what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day where we at today today we are at Ko’olau
Golf Club and when it was built it was the toughest course in the nation and I
think you’re gonna see why today this place looks insane look at this mountain
behind Hawaii’s been incredible I want to thank Ryan so much for showing me
around the island of Oahu it’s been incredible my pleasure
so here’s my goal for the day I cashed out the kids college fund invested in a
dozen balls if I have even one ball remaining after today’s round for me
that’s the success that sounds great so you helped me keep track of how many
balls we lose today perfect and you I am going to try to break par on the most
difficult course in the world aggressive when it was built
it’s still very difficult course not quite the most difficult seventy eight
point two I believe is the rating from all the way back I’ll be playing the
tips here so we’re gonna see a teeth of Ko’olau we’re gonna take you to the tee right
now don’t get bit alright so we’re here on the first hole
this place is ridiculous 593 yard par 5 I’m not gonna go where the tee markers
are I am going to play the back tee box I’m gonna vlog all 18 holes this is
gonna be part one the front nine here at Cole al number one par-5 to get high let
it fly dogleg left our aiming point is going to be just left to this bunker
that bunkers 295 that’ll be good what it drive dude that was like the stinger toss
right there that was a stinger top if we hit a low low-rise this thing might not
have much life left in it the way I’m throwing it around great swing thanks
again Kellan for having us out coming out hardest course in the world yeah
buddy hey today’s quote is brought to you by
well me even if you shoot for the moon I already messed it up if you shoot for
the moon shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars giddyup
great shape off the tee middle of the fairway
green sits down the hill right behind this clump of trees right there 250
yards left to the middle of the green the goal today is to break par so we are
gonna pick and choose our times to be aggressive this is not one of them we’re
gonna lay this up 9 iron in hand all right should be good right there I
never know what he’s doing back there is he even doing what are you doing that’s
okay and that is why we laid up right here
rumor has it that when a pin slams at coal allow it echoes off the mountains
for all of the island to hear and they celebrate the birdie Ryan you made it
through the first hole first of all that’s what I’m excited about
I can’t shot a 17 but I still have my ball all right my ball landed right
about there I already fixed the divot of about 810 feet left a little bit to the
right oh well good attempt on the first hole
not gonna complain about a par here today hey you asked for the toughest
course man you got it right here number two Wow where do you hit it
what’s that tree doing there like right in my line yeah 410 yards par 4 I just
want to find my ball after this shot almost hit the 150 there
we will take that draw draw hard uh-oh we might be down one okay just when you
think your ball is lost somehow someone yeah well dude there’s like a little
Inlet here that it was just where you wanted to hit it
I mean course management when you don’t have a good swing you got to have good
course management and that’s my plate that’s my game I wasn’t recording the
shot what happened there is that the first casualty one ball down all right
71 back up the hill humidity levels about three hundred and seventeen
percent right now sea level we’re gonna hit seven so I made a really good swing there that
is a little long I might have over intimidated myself on that fire and
swing up the hill didn’t quite play as much up hose I thought made a good swing
along sometimes boys just don’t go where you want them like my ball for example
that went right into the bushes quiet GPS that’s that’s the GPS right there
telling us what to do shut it Siri be careful about the lost
Club I’m not sure what that means what is that barely message was watch out for
the t-rex oh well we don’t really know what that means either
don’t worry we’re okay a little long Ryan this view is ridiculous how can we
expect to play golf with these views I mean there’s that we need to get this
up-and-down for par Mongoose don’t get bit by a mongoose I will take that every single time that almost tipped me I never saw it that
view like I can’t get enough of it me yeah oh yeah absolutely
it’s what my wife says to me every morning oh the mountains yeah yeah those
are nice to stay at even par on the day oh let’s go number three par four 421
yards big dogleg to the right our aiming point is going to be that little tree
right there that might be the coolest thing I’ve
ever seen you can see that ball so clear up against the base of that mountain
hope you can see it on there that was fun okay and one down
what is that stat we have we have a balls lost stat we are on pace to finish
this course with all the balls that I have which is 12 there was our aiming
point right there here is our ball did not realize how
tight it is I mean that’s just like 20 yards over there and that’s like 10
yards 15 yards over there 120 yards left to a middle front pen guys dialed in we’re standing at a safe
distance because zach has been wild with his putz truth be told we just want to
take in the beautiful Ko’olau mountains you can’t even be mad good par thank you
sir beautiful hole oh hi golfers I didn’t see you there
195 par 3 apparently the number 18 handicap hole but let’s be honest
every hole is difficult out here good news is I’ve only lost one ball through
three holes so at that rate I should have a ball left in my bag by the end of
the round probably playing about 10 yards downhill I’m gonna play roughly
185 might be playing a little bit more I’ve got 7-iron in tan he’s leaning left the ball is not all
right looks good dancing so I feel like this is on Tiger
Woods video game with the tiger proofing the course with just mentioned every
shot feel very intimidating I would love to see Tiger play here
yes wouldn’t that be fun to watch I’ll be a lot of fun oh I gotta go hit my
drop ball two balls down I did we had to stop the cart just to show you all this
that’s where my ball is yes it is I’m not going after that I’m not going in
there for that legend has it that three golfers have died in there this just
this month really yes that’s yeah all right there is where we ended up
pin-high but definitely right and you get this up
and down not the greatest one right there I’m a
lengthy one left for far back forward release it’s got the speed made it to
hold for without a bogey on number five we do not want to be right that is major
trouble I’ve been there I know how to lose a ball there don’t be right what’s
the distance be left doesn’t matter just get up and hit it 390 yards for iron
stand Club in hand we do not want to be right that is major
trouble a little right that’s okay all right so ball was just right down in
there gonna have to take an unplayable a drop
penalty stroke hitting our third drop it like it’s hot drop it like a tie
184 slightly up the hill 7-iron in hand good shot there should be alright
alrighty right there a little short left let’s get this up and down all righty that was a big Bodhi safe
there was a pig right there how do you sprinting through the fairway okay how
do you pump when you got two pigs running down the pear one lesson learned
right there don’t miss a fairway I’ve alway ended in the fairway yeah and then
rolled into the jungle jungle jungle but boat right there on five two over
currently what’s your ball count at I’ve lost two balls two balls I’m okay
you are we’re in good shape we’re on to number six this course is ridiculous the
views are insane thanks so much for oast meters been my pleasure edible number
six par four four hundred and ten yards from the back tee box here we’re just
gonna be heading a stinger out here this is the second most difficult hole here
on the course that one down the fairway that is
paramount out here need to find the fairway
alrighty right here fairway still a long ways left that’s why this hole is
difficult this approach shot is tough over a ravine right here have 192 yards
left probably gonna go with the 6-iron danger zone be careful that was too
close to the real thing I’m gonna get copyrighted on that this
is truly insane these views are incredible just had to stop and take
that in all right missed that one in the right place pin-high just off the green
it was pulled just a little bit but the right place to miss it that is another bogey gonna have to get
off this bogie train this course is playing very tough and making bogies
like that’s not gonna help the scorecard however those bogies are in the past
Ronon number seven we’ve got some pin Slammers ahead I know it this course is
very difficult though so many challenging shots you must hit the
fairway and you really need to hit the green to have any chance of scoring well
par-5 586 yards little bender around to the left feet high let it fly with
driver we took a much more aggressive wine once
I got over it was feeling good we took it left over the corner
apparently this is the danger zone please hold the handle oh they’re going
down this is why our in Jurassic Park right here I feel like a t-rex is gonna
come I mean you’re – right on with these music songs I’m just gonna get a
copyright claim you got to not be so good sorry John Williams
that is ridiculous that’s a mountain that’s a tree grass chicken chicken
really where’s my ball all right great shape here 247 to the hole 235 to clear
the bunker didn’t come here to lay up though it’s probably asking a lot out of
the four iron but missed it in a good spot let’s get this up now for Burt are
you having a good time out here or what this is amazing it’s not that the Golf
Course the way it’s laid out is difficult I mean that too but it’s just
the surroundings and the beauty it distracts you from playing good golf at
least that’s my excuse anyway well look at this hope you’re having a good time
it’s been incredible yeah you’re playing well let’s get back to work ended up
right here really not too bad about pin-high maybe just a little short let’s
get this up-and-down for bird nicely done this is quite the putt
there’s a lot of undulation this is for a pin slammer that had so much break and
he almost had it as they say was that on the pro side it was not it was on the
amateur side with ez5 though so many people are I was on the side that I
belonged on I know my status in the economic ladder peasant okay now let’s
see yours that is the first pin slammer hirako
let’s go that wasn’t needed birdie right there
gets us back to two over what’s the ball count at for you sir I’ve lost three
balls pretty ball so I’m in good shape I’m happy this is the next they were in
the bunker bunker looks insane I love that I’m playing golf in Hawaii and I
have the beautiful voice of a British woman telling me how to hit my golf shot
who she think she is number 8 par-3 217 yards to a back pin location this is not
an easy par 3 dear a little short but it is putting I
didn’t hit that great but we’ve got a birdie look you’re kidding me hey I
didn’t lose my ball it’s in the bunker got really wasn’t too bad about why all
right there it’s where we landed this is quite the uphill right here can’t really
tell it on camera but that is got some elevation right there Zacks played
really well but today the conditions are tough they’re really really tough good lag for the tres easy game what are the people looking at
on number nine two days Zack bar for 365 with that backdrop we’re hitting a
stinger Stang it so they teed it up over here I’m teeing it up right here all
right not not quite sure what zach is thinking here he’s making the the course
poor difficult than it needs to be he got a little tree overhang I don’t know
if he’s out to do some pruning or if he’s just showing off oh that is so good little pool of honey
in the divot that little stinger butter draw I am salivating we’re in good shape
right here 160 yards up the hill you can see the pin right there mountain
mountain mountain mountain so walking up here
I must have gunned the back slope I’m not really sure I hit that road well
that was up the hill I did think I was playing roughly 170 however I was an
8-iron it’s back to edge on the fringe back there we’ve got a lengthy putt
ahead big slope right there would love to roll this in but let’s just try to
get good speed come down that hill let’s go
I was actually one of the better two putts I’ve had and the one on the par-3
will take that to over here on the front nine and that is the final tally right
there on the front side 38 well done and I was happy just to only lose 3 balls 3
balls so I got 9 balls to finish the back 9 which is a tougher test and then
the front so don’t start getting all cocky I mean you got some work to do I
hope y’all enjoy coming along the front nine and part one here at Koel this was
incredible to over par not exactly what we were hoping for but this course has
some teeth with the rating of over 78 we’re gonna be heading into the back 9
that’s gonna be part 2 in a separate video
if y’all enjoyed this video drop a little like down below that would be
greatly appreciated thanks to Ryan and Kellan as well I’ll put all their stuff
down in the description check them out and until next time we’ll see you when
we see ya well on the back nine yeah Oh

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Dennis Veasley

39 thoughts on “Can I Break Par? | Part 1 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii”

  1. I wonder what’s a tougher course, this…or somewhere like Carnoustie or Royal St. George’s when it’s blowing 40/50/60 mph wind and you’re hitting 3 irons into greens from 130-140 yards.

  2. What kind of grass on the greens? I looks like they need to be cut, or is that just how it grows? Your putts and chips look like they stop very very quickly.

  3. I can’t even imagine ever getting a chance to play that course… I will play through your 👀 tee it high and let it fly!!!!! Get em Zac!!!!!!

  4. Ryan is HILARIOUS! You guys complement each other well. Funny quips from Ryan and the smiles and serious golf skills from Zac. I think a lot of people are on the same page of wanting to see you both together on the channel more!

  5. I played today and it was 35 degrees and ummm well me and my cousin played only 9 holes because we had to be somewhere but we did awful

  6. Played here years ago..I lost over a dozen balls. Pro shop guy said you’ll prob lose as many balls as your handicap.

  7. Zac, love the video but there are too many commercials. Don't know if you control that or not. While I'm sure they drive revenue. Maybe run them between the holes or every other. Having a commercial ever time you hit your third shot is a but much IMO. Just some constructive criticism.

  8. Had 12 balls in the bag…lost 3 balls with my first three swings lol. Settled down after that. This and Luana Hills are Jurassic Park.

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