that is the place come on down it might
be a great place to build our arcade awesome dude I’m pretty excited think
that’s him I said he was old but not that old hey
how’s it going we’re here to look at the place yes yes
place you asked to look after this thing yeah let’s let’s go check the place out
let’s go check her out yeah bit of a fixer-upper you say about
you used to be a pancake baby factory oh it’s nice and all these nice yummy
pancakes but anyway and the pancake business went downhill and submitted
their rent payments which is why I had to foreclose on that I’ll open it up now
for y’all to see looks like inside don’t know what you boys are thinking about
doing with there lots of space lots of building opportunity yeah say I can give
you this for 40 rolls of tape Logan’s gonna go grab it
we’ve got all the tape you got I got the rest is in the car but we have 40 rolls
alright Barney rolls thank your mom for that why music wow very well place is
just 40 rolls so does that mean we get the place today yeah yeah looks like our
box for our kids really gonna happen and I’ll go making pancakes they say I
didn’t turn out right for the last guys hey yo what’s going on guys father JQ
from tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys oh you do
pancake at me why would you do that I think it’s my pancake now I made the
whole thing well that’s not tastes like a pancake
but anyway guys we are back and we are doing a very awesome video today we’re
doing a video I wanted to do for quite some time now because you know me I love
two things I love box sports I also love penguins we are making a box for it
arcade and of course guys if you happen to be new to the channel if you happen
to me new to this family be sure to smack the subscribe button
join the Papa Jake family and of course guys do not forget to hit that little
tiny Bell button we need to be at the tiny Bell button you will never miss
video or you guys could miss me hitting my head on that lanta that’s true oh you
could have missed that I’ve heard a lot all right so our segues a little bit
messed up so I’m down here right you go up there I have to bounce the ball up to
you pop Jake power here we go oh we are now at the place where we are gonna be
building our box for arcades so this is the box using it’s the billionaires box
store that we use in our $1.00 versus billionaires box for video and we’re
gonna convert this into an arcade but we got two problems okay one to make it
arcade we need to make this thing two stories because I don’t know about you
but I’ve never been doing arcade where I have to kneel down to play before also
we have to figure out what games we’re gonna put in it because we don’t have
that much room we don’t have unlimited room so I’m thinking we go for the
basics all right I’m thinking we have skee-ball which is it’s like bowling but
like it extreme bowling and then we have air hockey one of my personal favorites
and then we’re gonna have this bad boy we have here a Super Nintendo it’s a
Super Nintendo classic so it comes with like a hundred of the classic Nintendo
games and this is perfect to make like one of those vintage arcade boxes I’m
gonna get a flat-screen TV put it inside a box and then a both the controllers
here sticking out the bottom so you can play any game you want with Donkey Kong
– Mario – like Selda so this is gonna be a really cool feature let’s get some
cardboard TVs and anything else we need to make this thing so I came up in my
room to get the tea but I thought I’d play a pretty funny
prank on Logan I’ve got this box here which is what we’ve been storing the
monitors in I’m gonna throw it off the balcony there the second Logan comes
upstairs not only scare but it’s gonna think I just broke our TV look I got the
TV I got the TV catch let’s head back downstairs and start building this thing
I think we gotta start with turning this into a two-story box for there’s also a
few things that are gonna be a bit difficult to make like Eric he’s gonna
be tricky I don’t know if that’s gonna work but I’ve got some really cool ideas
so you have to wait for that hopefully we’ll have enough room in here but let’s
start taking the roof off look at I’ll O’Keeffe out you’re both dying on the
roof yeah yo real light box wow that’s an idea for another day all right guys
let’s start cutting this roof we got this side of the roof cut which is the
size of the skee-ball it’s gonna be on now that this is done we just have to
make the roof on this side as well as set up the lighting then we get inside
and start working on the games probably the hardest is gonna be the air hockey I
still don’t know if that’s gonna exactly work but I’m really excited to try it
out all right guys so let’s start working on
this side of the roof and then we can start up on the skee-ball game check it out just finish the roof it’s
looking great as you guys can see we did a bunch of the lighting in the arcade
and we can change it with the LED lighting on the wall so we can make it
whatever color so first you make like green you could make it it’s not too bad
but on this one so now that that’s done guys you’ve got this area over here for
Jamie and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make my skee-ball area over
here and then probably around this corner here is we’re gonna put the air
hockey table still not 100% sure how we’re gonna make that but if the way I
think I’m gonna make it works it’ll be really cool but right now I’m gonna
start working on the skee-ball set we can have a section like this here with a
little jump here and then we just have to cut out holes that the balls can go
in here now I still have to tape around the hole so it’s got like that barrier
where the ball will still fall through and then each one will have a different
point system it’s not super advanced the balls not gonna come back to you alright
but it should work as a mini skee-ball set which I’m pretty stoked about so
before we make the actual skee-ball arcade game we gotta test out if this
actually works it’s gonna work man this is my baby alright and then you get the
zero ball he goes down there coz here if it goes down let’s say the highest one
is up there yeah – in one game we have the skee-ball down there let’s make a
basketball net up there then we can take trick shots this is coming together
sweet and look at this this is like two slabs of cardboard you watch the
skee-ball thing cause it’s got be in the millions alright guys so we just finished decking
out skee-ball it is looking super cool Jake what do you think dude that looks
amazing I can’t wait to play I saw you checking it out over there I wanna play
skee-ball right now while Logan was working on that I’ve been working on the
arcade machine here and as you guys can see we’re using the Super Nintendo you
put your token in and then you’re good to play any game you want you got donkey
kong mario do that is looking awesome I still don’t know if it’s gonna work guys
this is my attempt at DIY air hockey so the cool thing about this arcade is that
everything here you can pretty much do at home all you need is a little bit of
cardboard for this definitely only need a little bit of cardboard and any ball
for that basketball just need a hoop which we’re gonna make and then this if
it works will be really simple my idea for this is we take although pump here
that we use for pumping up pool toys so what you would do is now we would have
this inside of a box and then you poke holes and keep this running so ad this
is running little tiny holes are on here pushing out air which then you can slide
across our little hockey puck which will be of course made out of cardboard Jake
you are a mad scientist I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff but I gotta
give it to him it’s pretty awesome oh yeah dude I’m excited to try this out
hey where’s piece you got yourself a little makeshift blow-up chair
all we need to do is blow this up hope that it doesn’t explode out of the box I
really don’t think it’s gonna work so it did not work perhaps if we had double
the air Jake we’re shutting this down this idea needs to be shut down we’re
moving on Jake this was gonna work and unfortunately it did not it was a
mixture of not enough air and also when we try to put the holes in I did just
yeah I got really rip now it’s an inflatable chair blow her up I’m sitting
on it’s not even an inflatable chair man it’s an inflatable not thank you change
of plans because air hockey didn’t exactly work
out that’s something we might need to revisit in the future we decided to make
a new game it’s called flick soccer check it out so we’ve turned this into a
soccer field right the ball gun or football field if you guys are in you’re
about to use your fingers as a little soccer players so we got to cut out the
nets we have a ping-pong ball it’s a soccer ball and honestly this is a lot
of fun I’ve never even played this before or seen this I think we might
have invented a game we just finished the box for decade we’ve got all of our
stuff inside and this thing is looking amazing
Logan you ready to go play some arcade game I’m ready all right let’s jump
inside open up the door this box for arcade has everything we got the
skee-ball over here we’ve got the football over here we’ve got the arcade
system over here and that we even have basketball and the coolest part guys is
we can win prizes because if you do well in the game the arcade dispenses tickets
so of course if you beat Mario get a bunch of tickets if you get your
skee-ball points up you get a bunch of tickets and then you can go ahead and
cash those in for real prizes so I think it’s time we stop looking what do you
want to start with let’s start with skee-ball okay all right dude I’ve been
so excited to check this out all right guys so here’s the skee-ball setup so
we’ve got our balls here which you might remember from the bowling ball video
it’s just a regular ball with tape on it and essentially you roll it and it goes
up here now you have different points that you can get it this is like the
part at this point because there’s no blocker then you have the middle section
bottom middle and top left you ready have a little competition Logan so you
can win some tickets I’ll do check out the tickets you get double for this one
box for skee-ball let’s do this I think I want to go up
for that top one to get the most tickets but the same time I gotta play it safe
all right all right but the ball came back so I get to go again not looking
too good I Hey oh you know what man I got this that’s pretty sweet
alright guys out of my 10 throws I have four left here we go Oh more throws well
I got a few tickets not bad not bad at all
alright alright I got a few tickets here not too bad I’m gonna keep these in my
pocket and cash these in at the end of the game here all right Logan looks like
you’re up oh that that counts as going in do y’all check your tickets Bravo
dude look at all the tickets are you getting yo the jackpot is real for the
next thing I definitely have to take the cake because I want to win the jackpot
next up we’re doing the basketball game 10 shots the jackpot is if you get every
single one in you guys know me I got this alright so I’ve got these it’s
already like double what I had before yo let’s go let’s go yo I don’t know what
I’m gonna buy but I’m gonna get the best prize ever as many as you I dude that is
a good ticket hall bro Plus these I’m getting myself a big prize baby oh dude
back in the day I used to play basketball for a living alright let’s
see what you guys do you’re so close to a jack boy how do you mess that up
so check out me tickets you guys that’s it one less than you and that’s only
good bad school skee-ball I done time to head to the other side of the arcade we
got Mario let’s go check that out this is in the classic arcade system
basically the objective is if you can complete a level you get tickets I’m not
exactly sure how the ticket system will work for this but
didn’t do my best here Oh yo Mario here’s so much stuff economy came over I
tried my best on that one that was hard how many tickets do we get Oh bad no bad
got some the blue arcade tickets that looks like you’re up looking let’s see
how well you could do on Mario oh no you got some tickets it’s not bad some
tickets is better than no tickets so yo are these all my no alright guys so as
you saw we try to make air hockey but then we came up with a brand new game
finger soccer the way that it works is you have a soccer field here and you
have to use your fingers to kick the ball now you can’t take your hand and
just put it wherever you want on the field you have to run there using your
fingers it’s like weight could be like it could be like this yeah it’s a little
finger people and then you have to kick it into the net so you’re both the
goalie and the office ready for the world’s first match of finger sucker
take your positions in three two one fight coming up guys the cool thing
about finger soccer is I’m like whoa unlike the air hockey table this is
extremely easy to make at home all you need is a little bit of cardboard some
tape for the lines and then a ping-pong ball oh dude that look like a goal man
kick OH it’s blown all guys here we go bring
your soccer championships skills are real oh that’s a penalty oh he’s trying
to get back up oh no all right looks like that’s gonna be a penalty shot here if you scores again he wins the game
all right ready guys I learned this in FIFA Street you don’t win tickets in
finger soccer Logan it’s like it so when you play air hockey at the arcade you
don’t win tickets in fact we had to pay to play this game if you guys decide to
make one of these things definitely try out finger soccer and let me know guys
out of every game we have here what is your favorite out of all of them and
which one do you think you’re gonna try making at home we have ourselves some
tickets Logan I think it’s time we go cash these in let’s do it let’s see what
prize do we get grab the tickets dude that’s not going to ticket booth Oh young when as a tickets how might I help
you seems you boys have got yourself an
assortment the tickets wunderbar but is this cami ah very well very well
let’s see here count these perfect I’ll be right back all right you have your
choice between a cockroach and a used water bottle fun wha a used water bottle
or a cockroach oh that’s not that many tickets dude that’s terrible if you
would like I could show you some of the other prizes wonder ah we have yeah a
Star Wars r2d2 remote control down yeah that’s awesome can we go he’s sweet
hey Towanda won’t this is 18 billion tickets that’s billions of tickets we
don’t have that many why don’t you give me audio tickets and I’ll see what we
have Jews the last four tickets whatever you boys it might be good job count
100,000 tickets I’ll show you what you can choose from I have yeah to bake
pancakes once again in one’s opinion what I want those are not even real you
can’t eat them man you don’t have that many tickets but I might have something
just for you once okay a minecraft skeleton flashy yeah yeah okay we’ll
take that that’s pretty cool do you are your minecraft skeleton blushy goodbye
alright dude that’s not bad let’s check there was give him a name like Randall
my man how’s it going who wants Randall in every video from
now on put Randall hashtag Randall hashtag Randall for life
Randall in every video Randall’s channel Papa Randall taking over the channel I’m
taking over the channel it’s my channel Jake I think this guy’s out of control
I’ve been talking it’s totally Randall talking hey I’m down here
what’s up Randall you know Randy can go sit out there I think this is where
we’re gonna wrap up our box for arcane we hope every single one of you guys
enjoyed this video I hope you had a blast playing in the arcade with us and
if you guys did be sure to smack that like button down below and of course
guys don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and that little Bell button to
join the pop and Jake army cuz we’ll be back with another awesome video very

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