Hi everyone this is Adam, today I’m gonna
show you just a little way to get stuck into you calves using a tennis ball or if you’ve
got something like a yoga block or a bunch of books. The reason why we’ve got this block here is just so that when we put our calf up its a bit more raised so we can put more pressure and we can move it around a bit better. Grab your tennis ball pop it on your pile
of books or whatever, We can put it anywhere on the Calf we wont be too specific. The first one we’ll do is we pop our foot on top of there and then we can just bend our knees slightly and go up and down like so, pretty easy that one. Once we find a bit of a
sore spot we can press down a little bit and do some toe points, up and down with our toe, nice and slow this might be a bit sore for some people. And then the last one is we’re gonna point our toe and then do some circles in one direction, nice and slow on that one
and go the other direction. So give that a go and make sure to like, share and comment below.
Thanks for watching, cheers! 🙂

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Dennis Veasley

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