This video has been put together to
raise awareness of tennis for the blind and visually impaired. Blind tennis is an
exciting sport, played on smaller courts with audible balls and tactile lines. It
can be played on tennis courts in school halls and community centres and is a
great opportunity for blind, partially sighted and sighted people to play
tennis together, There is something for everybody, from recreational
opportunities, through to competitive play at a local, national and
international level. Visually impaired tennis is like any other physical activity, you really need a warm-up before you start playing. It’s good to
have fun ones, where we all join in. Blind players are able to play with partially
sighted players, that’s a really good option, for the warmup, so we try and tend to do! [ Music ] The warm-ups and the drills we use are
exactly the same as sighted tennis. The progressions are the same, you start up
close and then just work your way back gradually and hopefully get into a rally situation. [ music ] One of the things we do regularly in sessions is get the players to attach the ball to their rackets as they get extra bounces and if they’re
completely blind they don’t have to go looking for the ball, the ball is attached to the racket. [ Music ] As a volunteer we’re supporting, if
there’s a coach there, he can get on, do the actual technical side of things and
then when they’re playing tennis, it’s a case of picking the balls up, gently
pushing them back to them make sure they get around the court, move from end to
end. I’m really helping them through for however long the session is, the main
thing is they feel encouraged to come along, it is so appreciated by the players [ Music ] for more information please visit:

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