Competition is at the heart of
university tennis. The season runs from October to March, including both the Team
and Individual Championships. All in all there are 350 teams that compete from
over 100 universities. They compete every Wednesday and play in a team of between
4 and 6 players. Each individual match format is best of three sets.The match
is comprised of two doubles matches and four singles matches. It’s amazing to be
part of a team that you train with day-in day-out. They become some of your closest friends, so for me personally I absolutely love
being part of a team. The BUCS tennis league structure is structured in
a pyramid. At the top of that pyramid we have our national league. These are the
six best men’s and women’s university teams in the country. The whole bar has
been raised by the National Premier League it’s been such a great product to
to really draw people into it. The coaching levels gone up, the playing
levels going up and it’s having a knock-on effect for the lower leagues as
well I think. A really unique aspect of the National Premier League is that
twice a year teams come together for our Super Weekends. I like the Super Weekends to
create atmosphere around the whole place. I feel it’s a lot more like County Cup having
all the other teams here. The Super Weekend’s are live streamed and they’re a
real showcase for British University Tennis. Just below the National League,
our second tier of BUCS tennis, we have our Premier League.That is split between
north and south regions. Below our Premier League we have tiers one to five
which is split regionally into conferences. As well as our league
competition we also have a knockout competition. This is split into three
separate knockout competitions depending on where your position is within the
league structure. Our knockout competitions culminate in BUCSBig
Wednesday which is where all sports come together in a central location to play
national finals. Following the BUCS team competition we have our Individual
Championships. This comprises of regional qualification rounds which lead to a
national finals. Our Individual Championships are great because you can
be crowned national champion for your University in both singles and doubles
competitions.Every University student that plays University tennis is entitled
to a free British Tennis Membership and that allows all BUCS matches to count
towards LTA rankings and ratings. We’re looking to increase competitive
opportunities across the whole network whether that’s more local or perhaps
some friendly matches or indeed trying to increase the number of players who
can access the existing structures

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Dennis Veasley

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