Hi, Steve Vandertuuk here, we’re down
here at volunteer park in Romeoville, Il. Here today to check out the new Bushnell
Speedster III Radar Gun, and today we’re just going to show you a couple of
the finer points of this brand new machine. Let’s take a look at the new Speedster III,
a couple things you’re going to notice right off the bat, we don’t have a whole lot going on here.
We’ve got one button here which is going to set our modes, we have one trigger here which is
going to clock our speeds, very simple operation. Nice thing about this, when
you’re ready to go click the trigger once, you’re already in continuous mode. I
can hold this anyway i want and I’m going to get a clock speed. Now, important things to remember here when
your clocking speed, angles are very important. You want to be straight as you can be behind or in front of the pitcher. You want the ball or whatever you’re
clocking coming directly at you. You will get perfect, exact, and instant readings
with this unit as long as you are straight onto your target. Nice thing about the Speedster III, it
will do both miles per hour and kilometers per hour. Simply hold the trigger, push your button,
it’s going to switch your modes, it’s that simple. The Speedster III isn’t just for baseball
or softball. We use it for a variety of sports, anything that’s moving you can
pretty much clock this: tennis balls, soccer balls, NASCAR which is real big
now. This can clock a car from over 1500 feet away accurately up to
200 miles an hour. For you NASCAR fans they average about 196, so
you’re right on the money with this. All of this comes together in this nice
little package at a very affordable price, I think you’re going to be
surprised. We hope you found this video informative,
this product is available on OpticsPlanet. I’m Steve Vandertuuk, thanks for watching.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun for Baseball, Softball, Tennis & More!”

  1. You can measure the speed of a punch or kick with a radar gun, but it’d be very difficult. To get an accurate reading you need to be at the perfect angle and right in front of the fist or foot which makes it very hard. There are other ways of measuring punches such as how many punches you can throw within a certain limit of time (using a punch counter) or measuring the pack of your punch (using impact measuring equipment). Hope this helps!

  2. I have been using the Speedster III from Optics Planet for about a week. Used it behind the umpire, behind the fence, on several different occasions without any issues. Speeds looked good, I had the required "head on" angle to the ball, but I wasn't sure. I have a friend in law enforcement and asked him to check the gun with an official TUNING FORK, the same fork used on the streets to check his Genesis gun prior to stopping motorists. His K band fork is officially set for 55mph. He checked the Speedster and it displayed…..55. I'm sold.

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