This video has been put together to
raise awareness of tennis for the blind and visually impaired. Blind tennis is an
exciting sport played on smaller courts with audible balls and tactile lines. It
can be played on tennis courts in school halls and community centres and is a
great opportunity for blind, partially sighted and sighted people to play
tennis together, There is something for everybody, from recreational
opportunities, through to competitive play at a local, national and
international level. So for me, the aspect of tennis the enjoyment comes from being able to socialize with other people and the ability to stay fit but then not
have to take it seriously unless you want to. What I really love about tennis, one is that I can play a sport that other people do and I think that being
on the Tennis Court, it’s a really safe environment! The thing I love about tennis, I think is that obviously being blind I’ve never participated in a team
sport and this is the first time I’ve been able to do it I love working with blind tennis as a volunteer because the players are such great fun to be with
and also it’s a little something to give back The advice I would give to any coach
wanting to get into visually impaired tennis is possibly to attend one of the
sessions, there’s a number of sessions countrywide So if anyone that’s considering whether tennis is for them I would say give it a try
because I did and I’ve never looked back and, it’s fun it’s social and everyone’s
lovely! I think a lot of people forget that it takes time to learn something new So to be patient and to practice and to have Fun! [ Music ] for more information please visit:

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Dennis Veasley

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