long time so she knows how we like to hear it she’s from Access and Access Live say hello to our longtime Judy Lillian Liliana Vazquez. [applause] All right so you were there covering the awards? Yes so I was there reporting on the red carpet for Access because this is the event during Fashion Week I mean you were talking fashions elite all gathered at the Plaza in couture. So both of these women hit the red carpet I interviewed Cardi first so that’s a photo of our interview there I have to say she was in fantastic spirits she talked about the baby she talked about other projects she actually was super humble saying that she used to have to sneak into Fashion Week and now she’s sitting front row at Tom Ford with Anna Wintour. Great spirits. Super confident. Very very calm for Cardi. She walks off continues to do other press. Then about 15 minutes later Nicki hits the carpet everyone goes crazy because she’s in this beautiful dress this is Alexandrov OTA she comes in good one also it was a girl good one I kind of couldn’t keep my eyes on I was like oh oh okay so we were talking again very calm and cool for Nicki super subdued and I was like wow she seems so chill on the carpet this is gonna be a great night for the both of them they both look amazing. I think they’re in a great place right okay then she finishes press okay within maybe five or ten minutes I hear screaming and commotion. Do you run? Oh girl I grab my phone and I run to the balcony and here’s what I here’s what I saw Nicki’s dressed as bright red so I’m like where’s the red dress where’s the red dress right I know this is coming from Nikki and Cardi yes right so I put myself right under her on the balcony and I shoot up and use your footage [appluase] back alive a bit right there okay right there’s a lot of rumors but you got to get the facts that shoe was thrown at 10:53 p.m. on Friday night. [laughter applause] okay For the record she left the Plaza, walked right in front of me I shot this video of her walking out at 10:54 so this happened swift and quick so everyone’s saying that there was this whole altercation these two girls were so far apart there was no way that Nikki or Cardi even touched each other that bump on her head definitely came from a security guard the rip on her dress also I think it was in the tussle. They ripped the back her booty was showing. Whole booty I put a little peach on it on Instagram because I didn’t want to disrespect her but here’s the one thing that I noticed okay I’m Puerto Rican and where I come from if you’re wearing earrings and you’re about to throw down what’s the first thing you do? Take off the earrings. That’s right girl you take out those earrings. Is she wearing earrings when she’s leaving the Plaza? Nope so it’s my theory that she took out the earrings and she knew maybe what she was gonna do but regardless it was mayhem. People were going crazy and then I waited of course cuz I wanted to see when Nikki was like. And Anna Wintour was like ah no more black anymore no more and then Nikki left at about 11:25 totally unfazed you saw the photos this is her leaving the Plaza and it was like nothing happened but I have to say I could not yeah nothing happened nothing happened but I have to agree with you it’s a shame that this happened because both of these women don’t have to do this I don’t care if you’re at Applebee’s or the Plaza don’t fight. Right. Stop it Thank you. Lilliana Vazquez everybody make sure you check her out on Access live and Access Tonight. Good reporting we’re back. We’re back. ah okay so Nikki by the way did give $25,000 to Elvin from The Cosby Show. You heard about that he was the one working at Trader Joe’s and Elvin his name is Godfrey Owens um so she gave that to him and also which is great like you have a heart you have there’s enough money to go around for everyone like why I fight. Anyway the woman who posted online you know a picture of him being job shamed working at working at Trader Joe’s anyway so Tyler Perry hired him it’s official Tyler came forward and offered him a role on his oxygen show I have nights on own okay. Norman: The Haves and the Have Nots on Own. Well the prompter says Oxygen right now we had a long summer everybody get on your game I could do enough bumbling and fumbling for the whole show out here I don’t need encouragement. Yeah so so okay so and then Mac Miller died tragically over the weekend he was found in his home with a suspected drug overdose and he’d been struggling with addiction for quite some time he talked about it himself he was arrested for drunk driving as recent as May now you know he was with Ariana Grande for like two years and people were online blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s overdose which is horrible like why did you leave him he really loved you blah blah blah then you know you went off and now you’re with the guy from Saturday Night Live you’ve moved on with your life in the meantime Mac has lost his life. She’s not to blame. Listen in every relationship the door is there for a reason you open it when you don’t like what you see and you close it behind you. [applause] I really did miss you guys over this summer but I have to tell you like we went on this 10-city tour to promote the show I ate my way through ten cities oh please you know when you get to UM San San Francisco you have to have the seafood when you get to Chicago you have to have the deep-dish pizza when you get to Atlanta you’ve got to have collard greens black-eyed peas and you know I ate my way through the summer so that was one big thing that we did and the other one was that me and Kevin dropped Kevin off at college and I was shocked because you know I’m emotional I’m a crier I didn’t cry I’m actually because I’m I’m happy for him like you can’t spend the rest of your life being what your parents want you to be the only way you learn had to be who you want to be is but leaving them and going someplace so he’s not someplace close enough for driving back and forth but he is close enough for airplane flight so only reason why he’s home today is because and you would think he’s here to support his mother- season 10 and everything – but no selfish he’s home to pack up some of the things that he’s left behind you know his more clothing and stuff and had the love to ask me to do it he’s been down there for a month he calls up “mom do you think you can pack up you know some of my stuff?” No. First of all I don’t know what your stuff is you got so much stuff damn you sneakers every place clothing every place you packing you know what book yourself at flight come home only thing I could do is make sure boxes are here and you pack up that crap and get back to school. [applause] And Aretha Franklin passed away while we were gone that was very very sad you know she as you know was one of the dear darling interviews of this show she didn’t fly so she made me fly to her she was absolutely sassy and lovely we drank tea the interview was online I interviewed her during season two of our show she made me wear a fascinator and she said oh I want high tea with you then I want I’d say she dictated everything which was fine. It’s Aretha you know and so she’s got a whole lot of stuff that they’re putting on auction you know everything from the gray felt hat you know the famous gray felt hat to the jewelry and stuff and so I was asked this morning in my morning meeting do I want anything and I know I mean she gave me the gift of life but first of all she always watched our show so she knew this show chapter and verse but she gave me Vera Vera Bradley luggage uh-huh yep no she gave that to me and so to me that’s that that’s the gift that’s gonna keep on giving immediately now it means anymore. Rest in Peace Ms. Franklin. Oh excuse me! It’s over it’s over in 21 minutes. All right 21 minutes before commercial Look I’m gonna give you more on the other side including the new housewife of Beverly Hills and why Bobby Brown’s sister is furious about the movie so grab a snack and come on back! here’s to a fantastic ten years and we wish you many many more from all of your friends at The view Congratulations I was there on Friday you know it’s on The View I don’t know whether you saw I met the new girl Abby and everything I love that show I tell you that all the time. Thank you okay stop look everyone’s still talking about last week’s Bobby Brown movie did you see both parts I happen to have liked it at some points though I didn’t it became a musical you know I don’t need to see the full version of all these songs on stage like two and a half hours you could have cut it down by a half-hour if number one you didn’t do all that sing and we get that you can sing but we want to get to the coke. You know. Just saying just saying and number two if you didn’t spend so much time talking about with your new wife which you know god bless you you’re married but at that point I checked out I’m like all right who’s this chick alright he’s married to her why are we then the commercial goes and then we’re back and they’re still together like why a we could get back to the coke. [applause] So Bobby’s got this sister her her name is Leola and she’s furious about the movie she claims well first of all you know the movie was produced by Bobby and his wife Alicia so that’s why you saw perhaps a watered down version of things that could have been more watered up it depicted whit Whitney according to her as a villain and Alicia as a superhero who came in and saved the day and Leona lashed out on Facebook saying the fakest movie I’ve ever seen that is not Alicia yes Whitney was feisty but she loved Bobby. She’s evil you’re sleeping with the devil. Well you might take away from the movie was clearly Bobby and Whitney were super in love and super silly with each other behind there’s all that dancing and it’s super silly with each other anyway I’ve got no more to say regarding that you know [applause] but apparently apparently this Leola is currently shopping for directors and writers so she can do her own movie that she wants to tell us the real the real and the true you know what I don’t care I mean at this point I don’t care you know do you want to see the real in the true clap if you do. [applause] Okay. On Bounce TV okay so now Denise Richards who I always called saint-denis she’s the one with kids that she put up with um Charlie Sheane’s mess all those years well she’s joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Reportedly they gave her a four year four million dollar contract. Fabulous. She just got married though over the weekend to this actor Aaron Pfeiffer. I don’t know who he is. Do you know who he is? Well you will he’s 47 and apparently all the cast mates I know Vanderpump is steamed. “I’m the grande Dom of Beverly Hills I just think and Denise has been here before Denise is just a lovely woman and lovely doesn’t cut it on reality TV. I’m not saying fight this is not the ICON Awards. [laughter] but what I’m suggesting is that she’s got her father who she adores she’s got these adorable kids with Charlie Sheen. She lives in a very civilized home. She’s just you’re just a nice woman and you’re newly married? Unless you bring it like Lisa Rina I I was remember I was the one sag huh I was the one saying you know Lisa Rina what are you doing and you’re not gonna be able to bring it in the mean times means she brings it and she brought it and she broke it. Yeah [applause] don’t you think Eve is at home right now Eve the rapper who’s now the talk show don’t you think she saw at home someplace rocking back and forth saying damn I just got this job look we have more investigating to do we’ll talk about that tomorrow the Les Moonves fiiasco. Can’t talk about everything it’s only well oh gosh okay I’ll talk faster all right Stevie J and Faith managed to make it through the summer and look they’re sporting matching tattoos and you know here’s my thought all right Stevie has six kids by five babies mothers can’t keep up with his child support owes the IRS a hell of a lot of money Faith has four kids with three men Perfect [laughter] This is a reality show that I would watch I must I must tell you because it’s just so messy and and they must need the money to put this out there. In my opinion I think they probably got it in a few times back in the day. [ohhh] uh-huh so they’re not they’re not strangers to each other’s bodies you know and then it’s just like you know how people don’t think of marriage the same way anymore like let’s get married ever get a divorce or let’s have a fake Minister or something like how do we know they’re even married but they’re saying they’re married so I’m gonna go with that. When does this show start? well well he has several – Hi Norman by the way hi no I don’t know I think she’s probably gonna join one of his shows Leave it to Stevie or Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Look the whole summer the world is going to hell and I wanted to come I wanted to grab my flashlight and come in here and turn on a camera and just talk to you and you know I don’t do social media I don’t like commenting like that my thumb’s are too big I’m not like I know I can’t really affect my stories through typing at you I need the camera so you can see the disgust in my face and all that all right it’s a good time for John Legend you know he’s joined an elite organization the club of the EGOT. Last night last night he got his Emmy for the live TV musical Jesus Christ Superstar so now he’s got an Emmy a Grammy an Oscar and a Tony there are only 12 people on the face of the earth that have done this including what the Goldberg but you know and he’s the youngest also to receive the honor I bet you the sex last night was terrific. [applause] Unlike the Moonves household with a sex…[ohhh] up next everybody okay okay okay I’ve been telling you all along I told you last season before we left I’ve been reminding you through social media that we’ve $10,000 to give away to a chance to for somebody to win but a superfan like like a super Calif like not what do I have in the morning for breakfast eggs you know I love eggs you know or lentil soup or something no. We go in deep. [yeah/applause] next our first super fan is here. So don’t miss it. [music]

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