He could literally puncture the sandbag.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Bruce Lee World Records”

  1. He was an actor and a good teacher who died at the height of his popularity so he is automatically labeled a legend. He would get killed in todays ufc.

  2. This is bs! Ali weighed 215lbs not 260, Bruce couldn’t do 200 push ups on 2 fingers or even 100, he could do 3! He also never had the power of his punches measured.

  3. This was all fukin bullshit , where is the video of him doing all this stuff, dont you think they would of video this shit , bullshit bruce lie

  4. To Bruce Lee's wife and daughter that are left be no other man on the face of the planet that will ever come close to Bruce Lee the ones that have survived and seen him live will remember him always and never forget who we what he stood for in his representation on Chinese art he showed the world what she was forbidden to do and he showed the beauty of emotionally expressing yourself and being like water he was our teacher and our sensei and there be no one else that'll match him for what he's represented in brought to the World on the table even though his demise of his time was very short and what I can't figure out doctor whole had taken an invention that Bruce Lee had invented and is it cleaning that is Doctor Who invented it mean while Bruce Lee invented the 2000 which would be able to do so many pushups and heal his body as well from pain and hurt I wish that the Bruce Lee family would find this doctor whole and take their cut of what Bruce Lee invented no other person should take somebody else's invention and claim that it's their own when the master himself had invented it no person should take away from others and explain and accepted as their own this man Doctor Who should be sued a lot of money for taking Bruce Lee's invention mm the 2000 what this is is to build up your muscles and take pain away from your body and somebody else is claiming it as their own I wish this idiot would get off the Box I've already called the company and explain to them that he's taking somebody else's invention and claiming that has their own such as Bruce Lee's muscle developer it is against the law to take somebody else's invention and claim it as their own meanwhile this doctor ho should be found and stop doing what he's doing Bruce Lee took a lot of time to invent this machine and it's proper matter is it belongs to Bruce Lee I just hate speech other people taking something that belongs to somebody else and making memes of their invention to become the wrong this is wrong and it should be brought to somebody's attention there's somebody else is stealing from somebody else I hope this reaches the Lee family and something should be done about it no other human being on the face of the end on the planet should be doing this because obviously once it reaches the Lee family I hope the Lee family can do something about this They should deserve at least half of the profits of what Doctor Who was making or most of the cost someone should go to Bruce Lee's home take it and bring it to somebody's attention of somebody else's stealing his invention please do something about this Lee family this is wrong yours truly sincerely TCB third son of Elvis Presley I know how would be if someone took my father and explained about them and stole things from him I would be devastated

  5. He had to be superhuman i thought it was funny mma fighters today like bas rutten said bruce lee was fake. It would be unfair for bruce to fight in ufc or pride with his speed alone im sorry bas my money would go on bruce anyday.

  6. In the picture of Bruce Lee hitting the bag in 104 of that video that is not Bruce Lee that man is hitting the bag in an Orthodox position Bruce Lee was a southpaw


  8. Let it also be known that Bruce Lee was a huge fan of Muhammad Ali's and loved his style of fighting in the ring and he incorporated some of what he saw of Muhammad Ali into his so-called Chinese boxing

  9. Na neki način ništa se ni ne nauči koliko je primio udaraca oboli se i od tog eto to da su to borilačke vještine moj ideal napraviti špagu jer i ne mogu i visok IQ ti je takav jer je mal kod boraca kolikjo prime udaraca i razvijeno je to negdje i sudoku i enigmatika i križaljke ima i brzih ljudi a ne borilačke vještine neko poleti a neko i ne poleti neko računa smisli se sebi nešto poput visoki IQ i ti snajperi neko i piše sebi a ne disanje jer sam veseo čovjek imam o čemu i misliti.

  10. A different perspective on Bruce Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjhwmnocuME&list=PLEHSKXr8sWoBFtItg5G6-hhmFLZBfdi8W&index=2&t=0s

  11. dude where the heck did you throw this shits " 1500 push ups in a row" get a life dude he wasn;t a robot if you dont know or understand the human body stop typeing shits like this. Such an delusional kid i was laughing alot with your 1500 push ups in a row :))))))))

  12. He's a great man and will stay in our memories forever. He's a great inspiration for all of us and also to the future generations.

  13. Bruce Lee is so strong I don’t even think he is human he must be some sort of machine because I don’t think anybody could be that strong

  14. Hmmm, 1,500 push-ups in a row? I'm seriously doubt this. I mean Bruce Lee was awesome, but come on, 1,500 push-ups? 400 one-arms push-ups? I can struggle on #14 on my way to 15, but damn, 400? Nope!

  15. So nine "world records" that no-one has heard of? Get real, Bruce is a legend and a martial arts pioneer but he's not a god. His athleticism and technique has be surpassed now. He was one of a kind but some people need to get a grip on reality.

  16. Great Bruce Lee … I am one of his fun and still watching moves but I really don't know why God allowed him to die.

  17. Just wanted to say 2 things the 9th one I can do that
    The 4th one I saw a man in a world record video breaking through coconuts with 1 finger so there are people who can break these
    Edit:I’m not hating just sayin
    I’m a Bruce Lee fan too

  18. you missed one thing ,he was the first to ever become a LEGEND and live in our hearts forever

  19. How can anybody be so foolish to believe any of this nonsense?
    Bruce Lee was an actor, he was very athletic, but the feats listed in this video are pure fantasy.
    Sorry to burst his bubble, and i dont mean to offend any Bruce Lee fans, but unfortunately Superman isn't real

  20. Bruce Lee is put in the same category as Andre the giant, Andre was nothing more than a big alcoholic cripple who could barely move, yet people talk like he was a superhuman.
    Bruce Lee probably had similar strength to an average 15 year old high school kid, he was just so skinny and light that he could move quickly

  21. Lol, love Bruce Lee, these so called records are laughable. You lost me when you compared his punching power a 260 lbs. Ali, lol. Ali's fighting weight was no where near 260. I stop watching after the pushup claim 🤣. RIP Bruce aka the G.O.A.T

  22. Wish I cud have met him… taken wayyyy too soon..I knew a kid up in Hudson, NY that did a one finger push up.. after he did it , he got up and almost broke his finger..!

  23. Ony one person beat Bruce Lee and that's the founder of Trackma none other than Mr. Travor. He is a Filipino. Bruce Lee planned a movie with him but unfortunately Bruce died. The title of the movie would be The rhytm man and the dragon.

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