Hi for all you tennis players out there I
have a great pair of sunglasses for you and I really wanna focus more on the lens here
the lens is called the competivision gun lens. It mutes all of the colors in the spectrum
except for yellow. It’s gonna make that ball pop and it’s going to really improve your
reaction time when you’re on the court. So this is Bolle’s Chase sunglass, more of a
medium to smallish fit, more for the ladies but I do have a pair that the men will like
It just doesn’t have that competivision lens but it is the Zander so just a little bit
bigger fit, you can put prescription in both of these pairs of sunglasses and it’s definately
a great choice for all the tennis players out there so check us out at Fastsunglass.com
and call us at 18008893518. Thanks!

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Dennis Veasley

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