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Dennis Veasley

81 thoughts on “Brett Favre Opens Up About Concussions And Football On Megyn Kelly TODAY | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. I am a die hard Packers fan from Wisconsin and I appreciate his service to the team and the game itself. He broke many records which will take MANY years to be broken. But he must ask himself everyday, "Was it all worth it?"

  2. I love how retired athletes come out on concussions after they have made their Millions from playing the game!! They knew the risks in playing the game, looks at players from the 50's and 60's that are crippled from playing the game and they didnt make the money that these players did. I love Brett Farve as a player but telling kids don't play, I don't agree with I wonder what Farve would have advised kids at the age of 48 had he was still working at a regular job earning pennies compared to what he earned.

  3. Say what you want but no amount of money is worth your health. The comment about working for pennies is irrelevant if you can’t determine the difference between a penny and 10,000 dollars. I applaud one of the toughest SOBs that ever played the game to come out and want to make changes to the game.
    Not to mention the thug life and disrespect for our Flag has made the NFL irrelevant to me anyway.

  4. The players today are 300 lb steroid junkies so it's no wonder they are coming down with dementia and their bodies breaking down.

  5. I stopped watching football seeing them guys continually attack and try to hurt Favre just to do this secretive longterm damage. Then I got my head bashed in myself by someone skilled as them footballers who did Favre like that. I think he got the idea watching football. It should be banned and touch football only.

  6. I've played the game and suffered many concussions. I knew the risks and I knew what the long term effects would be and I still played..Why did I play??? The love of the game and the money. You see many of players, you see the problems they have from concussions, and you know that may be you someday, but you still play. Don't blame anyone for this, but yourself.

  7. MEGYN KELLY is not only a deceiving TRANNY/dude in drag but HE is really NICOLE SIMPSON who by the way was NEVER MURDERED by OJ in one of the 1st Reality Shows none to us in the whole OJ Murder Case. Please before you comment just compare the pics of NICOLE SIMPSON and MEGYN KELLY and tell me if they honestly don't look alike minus the new CHIN JOB they gave MEGYN….#WakeUpSheeple

  8. No idea if this was mentioned already, but anyone who has suffered a concussion should look into NUCCA. (www.nucca.org)

  9. A small matter that he played 20 years in pro football…a big matter is that he’s been playing organized full-contact 🏈 football since he was 6 years old.

  10. I played youth.. HS and college.. football.. coached for 25 years.. I allowed my 4 sons to play.. now I have my grandson.. I adore him.. I’m now scared

  11. All football players will get CTE, especially the guys from back in the day.. I love football but I’m glad I stopped playing

  12. Brett Favre is trying to sell some kind of Concussion recovery product. Getting Your "Bell Rung" is just part of Football…

  13. Since we are on the subject, what about boxing and MMA? Is anyone addressing those sports in regards to concussions?

  14. We love you Brett…to me and my family we love to watch you play at the time before your retirement your doing a wonderful job keep it up thank you

  15. I personally don’t care about my health I’m gonna risk life and make the most of it and not complain about issues I’ve bestowed on myself If I know I had a life threatening condition that could be treated and I could live but i wouldn’t want to if it’s my time it’s my time I love life we should always treat life like a glass half full

  16. If America really knew the truth they,d be OUTRAGED!! The NFL found out privately about the dangers of Concussion syndromes in 1984. They chose to keep it all in house. They didnt release any of this information to the players or their Union or to the outside Medical communities!! Thats why they agreed to this Billion $$ settlement. Anyone who takes the time to read the legal brief will be even angrier than before!! Its worded in a way that says the league had ZERO PRIOR knowledge of Dangers related to head trauma. Theres also some super slick wording with makes it almost impossible to receive any of this settlement. See even though the announcement was NFL agrees to 1.6 Billion $$ settlement, the actual truth is the NFL has only payed out a very small fraction of the announced settlement not even 5%!!!!!!!. I love NFL football & over time you as fans begin to care about some of your favorite players. The last thing many of us want are these guys to have painful, unhappy lifes after they leave the game. Most will be very young men, mid-30,s to 40 with the rest of their lives to live. Somehow, someway they need to keep changing the way the game is played. Yes the game is not like it used to be even 10yrs ago. It has to change for the players lives & health!!!

  17. I love MMA. but when I see videos like this- and realize that plenty of those guys have been knocked out four, five times- some even more. It's very unsettling. What will their future look like?

  18. Favre is still a young man at 48. He's gray headed but many men that age are "changing over." I personally suffered 3 non-sports concussions that I was hospitalized for so doctors could observe me overnight. I'm 68 now and I'm having short term memory struggles. I don't know if its from my head injuries or if it is just "information overload" that we receive everyday from advertising and messages via media. I worry about dementia but it seems to be still ahead of me. The best thing to is to monitor yourself and stop to give yourself a periodic assessment. Seek medical help if your gut is telling you to do it.

  19. I got hit by a car at 5 years old. Me parents wouldn’t let me play football because of my concussion . I’ve had a stroke and I struggle for words . I fully understand

  20. He says he's 48 years old and has not played in 20 years??? Did he retire at 28 years old? I think he's confused big time.

  21. If your living in constant fear, you need to find Jesus. Only he can take the fear and pain, i myself am a teenager and have had 3 concussions that have been conformed, who knows how many ive had without them being conformed, at the moment im praying and deciding if ill go back into soccer.

  22. I still think kids should be allowed to play if they want. I played for years and it wasn't till highschool and above was when I personally started hitting players that had power and speed to really cause any issues. I had 3 which only 1 from football 1 from baseball taking line drive at 3rd base to side head my lastr and by far worse was from car wreck if coaches are trained and there are trainers with medical experience there who know what to look for it's not like when I played and coaches told us to quit crying and get out and play

  23. Show me the money! That’s what it’s all about . The men / boys are just wasted in time just a number .

  24. Someone should gather these souls live and dead together there stories need to be told. I have a feeling the high rate of suicide in men / boy maybe contributed to brain injury. I am 75 year old ,I am not good on the net . I am watching my grandson struggle with theses problems it’s hart braking!

  25. I stopped playing after HS except for 1 year in college. Maybe got concussed once but had a ton of dings & head to head hits. Pretty sure its taken a small toll even at 34. Started noticing forgetfulness & dizziness around mid 20's.

  26. ways to fix it now but feds don't allow it .. gotta go to couple places . just all fat diet regrows brain and heals seizure damage proven by head scans .. people go bad with out getting hit . called old age .. called fall hit your head few times in life and as a kid … car accident , skating, fall off wagon or porch . trip . fall . brains can just give out .

  27. just stress from life and survival . life traps hurt your brain faster than football . gives brain pressure .. grow it back with real butter , lard meat diet ..

  28. The end of the interview when they spoke about being tough in the past. That's what's so sad about CTE, the tough guys are the ones who would get hurt really bad in the past because they weren't coming out over a head ding. 4 was a warrior on the gridiron, great interview and thanks for the memories!

  29. If you described the game of football in all of its rules and it’s actions to a school board, called it by a different name than football, and asked them if they’d fund it as a sport, they’d look at you like you’re crazy.

  30. As a lineman in Youth and Middle school football I think about the shots to the head I took every single play. I’m glad I stopped playing when I did. I can’t imagine what damage could be done from 20 plus years of that trauma. Real scary stuff

  31. He said that in the movie ‘Concussion’ that ringing ears and seeing stars is a concussion I disagree that just means as I would say “ya bell got rung” if you have a constant migraine than you should get checked out of course if you see stars take a break dude but if your head hurts for a lil bit you’ll be fine.

  32. Who would have ever thought that bashing your head up against a hard object multiple times over many years would be bad for your brain. This whole time i’ve been hitting myself in the head with a hammer thinking it was ok. Now I suppose i’ll have to switch hobbies. Maybe I should have gone to medical school cuz apparently i’m a genius.

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