Hi everyone! Welcome to “OVR Fashion” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see
We have this new package As always
We’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside
And what I think about it So let’s not waste any time Let me grab the Swiss knife… Here is the Swiss knife… And we’re going to
Un-package it! Well boys and girls
What we have here Is a pair of running shoes
For men By a brand called BMAI This specific model is titled XRCA001 And it’s the first pair of shoes
I ever purchased online To be honest
I didn’t know what to expect I’m not familiar with this brand And until today
I always purchased sport shoes By Nike
Or New-Balance Also I didn’t know
If the shoes are going to be from good quality Because they’re not expensive at all And in the online store
They look really good But I didn’t expect them
To look so good in real When it comes to fashion items
Especially with shoes I’m always afraid
That I will order the wrong size But fortunately
All my fears weren’t justified at all Because these shoes
looks amazing And they feel amazing too! Let me give you
Several technical specs. about these shoes They’re recommended for running
Up to 10km You can get them in several colors
And different sizes I chose the size according to
The measurements on the online store And it came up very accurate They’re made from a combination of
Breathing mash fabric a bit plastic touch And the shoe sole
Is made from rubber According to the online store The shoe sloe absorbs the shocks But I think it applies to
Every running shoes today When I took these shoes
Out of the package I checked if everything
Is attached properly And it is! So the only thing left for me to do Is to take them for a test drive Or to be exact a running test Which I did And you saw me do that
Several moments ago So I can confirm that these shoes
Are just brilliant! And you know what!? I think that the average person
Who is looking for running shoes Has no reason to pay more that! The only thing I can hope for Is that these shoes
Will prove to be durable for at least a year And if so This will make them
From a great purchase To an excellent purchase! Well boys and girls,
This was my video review About the BMAI XRCA001
Running shoes for men For further information
About this item Please check the description
To the video And if you still have
Any questions about them Please comment on this video And I will do my best
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