This video has been put together to
raise awareness of tennis for the blind and visually impaired. Blind tennis is an
exciting sport played on smaller courts with audible balls and tactile lines. It
can be played on tennis courts, in school halls and community centres and is a
great opportunity for blind partially sighted and sighted people to play
tennis together. There are something for everybody, from recreational
opportunities, through to competitive play at a local, national and
international level. For the totally blind players, they have a smaller court, same courts but smaller and we measure that out with a tactile rubberized baseline,
which they can feel with their feet, that can feel with their racket and we
demarcate the outside of the court and the center part of the court one
additional change to the court is that for the totally blind, we drop down
the net by about seven or eight centimeters. The tactile lines are
important, but that’s simple, we take that down. Then we can just use a simple cane which I got from my garden shed, anybody could actually set that up and this is
what we do on a regular basis, so we’re straight on court, quickly on court and
then straight off court without too much wasted time. [ Music ] Visually impaired people tend to use the shorter racquet, because the courts are smaller, they’re easier to
handle, shorter strokes, low bouncing ball a regular sighted tennis ball tends to
bounce higher, the VI or visually impaired tennis ball is foam based Generally speaking the lowest sighted players tend to wear a mask, just to
ensure a level playing field. So if they have any vision at all they
haven’t had advantage over their opponent [ Music ] The etiquette for serving is. The server
says “ready! the receiver says ” ready” The Server says “Play” and then hits the ball [ Music ] The key differences across the sight
classifications are… blind players play with three bounces majority of players play with two bounces and some players play with one bounce! [ Music ] for more information please visit

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Dennis Veasley

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