it’s good to be here! CORY COTTON: Oh, my gosh. COBY COTTON: 10 years
ago, we were just five college roommates at
Texas A&M, trying our best to– thank you, guys. Pretty far from there,
so I didn’t expect that. Trying our best to
balance studying with what always seemed like maybe one
too many intramural sports. Today, we’ve turned our
passion into a career, and we’re grateful to now be
one of the most watched creators on all of YouTube, with over
41 million subscribers and 7.7 billion views. Still can’t believe that. Shockingly, I
think that might be more than the number of people
on the planet today, which doesn’t make sense, except
that our mom watches a lot. [INTERPOSING VOICES] COBY COTTON: Along
the way, we’ve been able to work with some of
the world’s biggest athletes and celebrities, launching
giant tennis balls off a stadium with
Serena Williams, shooting bows and arrows with
Luke Bryan, and even getting slapped in the face
by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. CODY JONES: That
one hurt, didn’t it? TYLER TONEY: Took
one for the team. CODY JONES: You did. TYLER TONEY: He
slapped me really hard. COBY COTTON: He
really did, though. Through it all, we’ve
partnered with household brands like Nike, Toyota,
and Coca-Cola. But first, let’s
take a step back. TYLER TONEY: In 2009,
our journey on YouTube started with the cheapest
basketball goal we could find and a sandwich. I bet Garrett that
I could make a hook shot from behind the
tree in our backyard. He shook my hand, and I threw up
a beautiful, buttery hook shot, and to this day that was the
best sandwich I have ever had. Garrett, appreciate that. GARRETT HILBERT: Yeah. No problem, man. TYLER TONEY: Thank
you very much. When we came back to
the house after lunch, we filmed a series
of trick shots, posted that video to
YouTube so our parents could see just how hard we
were working at college. COBY COTTON: Oh, sarcasm. TYLER TONEY: Two days
later, we got a call from “Good Morning
America,” wanting them to feature us on the show. We’re still not exactly sure
how they got our number, but that was the
moment that we knew that we were onto something. CORY COTTON: For
our first big stunt, Tyler drained what we call
the world’s longest basketball shot, off the top of Texas
A&M’s football stadium. Shortly after posting
it, my brother Coby and I boarded a plane
to North Carolina. As we flew, news of the video
blew up on the internet, but Coby and I
were still sitting on that airplane, completely
unaware that millions of people were watching it during
the two-hour flight. When we landed, our phones
shook as notifications came in. We were sitting on opposite
ends of the plane, though, so when we finally
realized what had happened, we were so happy that we
ran towards each other and high-fived in the air. I can only imagine
people’s confusion. Wow, these two twins must
have really missed each other during that little flight. CODY JONES: They really do that,
though, like on every flight. TYLER TONEY: They did
it on the way here. CODY JONES: Yeah, it’s bad. TYLER TONEY: It wasn’t
a one-time thing. CODY JONES: They’re 30. TYLER TONEY: Ridiculous. COBY COTTON: 31. TYLER TONEY: You guys really
got to stop doing that. When we started off, trick
shots were our bread and butter. Basketball, football,
soccer, hockey– we tried it all. Then we decided to mix it up. We took a risk and
launched what quickly turned into some of our
most popular videos ever, our stereotypes series,
poking fun at experiences that we’ve all had, such
as playing basketball with competitive people
or going to the movies with your friend who ends up
eating all of your popcorn. Tapping into our
ultra-competitive side, we then added our battle
series of insane competitions, and most recently, our
“Overtime” variety show. As our fan base has
grown, YouTube’s given us the flexibility
to grow with it, constantly adding new and
unexpected entertainment that the entire family
can enjoy together. And we don’t take
that task lightly. We treat each project
like its own mini-movie. Since the start of
2017, our videos have averaged over 40
million views each. CODY JONES: Brag much? My gosh. That’s insane. COBY COTTON: Nine years ago,
towards the very beginning of our journey, our
hobby took a real turn when we got a phone
call from GMC. They asked us if we’d
be interested in making a basketball shot out of
a yellow canary airplane. And in the process,
we opened the door to many more opportunities with
the world’s biggest brands. Since that day, we’ve competed
in a giant bubble wrap factory, made shots from the
top of the Super Bowl, even golfed off an aircraft
carrier with Callaway, and discount double-checked with
Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul for State Farm. Great guys. Since the very
beginning, we’ve worked to build trust with
consumers and brands, a trust that each time they watch
one of our YouTube videos, they can confidently
know two things– that each video will
be worth their click and fun for their whole family. When brands trust us to
be the creative force, it works really well. One of our most popular
videos of all time, with over 199 million views,
is “Ping Pong Trick Shots 3.” CODY JONES: I don’t know how. COBY COTTON: Sponsored by Oreo. CODY JONES: It’s just insane. COBY COTTON: Thanks, Oreo. [CHEERING] CODY JONES: Oreo’s in
the house, I think. COBY COTTON:
[INAUDIBLE] to you guys. It’s a good cookie. TYLER TONEY: Shout out, Oreo. For a long time, this
was our side hustle. Today it’s a real business
and our livelihood. Based on the foundation
of our YouTube platform, we’ve also successfully
launched mobile games with over 50 million
downloads, best-selling books, and three seasons of our
TV show on Nickelodeon. We’ve even brought to market
our very own co-branded product line with Nerf. And this summer,
for the first time, we are going on a live tour. Yikes! CODY JONES: Yes, we are. TYLER TONEY: And that’s not all. Tonight, we are
happy to announce that we’re giving our fans
an up close and personal look at every wild competition and
fun moment from this tour, with a brand-new YouTube
original documentary premiering later this year. So keep an eye out for it. [APPLAUSE] CODY JONES: Bang. TYLER TONEY: We wake
up each day knowing that we have the greatest
job in the world, and we can’t imagine how
this would have been possible without YouTube. We’re incredibly
thankful to them and the billions of
people who have connected with us over the last 10 years. We can’t wait to
see what’s next. Thank you very much, and
enjoy the rest of the show! COBY COTTON: Thank you, guys. CORY COTTON: Thanks, guys! [APPLAUSE]

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