[Music] what’s up everybody its Joe from complex we’re in New York City at Stadium goods with the middleweight champ of the world Canelo Alvarez producer sneaker shopping today you can see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then hopefully he’s gonna buy some sneakers I hose it though let’s go Canelo growing up the youngest of seven siblings I know Rico is like a big inspiration to you for boxing but were you getting style tips from your older brothers and no good okay so it’s a confirm if we crazy enough we we aprendiendo mas que no era el apoyo boxer no no sabemos de estilo new mucho menos pharaoh it’s Conan temple experientially aprendiendo sobre realistic I love this photo of you you must have been 10 years old your training you’re wearing sneakers but I don’t know if they’re Nike or what sneakers were they’d be sweet k-swiss yeah okay era uno de los de los Manos commando Gustavo no star Chico and growing up in Mexico you know now it’s a different time we see a store like this so many options what was it like back then to get sneakers coming up I haven’t a locate on the subpoena Sarita it’s the the very tantor mosireen de que dije que quieres no I ain’t in no attendance options and you know I gotta say seven brothers was there ever a fight of who had the best sneakers or who is getting what back in the day no no no Polly almost four days I’ve got a keen but you say Michiko no you kiss hear me Marin up or pork what rottens i ck you know what i ever for this is innocent ear back in the day we seek a Swiss but now when you’re running what kind of running shoes do you like to train him when you’re clocking all those miles we say ah Nike es para los que ma ta-reel son para correr somos South Kony so knows c’mon man servido para para correr and you switch a lot no solamente Lee ho who knows ESO Samos Chios o para para correr the element now big fan of basketball we see you courtside a lot what do you think about all these different types of signature athletes we have Kobe we have LeBron Katie back there but even Kobe almost had like a boxing looking shoe CA muchos muchos st los quiero que cada quien tiene steelo look every story purposes this semester we were nasty local okay lost over your stoves a message we want interest you’re a big function guy you talk about protecting the ankle I remember you had the Under Armour deal you were going to headquarters they were literally molding the shoe to your feet so it’s all about comfort for you see escamole de Oriente comunidad que se sienta seguro tiene la hora de de correr de the sellers activist lo mas importante cooking on a plate a park a new Toyota elasti marki noises animal is here I saw LeBron triple G fight after the fight he praises you he congratulate you what’s it like to get high praise from an athlete of that caliber no it’s Norton ok when the piece that I mean they believe it or not reported a boy a in hopes he’ll wear a kimono port this time I present my poor sister cookie even with when he said is a para boxing getting a lot more stylish out of the ring you think it’s time for a boxer to have added the ring signature sneakers no Claro que si s importante que ser muy bueno y realmente literally unclear about su importante know you were signed to on your armor now your Footwear free agent would you be into doing that designing your own link artery apoyo via meant a tener un trato con con algún Alinea a poder hacer o sacar algo algo nuevo when kantaria Parata mean seen open men can’t arias Academy we preparing [Music] Canelo the camera might not have caught it you walked in first thing you went to this hoodie supreme Louis Vuitton collaboration you gravitate towards high-fashion you’re wearing louis vuitton right now what’s it about the high fashion stuff that you really enjoy Unum ARCIC a me gusta mucho que hace mucho que tengo mucho and me close it y esta en si esta collaboration last to be buscando mucho pero no nolan contrast a key leve police of okay giggity rectum antagonist and you know I see you when you’re not training a lot of Balenciaga sneakers are you more of a high fashion sneaker type of dude amigos de andar como no Deportivo fashion creo que me gusta and are como cuando rattle even even or mark a new standard como is that why you like the Balenciaga socks sneaks right on it’s like you’re wearing a sock Akos X yeah suddenly come loose well talked about everything now is the easy part or the hard part picking out some sneakers going home with them is defeating better yeah yeah yeah [Music] okay I want this for sure I really like it I want these two these three parts this one this one and do sir so I need not have perfect achi and this one all right your total is nineteen thousand eight hundred twenty two dollars and 87 cents thank you [Music] thank you so Canelo came through told some great stories thanks so much for taking the time make sure everyone checks out the fight May fourth Canelo Jacobs exclusively on the zone [Music] you [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Canelo Àlvarez Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex”

  1. Can someone tell me why when complex posted the price of the boodie it was like 1K but when he bought it it was 15K? I’m not into all the designer hybebeast shit so ion know

  2. 19822 dollars with a net worth of 100 million man he spend in one day what I make in 2 weeks that's awesome lol

  3. I hate to say it but…..
    The only reason people watch these videos is out of jealousy
    Im the same way
    Im about to get hate

  4. "K-swiss"😂 canelo dont lie we all know you got those at the tianguis (flea market) lol jk😂🤣 love my boi canelo

  5. Gennadiy GGG Golovkin, one of Canelo’s biggest foes, is one of the very few boxers signed with Air Jordan. He has a signature Air Jordan boxing shoe, and recently posted a photo with Virgil Abloh, after attending an LV show in Paris. Why don’t you make an episode with him. In addition to the aforesaid, you never did an episode with someone from a former Soviet Union republic.

  6. 15 racks on a hoodie that's on stockx right now for no more than 6k 😱😱😱🤯🤯 stadium goods be robbing niggas!!!

  7. For us Mexicans sneakers was never our thing. Is about making out the hood making sure you don’t get jump or die. We had 1-2 pairs for the whole year. So this shit makes me happy someone from our culture he doing good and not bragging but damn $19,000.

  8. Ok that's just pure stupidity.. How the fuck can a hoodie cost 15000 fucking dollars.. U can wear it the same way i wear my nike hoodies.. The difference between me and u is that i got brain and even if i was rich like u i still won't pay that much money for a piece of cotton

  9. The little pop up price tag during the video said the hoodie was $950-$1000(can’t remember exactly) and at the end it said $15k

  10. Just pennies to Canelo on this shopping trip. Damn that supreme hoodie I knew was gonna be expensive but damn 15 grand?? Holy fuck.

  11. Complex lets put subtitles so everyone has to read them


    Me* no subtitles plz*

  12. Man! Here I was feeling like a baller last Saturday for droppin $180 on me a pair of Jordan 6 rings. Until my wife saw them and bursted my bubble by saying I was retarded for spending almost 200 bones on shoes. After watching this, spending 200 bones on shoes I don't feel bad at all😄

  13. $15,000!!!!??? For a hood. Man get out of here I got some grunt style in my closet, best clothing you'll ever have

  14. i always love watching canelo bc hes so chilled and relax. but hes by far one of the baddest mother fuckers walking around lol

  15. Most of the others who be in this show: ye i dont even use most of mine

    Canelo: i just pick one pair to run

  16. Damn 19k id look straight at the clerk and be like what days are you working and return them after posting on ig on his day off.

  17. Go.back and look at T.I bought like 15 pair of shoes and.only spent 9gs(9thousand) jajaja big baller rubber band man

  18. Wait, I’m confused and correct me if I am wrong, but why at 4:27 does it say the the hoodie is $935 and at 6:20 is says $15,000?🤔

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