(gentle music) – Hi, my name is Denise. And I had a bunion surgery a
year ago with Doctor Breslauer. And, the biggest benefit is that now I can walk without
pain, which is awesome. So I have a (laughing) I had a splice, a little
hole in my tennis shoes, so where they have the mesh part I would just take a knife
and make a teeny little hole so that it wouldn’t rub against my bunion. And then, the good thing
about living in Florida is that you’re mostly wearing sandals, so there were some shoes
that I couldn’t wear coz it would accentuate the bunion and/or it hurt if it rubbed. I haven’t played tennis in a while but I could play tennis better because the movement really
hurt the way my bunion was. I can wear shoes that I
wasn’t able to wear before. And now when I show the
before and after pictures to my friends and family, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, he’s
brilliant, he’s amazing.” A couple of people texted,
“Wow, he’s amazing.” So I’m very happy, not just
from an aesthetic perspective but also physically I can
run, walk, do aerobics. I have two dogs I need to walk everyday. So, it’s been great. One of my girlfriends
actually, in my neighborhood, recommended Doctor Breslauer
so I came in for a counsel and then he shared with me that
you really have to be ready, et cetera, et cetera, and I thought, “Well, is there anything that
we can do in the interim?” And so we did a couple of steroid shots which had helped some but the
pain was going up my ankle. And so I was having a
difficult time even trying to exercise and go walking. It got to the point
where I had so much pain that I pretty much had to have it done. And what I liked about
him is, in a positive way, Doctor Breslauer is very thorough, he has a nice bedside manner. Sometimes because he is so thorough and he’s making sure
everything is precise, he’s not gonna sit there and tell jokes a pure thing for a comedian et cetera, he takes it very seriously. But I also liked that he
shared with me that he’s, he’s on a couple of different boards, he does speaking engagements so I think he’s a leader in the community and within his profession. That made me feel more self assured too. But he’s awesome. I would recommend him to anybody. (gentle music)

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Dennis Veasley

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