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Dennis Veasley

20 thoughts on “Can Anyone STOP Nadal??? | TENNIS TALKS EPISODE 2”

  1. Man, you didn't change at all Mr. Komenic! (Ali R. The kid who would always get his name on the board and get in trouble)👌👌👌

  2. I would also always get my name on the board like two times a week I would get my name on the board

  3. Good points. Sometimes we forget that they're like us and that emotions can take over. On the flip side it's kind of nice to see Pliskova drop the made-for-TV filter and express some raw feelings. Frankly, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it makes tournament tennis more exciting to watch! I pity her first round opponent at RG in Paris!

  4. Mr K its me Grisan everyone in my class including Jakiel knows your YouTube channel this is amazing

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