Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to pose the question
“Can A Tennis Racquet Help You To Play Better Golf?” Stay tuned and we will find out. [MUSIC] So here I have a client of mine Jerry. And
Jerry was having his very first ever golf lesson. So this was what his swing was like
in slow motion. He is swinging the club back not too bad.
He swings down and the club is traveling across to his left, his clubface is very open through
impact and the ball is slicing off to the right quite a bit. So it turns out as I was talking to Jerry
throughout the lesson ah told me he had played a lot of tennis. So I went and grabbed my
tennis racquet and I got him to do a few forehand swings so we will see on the right there he
has a tennis racquet and I have just synced those swings at impact.And we will have a
look and see what happens when he has got the tennis racquet in his hands and said hit
a forehand. So a double handed forehand down the line
was the vision that he had in his mind. So there’s the back swing, not much different
but look how different the downswing is. Jerry is keeping his racquet behind his body. Where
as with a golf club he is getting in front of his body. He then swings, hits the ball
and the racquet continues to travel out to the right. So much so you can still see the
tennis racquet, you can still see his right arm. Where as on the left his arm and his
club have totally disappeared. So that’s what I got him to do. So just get
the feeling he is swinging the racquet out to the right, keeping it behind him as long
as he can. Swing it out to the right racquet and the ball will go straight. So we did that a few times and that has been
what he is working on. So I think you can see that using a tennis
racquet for practice it really can help improve your golf. The thing to remember is you have got to swing
to the right and let the racquet turn or let the clubface with the golf club turn. By doing that you will actually learn to hit
it straight. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos you can click on the
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