(Tommy) Today, I’m going to try my hand at golf – ♪ [bumper music] (Tad) He’s the most fearless blind man in the world. (Tommy) I think the worst case scenario is in my head. I feel like I’m gonna look ridiculous trying to hit a golf ball. (Tad) Keeping my arm straight, like this. (Tommy) Yea. It feels like both arms are parallel to me. (Tad) If you think about it, he’s not seen a golf ball, he’s not seen golf clubs – He’s got to do it all by feel. So it could get a little cozy in there. Feel all the way down to my hands, there, right to the club. I mean I’m thinking we might spoon a little bit. The tricky part I think is going to be trying to remember the spot where the ball is. The kid can do everything else, he might as well learn how to swing the golf club. Why would I want to be like Tiger Woods? Simple. The chicks. I just wouldn’t get married. And – take her away. [solid smack] Hey! [clapping] [deeper smacking] ♪ [bumper music] (Tad) Testing 1, 2. Testing 1, 2, 1, 2. Today we’re using a Condor knock-off. If it’s a, it’s a 3 Wood. It cost me about twenty bucks. You know, that’s the thing. Tommy doesn’t care. He’s like a honey badger, this kid. He doesn’t give a shit.

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Dennis Veasley

98 thoughts on “Blind Man Tries To Golf”

  1. LOL, you're funny! You know, I have a funny story. There's a blind lady in my choir and one year we used hand bells for part of a song. Showing her how to ring it was a lot of fun. It's sort of a scooping motion where you bring your arm forward and let the weight of the bell make your hand drop slightly, causing it to ring as you bring it up around towards yourself again to repeat, like a reverse water wheel. She ended up doing it backwards, but she rang that bell better than I did! LOL

  2. Tommy, I teach at a blind school and we recently took our middle & high kids on a golf outing. With a little coaching from some professionals, quite a few of our kids were pretty good! 🙂

  3. I think he said that he used to be able to tell what was brighter or darker but that's pretty much gone now. So……..

  4. I had this idea of sound ping pong. where the ball has sound, so you can always tell where it's at and a sensor in it so the paddle vibrates when the ball gets near. That would be awesome. Someone make that.

  5. There is a blind guy that plays basketball at a park near my house; he can take on 2 people and do it with style!

  6. You have just inspired me to go back to the gym and be healthy again. I really have no excuse! You're not only an inspiration for blind people, but for sighted people too! Cheers from Costa Rica!

  7. Don't compare him to Thomas Edison. He was a douchebag, only interested in money. This man here, making these videos, has a sense of humour and is fun to be with. Call him Tommy Edison.

  8. You're better at golf than I am and I can see.

    Is your name really Thomas Edison, or is it just a stage name?

  9. I do all of your videos in one night !
    You're juste formidable !

    Keep going ! u're the best
    Best regards from belgium.

  10. Just watched all 89 videos in this playlist, heart-warming, so much positive happiness love it, keep up the great videos, stay frosty Tommy

  11. Hey Tommy, Have you ever tried to play video games? Most would be virtually impossible, but I imagine some would be fine.

  12. Is Tommy actually left handed? Or just using a left handed persons clubs? Because I honestly feel like I do worse than that when I try to use my dad's left handed clubs. lol

  13. I can drive the ball blind folded it’s easy. Think of yourself as a machine rotating around a plane. No golf ball has to be there. Just line yourself up and rotate and you will strike the ball perfect

  14. I've been so depressed for such a long time I want to say thank you for downloading so many videos and making me feel so much happier in life you make me laugh and you make me smile thank you so much please please please keep uploading videos like you do I love you so much thank you so much !

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