what does everybody welcome back to the
channel in May end of May early June we had a video
with with these two Mia and Jenna it was boys versus girls picked up horses we
don’t need to talk about that part that was the very first time I met Jenna and
me and now they’ve been in so many more videos but we’ve not done a rematch a
part two to just trickshot horse boys versus girls so that’s what we’re gonna
do you guys ready to lose no team caps we got this chain gosh I think cuz uh
cuz I trick shots are out of this world yeah we need to change that’s troubling
now I feel it’s just so like mobile and loose we may or may not have gotten
matching NASA onesies trick shots out-of-this-world blast-off
baby where are your matching outfits y’all
look real stupid over there yeah this probably brilliant lot of people over
there playing tennis be like what are those girls wearing before we get in
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very first village alright that’s it let’s get into this game make sure you
click that link in my description to download coin master thank you for
sponsoring this video coin master here we go you know what no ladies first
as usual you have up to three attempts to make your shot if you make it on
first or second then the other team has to do so or they get a letter first one
the spell horse loses let’s see it ladies three on the line oh gosh you order to
see the football the basketball I would like to shoot the football okay
I’ll shoot the basketball Dumb and Dumber up to bat there it is okay three
tries as well so back to you okay one miss and then a free throw oh I got 68
over here I got 68 hey comfort to you know over there yeah I want to see
what’s difficult about that but like let’s do it let’s get a play back oh baby oh baby oh baby who’s gone for
it Jenna Jenna thought you’re gonna miss you who’s gonna go get it she was up
there Boyd she had no faith that was very close
first attempt not nearly as confident is what I was Oh
getting better hey Jenna no pressure but if you miss this you get another letter a terrible outfit on okay all right okay that’s right okay guys leave a comment right now who do
you think is gonna win this challenge boys or the girls drop a comment just
like last time girls or mom’s sphaghetti this is a sport item I don’t know has
ever been on the channel am it I know baseball yeah that’s your first
love what number what number is he wow that uh yeah this’ll be cool if she
gets this guy’s if she has if she if she gets this thumbs up no way guys thumbs
up to that that’s that’s a cool shot I know baseball
that’s a softball okay it’s now h2h oh you did this when and last one oh oh it’s not over spin the ball one
hand catch drop one hand catch and then a three perfect that’s perfect that’s
perfect that’s perfect that’s perfect Danna connect the things we do it and
looks easy and then people trying they’re like okay I tell ya that’s tough
because it’s perfect throw speed and then making an alley-oop shut up Oh three-pointer shoot it better toss not
ideal ooh her best toss can’t you get back bounce
number one bounce number two okay that is H over ladies a true team cash oh yeah shortbread sure you do exactly what I do
okay good thing you’re a juggler what rock on elbow that is so many things
remember twisted oh and a three flick it stick it whoa okay here we go get it
yeah yeah no no here close enough yeah that was not clean
that was not clean okay I’m sorry yeah twelve-step whatever do it again nice nice shut up Jenna row
okay duty pay attention this is how this one starts you got to go here here here
here here here here one two three Meah all right they stayed safe they
don’t get a letter but still our turn nice okay here we go okay I gotta get
ready for the zoom okay cool front room come on man okay I see I see
I see Wow second try Oh my good man I did an underhand toss
with the football hey Chotu hor see it Oh bounce Oh and that’s back to us okay for this shop
one person throws it off the backboard as hard as I can if the other person has
to catch it after two bounces wherever they catch it at the shoot for them on
the opposite who say I shoot it okay one do a little longer shot Virginia one
whomp that is h o r s for the ladies h o for the guys believe it or not I’ve been
working on this I don’t that was bad hold on oh wow
third drink no way no way first try there’s a lot of impressive things that
just happened that was a miracle she had no faith no no no in my throat hitting
it and going right to you that was good Oh Caleb hi so josh is gonna be the one
throw the topper okay wherever it lands that was an
impressive shot well done so that’s a hrs for you guys we now have
h o r what do you got you’ll have court shots Oh simple thing
bang chicken in shrimp okay Wow Wow oh oh okay guys you have one shot one
opportunity Oh Oh Jenna she’s nervous whoa that was really close okay okay
okay remember how we lost yeah yep
she’s catching on let’s do it oh my look at it is response
you probably don’t trust Caleb maybe you do or don’t trust me will you tell the
audience that was first try because I really think like I just think people
think we faked all this stuff we’re just like when all you do is trick shots
our life is trick shots like we get good at them hey love great job buddy wow
that was on target does that straight I have some one thing to say to you ladies you look stupid did I go in it look good that’s one
small step for man one giant leap for men everywhere we take the double you
guys drop a like and tell us in the comments if you want to see a part three
it is now 1 2 1 if you want to see us run it back for part 3 drop a like and
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here’s some other videos we’ll see you guys later bye catch my good side you should probably
get behind me

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “BOYS vs GIRLS Basketball Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. Battle! PART 2”

  1. Install Coin Master 🐷 now and get 300,000 coins & 50 slot spins 💰 to get started 💣 http://bit.ly/33j8bfV
    Be sure to drop a like and a comment! Someone that does that will win juggling balls from www.jugglingwarehouse.com like Siryo and ODawg did last time! Love you guys see you Monday!

  2. 14:15…Jenna & Mia like WTF??? Lol THAT was incredible to hit the basketball with a tennis ball and have the basketball go to Mia to make an incredible behind the back shot. Insane and funny as hell!!! Just for making that on the 1st try you should have won…

    I can't wait for the tiebreaker…one recommendation…a blindfolded half court shot (teammate can direct you)…

  3. That was a really great shot for the win caleb! Also I really liked the one where yall bounced off the side of backboard and threw it over the hoop to each other

  4. Yes part 3 please! I remember watching part 1 and thinking: these girls are awesome, I definitely wanna see more of them. An now they’ve been in a lot of videos and I have enjoyed every single video!

  5. Josh maybe you should have a vlog with tranning with Austin Mills how to shoot properly (if you only want but I also like your shot because its a signature shot your the only one who's shooting like that in the squad.

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