(Tommy) So, I’m here today to learn how to play a little bit of basketball. Now I’m joined by my friend George here from Bleacher Report. He’s on “BR5” a sports and pop culture show. So check him out. And today George is gonna teach me how to shoot a basket. The goal is to put points on the board. That’s what I want to do. So, what do you think? Do you think we can do this, or what? (George) I think we can definitely do it. We’ve got to work on your shooting motion and getting it to shoot in the right direction. But if we got those two things down. There’s no reason why you cant shoot a basket. We will not leave until we do it. (Tommy) Oh, no! Why do I have a feeling we will be doing this in the snow? (laughs) (music) (George) So, you need to know where the basket is right? (Tommy) I do.
(George) So, why don’t you give me the ball?
(Tommy) Okay, here’s the ball. (George) Okay, got it. What I’m gonna do is throw it off the backboard, and you’re gonna hear where it is. Okay? (Tommy) Very good.
(Ball hits backboard)
(Tommy) Oh! Right there. (George) All right. So, what were gonna do is try to work on your shooting motion. Why don’t we get the ball in your hand. And what were gonna do is — (George) Exactly. You’ve already got the…
(Tommy)It’s gotta go back like this right? (George) Yup, and what you are going to do is try to rotate the ball. So your finger tips- (Tommy) So, it has to have a spin when it leaves my hand. (George) Exactly. What you’re gonna do is pull your elbow in a little bit further. And you’re kinda gonna be releasing the ball at a 90 degree angle. (Tommy) Okay.
(George) Okay, let’s try it. (Tommy) All right. (George) There ya go. That was actually great, but this time were gonna add the other hand into it. (George) This hand is gonna come up over here like that. And help it just go straight. (George) All right. You’re getting closer. (Tommy) Uh, oh.
(George) All right. (Tommy) No, see I’m not getting it.
(George) That was the strength. (George & Tommy) Oh, oh, oh! (George & Tommy) Ooohhh! Ahhh! It’s good! (George) High five. I love it. That’s awesome.
(Tommy) That was awesome! (Heavenly choir music) (slowed down laughter) (George) Can we repeat it. Can we have a two time repeat. Lets try one more time. (Tommy) What do ya think? (George) Now ya got too much strength on it.
(Tommy) Oh, sorry. (George) Uh.
(Tommy) Air ball. (George) You hit the rim. It hit the backboard. A little bit more strength. (George) Uhh, ohh! (Tommy) I think this thing is busted. (Tommy) I thought you said there was a magnet in this ball that was gonna bring it right to the rim. (George) Right inside.
(Tommy) What happened? (Tommy) No… You had to have two of these didn’t ya? (Laughs) (George) Wahoo! There it is! High five again!
(Tommy) Come on! (George) Love that! Love that! (bumper music) (George) It’s like we’re playing street ball in the rain.
(Tommy) I know. It’s fantastic. (Tommy) Uh, oh. No. It’s easier to tell when they don’t go in, isn’t it? (Laughs) (George) Right! Doesn’t make a sound at all.
(Tommy) Doesn’t make any noise.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Blind Man Learns How To Shoot A Basketball”

  1. Tommy, you make me really appreciate YouTube for allowing me to find you & be inspired by you. You are so amazing 🙂

  2. should have had him throw the ball from the other side of the court and then started screaming in joy as if he made it whether he did or not!

  3. doesn't this just fascinate you?? I have only just started watching your videos I have near enough watched enough all of them all ready love the chanel. just wow !!

  4. They should put a speaker on the back board and have music coming out so that he can always hear where the back board is.

  5. He should challenge sighted people to do things with blindfolds on, or has he done stuff like that on his channel already?

  6. Lo, all the high five comments. That was the least awkward high five I've ever seen, I don't know what all the fuss is about.

    Also I don't know what "fuss" is. 😀

  7. I had a friend in high school who was perfectly healthy and who was (and likely still is) significantly worse than you.

  8. Thanks Tommy, now I can't blame whiteness for why I suck at basketball. A guys gotta lose a leg these days. lol

  9. I know I shouldn't feel sorry for him, cause he lives a happy life, but I wish so much that he could see. He earned it.

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