world of wonder Thank You Logan wait
part of our house oh no oh I see you’ve been looking at my world of wonder when
did you start living in our household why moved in last week would you like to
come inside and see all the wonderful movies things inside the world oh yeah I
would I would love to see the world of wonder I have ten dollars right here
wonderful that’ll be five dollars okay I’m going into the weirdo house the
weird man that’s living in our house we hold item one yeah you all just just
looks like a normal lemony there’s no wondering it at all all right
listen up kid you already paid the money and there’s no refund so you do look at
the lemon that you get out well this isn’t a very good circus does it do
anything of course it doesn’t do anything it’s a lemon not a rocketship
now look at me I get out hey you know what I’m leaving I’m taking this lemon
with me boys the carnival it’s terrible the guy totally robbed me of five
dollars what are you doing of course it’s terrible it goes to a
world of wonderful five dollars that’s why I’ve been here playing 2k carnival
games they sponsored this video remember well dude you’re right I totally forgot
about that that keeps awesome yeah man it’s out on
the Nintendo Swift rain now it’s like a real County Fair there’s
tons of awesome mini games that you can play with up to four people and they
have tons of awesome minigames like swish clowning around light speed and
cosmic strike there’s literally 20 games to play okay all this carnival talk got
me thinking what if we were to make our very own portable slash arcade Papa
Jake’s Carnevale and arcade right here as a box board how
sweet would that be and we can even bring carnival games into it
so we can play it like an arcade system yeah dude that sounds awesome let’s do
it you know what Jake fam it’s Bob Jake here and we are back with a brand new
video and today guys it is a very special day papa trick I don’t know if I
can pop a trick but guys we are back we decided that today was a day that we
would stay inside and build an insane box fort and that is because guys
outside it’s cold out all right it’s snowing it’s actually like the firt the
first snow day as you guys can see it is a snowy day out it is not it is no bueno
for going out I do want to do some like outside box where bills if you guys have
any suggestions of course leave them down below and if you guys are brand new
to the pop Jake family do not forget to smash that subscribe button I’m gonna
wait alright looking we’re gonna wake everyone subscribe bye now ready Logan
Timmy’s about to subscribe thank him for subscribing thank you for subscribing
hey don’t thank you so very much guys and of course if you haven’t already
smash the like button down below but guys this video is of course a sponsored
a by 2k with their brand new carnival games available now on the Nintendo
switch and as you guys saw in the intro this has to be actually one of my new
favorites which games and it’s inspired us to make a box for arcade slash box
work carnival you know it’s been snowing out we decided to stay inside have some
fun we built a box for an arcade not too
long ago and we thought we’d step it up a notch well I guess I know what you
thinking Papa Jake has gone crazy Papa Jake is
built the biggest four so let’s go check this out I am gonna show you guys local
uh Logan what are you doing what are you doing are you waiting so long don’t do
it you will start a snowball war laughs oh it’s a snowball or coming to this
house and you oh we’re building snow for next video
Loki’s game snowballs destroyed are you lucky that I’m so excited about this
carnival because I would be so much more mad right now you don’t stop walking all
right guys so we had to skip what we just walked by because that is gonna be
a surprise for a little bit late we made a really awesome feature to the
sport outside but we’ll get to that a second right now we need to go inside
the arcade / Carnival / amusement park and show you guys what we built all
right let’s do this this is crazy I here we go got it three two why hi guys
welcome to Papa Jake’s Carnival / arcade extravaganza check this place out
oh yeah I know man it goes so high I can’t even jump that high like three six
up there higher arcade mixed with that kind of carnival theme because of course
this video is sponsored by 2k carnival games and we’ve got carnival games right
here so you can actually come over here I’ll pick up a Nintendo switch
controller and play some carnival games and you get tickets for all of the games
in here and you know the better you do the more tickets you get you have a
knock on here you ask the kind man to come out and you can buy some of these
awesome stuff animals say they all range in different prices and we got a little
monkey down here that’s a little tent ikut so over here but it goes all the
way up to the big puppy dog up here it’s a bunny that’s not good but but Logan we
can’t get any of these unless we start playing some games and earning some
tickets so guys I think it’s time to start playing some tickets and oh oh
before we get into that guys we do have that extra special surprise so you’re
gonna have to stick around because there is something outside that I think you
guys are absolutely gonna love all right Jake so this this is a challenge to see
who can get the most teams right I’m gonna get the most about animals Jake
you’re going down oh I don’t think so Logan all right well since you are the
loser I’ll let you pick the first game what do you mean since I’m the loser be
the loser okay locus why do you pick the first game that we play and we’ll see
who wins it just like in 2k carnival games you’re gonna be heading up against
each other and battling it out to see who is the best
so I guess Logan’s right we will start the first game with basketball
well the prompt for you Logan is got the mad hoops the way that this game works
is that we’re each gonna have 20 seconds to shoot as many hoops as possible every
time we hit a hope you’ll hear the ding and that means you get one point person
with the most points at the end wins and gets all the tickets three two one all right well that was my try let’s see
if Logan can do any better than that and then we’ll have to tally up the points
to see who won but that was a lot of fun man let’s see if you can beat me man
score to beat is six okay here we go and three two one okay all right I was
up at the beginning and just lost my head start dude yeah I think I think you
got in your head a little bit so close at the Stars ago you’re gonna destroy me
and I’m let’s get that fourth shot you just couldn’t get the rest in but guys
that means that 1 which means them tickets come on dude here they
commentary tickets a guy in oh yeah keep it coming keep it coming dude I’m
looking at all the stuffed animals with this guy’s oh okay all right that’s a
lot of chicken yeah I mean I want a basketball dude of course it’s a lot of
tickets okay so uh yeah that’s that’s definitely gonna get me a stuffed animal
but I want one of those big guys I’m gonna need to keep playing which means
Logan we got to go to the next game go the dark champion okay dude you get
three shots let’s see it oh okay second try here here we go okay all right last
shot all right guys the last one is the yellow one this is the hardest one got all three but that means it’s my
turn to try it so let’s reel up these balloons and see if we can get a tie
game alright guys it’s my turn to try out this dark game now I’m gonna point
out Logan you made the top balloon extremely small okay that’s it alright
you know for this one I got my three tries I’m gonna tie Logan I’m already
winning so here we go three two one send me I lose on managing the balloon
yeah Jake that looks like it’s a wrap trick shots man oh come on that was
close okay guys well I guess Logan wins this game Jake that means my tickets oh
yeah you they come oh yeah I think for our next game guys we head over to the
arcade system and play some virtual carnival games
courtesy of 2k carnival games on the Nintendo switch hi guys so coming over
to our arcade section this is where we can play 2k carnival games and as I
mentioned before guys this game is so sweet and you can play with up to four
players obviously we have me and Logan so we’ll be going a head-to-head to see
who wins and like every game we have here you win real tickets for prizes but
only downloading by playing this game you win virtual tickets inside the game
which means you can upgrade your characters appearances and unlock new
wacky characters oh I like that we got a few to choose from here we got
batter up cluster cups cosmic bowling roller derby postmaster logo just pick a
game alright got my controller okay dude well the first game we’re gonna be
playing here in that 2k carnival games is roller derby it’s a classic carnival
game basically you have to roll the ball and the more points you get the faster
your horse goes across the screen first to the finish line wins okay dude first
to the end we look at a horse up there hi guys
Oh to defeat the swirly once you go out you go faster Oh like I’m in the lead
I’ll hold you right behind me dude come on believe I’m in second place that was
still a good game I don’t know why that girl’s so happy she lost but I’m up here
in first place all right and I got some tickets for it which means I got not
only virtual ticket but also some physical tickets all come on come on
yeah guys check it all the ticket on a ticket today
that was sweet guy well guys we’ve got a ton of tickets so far and we’re getting
ever closer to getting some sweet stuffed animals but in the meantime
Logan kind of worked up a bit of an appetite I was thinking you know this
isn’t a carnival without a popcorn maker so why don’t we make yourself some
homemade popcorn for our carnival and get a nice bucket of popcorn going so we
have a little snack in this awesome box where guys also guys if you’re loving
this box first so far and you think this is as sick as we do do not forget to
smack that like button let’s digress 40,000 likes on the video if you guys
think this is awesome and we’ll do some more videos just like this one we got
our carnival Bob looks super yummy man grab yourself some
popcorn have a little bit of a snack here of course it’s free carnival popper
don’t pay for it and once we’re done we’ll get back to playing our games okay
guys we just finished eating some super yummy popcorn now it is time to play our
next game now we still have air hockey and we also have that super secret
surprise that is outside which will show you cats bears too but I thought our
next game could be some skee-ball check it out man we’ve got a bully word be
awesome skee-ball who can get the most points obviously we got ten twenty
thirty and fifty points up there winner takes all the tickets you ready
for this Logan let’s do this five shots skee-ball let’s see what I got first
shot up four more to go Redemption time here
that’s 10 points Jim reward here we go so far ten points gee right in the middle let’s go guys
that’s how you doing what is that 30 points plus 10 that’s 40 points I love
you you’re up let’s see if you can beat math 40 points all right Logan you’re up
let’s use you got number two we’re tied up sad ten points but we’re in the lead
you know he’s fine but I still hit the middle let’s see if you can hit the
middle here we go all right well you know what technically Logan did beat me
he did win this game which means he does get the tickets but I just want to point
out I was the only one to get the middle thirty points something come on come on
oh wait wait y-you guys somebody tickets that’s not fair that’s not fair they
just keep coming a lot of tickets for sure gonna win the next game let’s check
this out we have a fully working air hockey table completely made out of
cardboard and plastic we’ve got a little puck here that works does there air
hockey puck you actually turn it on like this and then it floats around as an air
hockey puck all right guys first of three wins let’s
go No Logan’s up by one but that doesn’t
mean this game’s over Oh oh geez I just wanna make you know I was not
ready for that we’re my tickets are coming it’s a lot of tickets dude we’re
gonna be able to get so many prizes yo that’s so many tickets guys I say we
head on over to the ticket booth right now and see what we can get with the
tickets we have alright well I guess we just knock hello we want to use our
tickets ah who knocked on my door looks like we have some tickets house hey hey
we were looking to use our tickets to get kits and stuff what do you have for
us that’s for sale am I kind of like yeah nice place here no it’s mine anyway
I’m the ticket man how’s it going I sell all these little teddy bears stuffed
animals toys anything you want I sell it for tickets uh so what could we get if
we combine all of our tickets like I think he’s in mind what’s the biggest
most amazing thing that you offer you want the best thing tickets come by I
can give you the best thing that could smile I do not keep it on this cell no
siree Bob I’ll give you a once-in-a-lifetime deal of something you
cannot turn down and spread my carnival okay for the small price of one thousand
tickets thousand tickets uh I think we have that we can buy all of our tickets
we might just have that not just an item but an experience that’s right an
experience you can take home with you son okay you know what yes we’ll take it
we’ll give you all of our tickets here see you got some ticket there let’s make
sure they’re genuine yeah those are genuine take your time all right your
experience why don’t you meet me out back and I’ll show you something I
cooked up myself come on thank you cool this better be
good do call us outside can we see what it is gentlemen I present to you the
coaster roller now this thing is not like anything you’ve ever seen before it
is not a horse it is not a horse and carriage it is its own entity going
circle by circle it is the fastest most extreme most exciting thing you will do
in your time for the small price of one thousand tickets it could be yours
but we already paid you the one thousand tickets is it called a roller coaster
brother Cosi that’s a good name I like this guy
all right now listen up I’m going to leave you with this unit as much fun as
you want to remember I’ll be in the ticket booth if you need me but if you
hurt yourself I’m not here you never met me and you don’t know me back all right
guys well I guess this is it it is our very own box for troll
coaster we’ve got the rollercoaster card here which actually works we’ve got the
track here now I know you’re thinking if there’s no loop seed loops there’s no
big dips and stuff like that but we do we do have speed arrows here and those
actually work said you’re around here if you think we should make like a Bob
sport amusement park with like actual bucks for roller coaster me like a box
for like drop tower something like that let us know in the comments and let us
know by smacking that like button but without further ado guys I think it’s
time to test out our homemade roller coaster are you ready Logan I’m ready G
all right let me just get the switch all right so we’re so good press slow no we
need to make a loop do you guys that would be all real I hope you guys
enjoyed this video of course guys if you did enjoy do not forget to smash that
subscribe button and it’s about button so you never miss a brand new pop of
Jake video also another huge shout out to 2k carnival games for sponsoring this
video if you guys want to go check it out it is an awesome game for the
Nintendo switch and it is so much fun to compete up to four players you play your
friends play your family but anyway guys thank you so very much for watching and
I will see all of you guys next time for another awesome video

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