[Music] every single day the sprawling grounds at goal in the city society Ahmedabad witnessed numerous kids showcasing the skills with bat and ball and one among them was India’s very own boom boom Bhangra of the eight hundred odd families and around four thousand residents in the society bumrah’s uniqueness went unnoticed just next to my home playground is there so every day boys are coming for drinking water at my home many times Mumma also came to my home asking for water and the boys were playing cricket so many times I was watching playing them cricket so at the age of 10 or 11 years I was watching him many times but I did not know that this is just with Bumba I was going to be a star of the Indian cricket but one fine day top officials from Gujarat Cricket Association received a call from one of the junior cricket coaches that would forever change from grass carrier the message was a kid here is bowling fast and has a unique action Bhangra was a nightmare to face even for his own teammates and the nets just bang get shorts if it bowls then no one touch the is bad and all know no one come forward it in the nets only I was the captain in that the nineties I was only played him but there was two three players told me that please not to Bowl boom when I was betting please despite boom grants effectiveness many were skeptical about this unusual bowling action however coaches and the bootstrap Cricket Association didn’t want to tinker around with bogus natural action it’s totally against that biomechanic of cricket I think playing at a certain level you can make some adjustments but changing is all action and particularly boom rejection was very difficult very difficult and we don’t know that if we if we try to change his action what will be the end result we don’t know so it was very difficult decision but then then it was decided let him bowl whatever come may come we’ll say to it Jack McGee stick it in my coach vo throat I’m Kelly Emery past under me a rosca X NS a– unorthodox XNA so the school oak follow karna charter or YB Cochise was Camilla aside sonic was coaching na kar sakta normally strategy oxn whate’er bowler go injury ja devotee like in escargot body dohaeris a war ok ok Coco in dari own area coffee corrects and V carnico Laguna spoken like a correct Santana follow a flare up Larry said Alta ho even the MRF based foundation under the legendary Dennis Lillee gave a thumbs up to bomberos action soon Bulldog got promoted to first class cricket from junior grade but still many living in boom grass house in society couldn’t recognize the boom-boom even after playing in Gujrat team sixty or seventy percent of the our society did not know him that this is the gist with cobra who is playing for Gujarati might now but boom brass carrier took a huge leap when coach John Wright of Mumbai Indians saw him born I was also present actually I I myself took John Wright to be ground where they were playing and then he saw he watched the whole match and again reward the other match and then he went where he was implies I I had a talk with John Wright and he was very much impressed and he said and he was at right time I think was coach of MoMA India then he said definitely these are good let’s see how it works out boomba claimed we’re not Cooley as this made in IPL wicked by now boomed was neighbors knew the hero when he got a chance i PL mumbai indians team then he became famous everyone was knowing that just beat boom bruh who is laying in our society he is now a member of Mumbai Indian cricket team but 2014 laid bungalow as he had to deal with a knee injury he got his knee operated in Bombay and then again he did his real excellently well actually the years what a lot of inner motivation actually and he came back I think for more much more stronger a fitter and stronger Buddha with the same old boom rescue action made batsman dance to his skills wherever he played I peel off first-class cricket Buddha made his ODI debut for India Down Under poom Ramirez t20 IW for india down under pull on you he had to add more weapons in his arsenal to ensure he remained a mystery see for your course yes definitely i said that Malinga had him a lot with shoe on poppin trees and after his spell of practice he only practices of yoga especially on one stump danny practices two or three overs for slower ones and everything in the variations so he works hard a lot in a span of two years each 24 Buddha became India’s bowling spearhead back home mentor Bhangra was available all the time for young pieces in Gujarat basically after the experience of his IPL and India he shed a lot of things with us and young fast bowler of Gujarat basically how to bowl in which which pitches how to bowl on Indian tracks how to bowl on the when the track is helping you and what to do in t twenties and one day so yeah basically whenever he is over here he used to help the young fast bowlers of Gujarat role-model boom de obviously you’d fit in ahmedabad as kids imitated his unique action at academies he’s living in my society so I met him he gave me some bowling tips and I improved my bowling with them and then bhangra cross the line boom dah face flick across the country with memes all over social media trolling the PCs for overstepping a mid-sole Bhangra remains strong went back to the drawing board and did what he does best train hard we had their talk with that normal but he was very high tone he is very down to earth sir whoo yeah yeah he also didn’t want to Bowl it but it happens every time I was standing right behind where Empire is standing wherever he used to practice here even even half half a foot he used to tell me that no I have to be little bit behind a bit bit a bit behind and and he was practicing for I think so over and a half and boom bra bounce back and style as he went about choking team after team in white ball cricket in 2018 India were headed for the biggest challenge under captain Coley the overseas test the biggest question was can Bhangra lost the rigors of red ball cricket firstly he was with his action he was bullying only in swingers and everything but red ball and white ball is totally different game so there are some times that you need to Bowl with old balls with red ball so he started in practice also and everything that he started to go out swing from the same side actually same same angle same boring action he started to Bowl outswinger also so he developed a very good every everything in now he has got everything it is operated and Bob rah knew he had to be at his fittest best now he knows that where the Spence and where the weaknesses are so you can talk about his leg strength or back strength wherever his efforts are going he is working on that part with trainers Boogle made his Test debut for India against South Africa three grueling overseas trips ten tests and forty nine wickets later Bhangra had helped India script a historic series went down under despite being the number one ranked ODI below and one of the best across formats Bhangra he’s a very shy person he kept himself reserved from others during his school days during his college days and now as a cricketer I can’t see any vast difference in his attitude he is same as he was in the childhood [Music]

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30 thoughts on “Boom Boom Bumrah – The Journey of Indian Cricket’s Pace Sensation Jasprit Bumrah | Cricket Originals”

  1. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that we are now getting used to the nickname "Boom Boom" in Jasprit Bumrah knowing very well that it was mostly linked with Shahid Afridi???

  2. There is one thing i noticed in bumrah and bhuvi is that both are very calm pace bowler generally faster are very aggressive but bhuvi and bumrah is ms dhoni of fast bowling cool and calm.

  3. ismein se her bhadwe ne usse uss time bola hoga action change kar ya hasse hoge..bumrah ko bus bumrah ne banya hai or mi ne mc log sale famous hone ke baad aa jate hai camera ke samne humko malum tha and all shit..

  4. Do you have any serious problem with Boomrahs name ? Its Boomrah not Buddha or something else that have written in the subtitles

  5. I am a big big bigggg fan of bumra காலில எழுந்த உடன் bumra photo பாத்துதா எந்துரிப்ப news paper ல bumra photo cut பன்னி வெச்சிர்கே really really big big fan 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  6. Bumrah addition to team is not as valuable to him compared that gained by Indian cricket .simply he is a legend

  7. Main line of the video – that uncle ji "did not know when Bumrah was 12 that he would go on to become a legend"
    And the second guy..he can give Pakistani players a run for their money in giving English interviews

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