Hi everyone, I’m Mike welcome back to another KomenTennis video! I’m doing my best to make some awesome tennis videos every week for you guys. If you guys enjoy my content and want to keep up to date, make sure you guys hit that subscribe button down there and also hit the thumbs up if you like this video. Today is gonna be another tennis talk video. This is episode 2 in the tennis talk series where I go over last month’s tennis news and eventful things that happened in tennis, and then we can have a discussion about it down in the comments. Couple things We’re gonna talk about today: We’re gonna talk about the Monte Carlo tournament that started off the clay court season. We’re also gonna talk a little bit about Barcelona, Munich, and Madrid, and what’s kind of happening in that draw right now. So starting off with Monte Carlo, Nadal really kind of took hold of this clay courts season, people had some doubts about Nadal since He was coming back from a long injury, which dated back to the Australian Open. They weren’t sure if he was gonna perform well on clay, but he’s proven everybody wrong. He’s been absolutely dominant and he hasn’t dropped a set in Monte Carlo, which was crazy. He also took down some big players and he met Nishikori in the final which was a big accomplishment for Nishikori because he was also coming back from an injury in his career as well. He made a great resurgence coming through the challenger’s kind of warming up there, played a couple big tournaments and finally kind of broke through back to his normal level in Monte Carlo where he made it to the finals against Nadal. Nadal was just an absolute beast all tournament and that didn’t change in the final and he completely dominated against Nishikori. Another kind of crazy thing that happened in Monte Carlo was the matchup between Dominic Theim and Nadal. So, everybody thought that Theim was gonna give Nadal a really hard time since he’s been playing Well. He’s known to play really well on clay. He’s known as one of the best clay court players and even Djokovic said that he’s among the top three best clay court players in the world but Nadal absolutely destroyed him and I Think that he beat him either 6-2 6-1 or even bagelled him. I’m not sure back on my score, but I’ll post it for you guys right there. But yeah, the the performance Nadal gave against team was like absolutely insane, And I think that that’s gonna show us kind of where he’s at with this season. He wants to show his dominance and he wants to show everyone that he’s the greatest of all time on clay. Just like I talked about in my previous video, which I will link for you guys right above. Following monte-carlo, We got a good show in Barcelona and we got a nice highlight for one of the next gen stars that’s coming up right now. the Greek kid Tsitsipas Has he made that? He has. He’s been doing absolutely phenomenal lately. He reminds me a lot of Shapovalov, of Denis Shapovalov. They have a similar style, Very aggressive groundstrokes single-handed backhand. So that’s nice to see as well. It’s a little bit of variety, Normally we’re used to seeing people coming up with the double handers and that’s kind of the prevalent shot right now But it’s nice to see somebody with a nice one hander. It’s awesome to watch but unfortunately for Tsitsipas he ran into Nadal in the final. Nadal hasn’t lost a set going from Monte Carlo to Barcelona and I believe that he actually has a record now for the most straight sets won on clay. Once again dominated in the final. I guess once it comes to the final, Nadal has so much experience compared to almost any other player. The experience takes over and he can become really dominant and even finds a new level when he reaches the finals. Beating Tsitsipas seems to be no problem for Nadal. Although Tsirsipas getting to the finals is an awesome thing for Greece since he is I think the first Greek player since the 70s to make it into a finals of a 500 level event. So that’s awesome for Greece and awesome for him as well. And he actually beat a bunch of top-10 players on the way there and had a great run in Estoril following that tournament where he beat Kevin Anderson, so we’re seeing a lot of promising things from Tsitsipas. Hopefully we’re gonna see a lot more from him in the future as well as the other next-gen stars like Coric and Shapovalov. They’re really exciting to watch. So we also have the BMW Open happening in Munich. Where Zverev won it for a second year straight, so that’s awesome for him. Not only did he win the tournament, but he also won an awesome BMW i8 as one of his prizes at the end. You can actually check out that car right here. It’s pretty insane, but that’s a sweet win for him awesome that he managed to go back-to-back and I’m pretty sure that’s gonna fuel him and motivate him to do well for the rest of the clay-court season And we’re gonna see how he does in Madrid. And speaking of Madrid. We’ve already had some epic matches down there We’ve had a first round match which was insane between Djokovic and Nishikori And we also saw some Canadian tennis where Shapovalov has come through his second round and so has Milos Raonic against Grigor Dimitrov, Which was also an awesome match to watch the three setter. But going back to the first match I told you guys about Djokovic versus Nishikori. Nishikori Like I said has been in the finals a Monte Carlo So he’s been playing some awesome tennis. Djokovic really surprised me since he’s been kind of up and down lately He’s had some wins, but he’s also had some pretty bad performances. But he managed to keep himself together mentally and he actually beat Nishikori in straight sets. Although it was very close I believe the score was 7-5 6-4 but He was very impressive in that match and I think that part of the credit has to go to his team He started to put together his old team. He’s got his old coach, Marian Vajda. And I also think that he brought back his Fitness trainer, so he seems like he’s in much better shape and he seems to be in a better place mentally. I guess the last thing that’s missing now is to get Boris Becker back on the team and we’re gonna see if that might happen. And I think that the way things are going it’s a strong possibility That we might see Boris back coaching Djokovic as well. Going off that same train of thought Djokovic has actually said many times in his interviews that he plans on getting to his best form at the French Open and from what we’ve seen so far that seems to be where he’s headed as he’s been progressively getting better in each tournament that we’ve seen him in so it’s gonna be really interesting to see where his form is out of Where his level is at, Once the French Open hits. Anyways guys, that’s gonna wrap up This tennis talks video. If you guys have any comments, or if you guys want to add to the discussion, add your opinions, I would love to hear them. Throw it in the comment section down below and I will respond to all of your comments. I got some really interesting videos in the works for you guys. Make sure you don’t miss them hit that subscribe button and the bell so you get that notification when they come out. I’ve got a couple collaborations coming out that I think you guys are gonna really enjoy and They’re gonna hopefully help you guys with your game and be super entertaining so look forward to that as well as I’m Changing my rackets around so I’m gonna be reviewing and testing a few different rackets and I’m gonna get all that info for you guys Catching on camera and let you guys know my opinions on some of these rackets that I’ll be trying out So look forward to that as well. That’s gonna be a little bit new and then I’m planning on revamping some of my tennis equipment and gear, so you guys can expect a tennis haul video, the first one on the channel. So another one to look forward to hit that subscribe button. Don’t miss it. And as always everyone. Thank you for watching I really appreciate all the views and I just want to give a big shout out and thank you to my first hundred subscribers We finally hit our goal of hitting 100 subscribers. And now we’re just gonna keep going up from here. Thanks guys so much! and I will see you all next week.

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  2. I would also always get my name on the board like two times a week I would get my name on the board

  3. Good points. Sometimes we forget that they're like us and that emotions can take over. On the flip side it's kind of nice to see Pliskova drop the made-for-TV filter and express some raw feelings. Frankly, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it makes tournament tennis more exciting to watch! I pity her first round opponent at RG in Paris!

  4. Mr K its me Grisan everyone in my class including Jakiel knows your YouTube channel this is amazing

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