Hi everybody, in this video I’m going to talk
about midi controllers suitable for Bitwig Studio. And if you’ve seen some of my previous videos,
maybe you’ve seen that I used a Panorama P6 from Nektar Tech. The keyboard looks like this. It has a very nice white finish which is kind
of cool because a lot of keyboards are just black and… that’s kinda boring. Some of the key features of the P6 is that
you can actually step sequence in Bitwig with these toggle buttons. And then you can also adjust the velocity
for the steps with these faders here. And another key feature of the P6 is that
it has a motorized fader. And it has a very nice feel to it and works
very good. The keys has, yeah, quite a nice feeling actually. I really like these keyboard action feeling. You can also launch clips from the Clip Launcher
in Bitwig with the touch pads. And it has a large backlit screen and the
rotory knobs have great feeling too. And the drivers and software that comes with
the P6 is very good. It has very deep and cool features attached
to Bitwig Studio. You can actually control a lot of things in
Bitwig with the keyboard. You can add tracks, select patches, and do
a lot of macro changes. And record automation etc. Finally, if you want a good controller and
a great keybed you should definitely consider this Panorama P6 from Nektar Tech because
it’s very tight integration with Bitwig Studio. It also has integration with Logic Pro X.
Definitely take a look at this one. And if you want to pick up the Panorama P6,
you can click on the link in the description. There’s an affiliate link to Amazon where
you can buy the Panorama P6 for around $548 USD. It’s a sad day that it’s broken, but who knows? Maybe I will get me a new one. And since the P6 is broken we are going to
take a look at this one instead. And this is the Maschine Jam from Native Instruments. It has touch sliders (Smart Strips) which
are very good if you want to control volume and do automation etc. It has plenty of buttons for step sequencing. Keep in mind that the buttons are not velocity
sensitive. Then it has the regular transport bars – transport
controls like; Play, Record, Forward and Backward. You can also make use of this rotary knob
for navigating in your project. And you can of course launch clips and edit
clips. Let’s give this one a little ride and see
what we can do with the Maschine Jam. Let’s go! Ok, so here we have a track in Bitwig Studio
with a few tracks. And you can see we can select the tracks within
Bitwig project from the Maschine Jam. We can also go in the regular Arranger View
and see that we can select each of these tracks. And let’s play this project. You can see that I have… some of these levels
are reduced and I will introduce each of these tracks one at a time. So… Here we have the track running. So you can control the levels of your Bitwig
tracks from the Maschine Jam. Then there’s a headphone button up here on
the Maschine Jam. If you hold SHFT and press the Headphone Button
you will jump into Maschine Mode. That basically takes us into this Maschine
Jam Plugin that I have on this track up here. And from here I’ve sent a few of these Bitwig
tracks into the Maschine Software via audio routings. What’s cool with that is that you can access
the Performance Effects of the Maschine Jam within the Maschine Software. There I introduce a sound from the Maschine
Software. Let’s go to Performance Mode again. Then we can hit SHFT and the Headphone button
again to go back into the Bitwig Mode. Now we can start to introduce some of these
other tracks. And then we can go back to the Maschine Jam
Software and play with the Performance Effects. And we could of course record the audio output
from this Maschine plugin into Bitwig. Ok, let’s go back to the Bitwig Mode. You can see these buttons are for selecting
tracks as I mentioned earlier. And then you have this area for the Clip Launcher,
to launch patterns. So if we select a new pattern on this C Group
– The Drum Machine. We select the third pattern slot. If we press that slot it will start to play
the track but we want to program some steps in there. So we press the Step Sequencer. Now you can see that we have… Let’s put the focus on the Drum Machine here.You
can see that we have these… all these sounds from the Drum Machine that are accessible
and playable with the Maschine Jam. If we select one of these, maybe the clap
here. Or the bongo. Then we can play this sound with different
velocities too. And you selec the velocities here. So we could actually program a few steps like
this. Maybe also go out here to the Clip Launcher
view and also solo this drum machine. So we only hear the drum machine. Then we want to program some other sounds
in there. And then go into the Maschine Jam software
again. Maschine Software to Performance Mode. Back to the Bitwig Mode. And now it’s playing the third pattern. Let’s go back and play the first one again. So basically you have some great clip launcher
capabilities with the Maschine Jam. Then maybe we want to play a melodic instrument. Let’s take this Rhodes for example. We select this D pad which corresponds to
the Rhodes Piano. We can go to the Keyboard Mode, which means
we are going to press SHFT + Pad and it will select the Keyboard Mode. And then we can record a pattern with these
keys. But they are not touch sensitive, I mean velocity
sensitive so you can only record one velocity level at the time. Then we can go to… Let’s run the pattern again. See where we have a piano. Then back to Bitwig Mode. And let’s get rid of some of these tracks. Let’s do a little mixing here. Yeah, so you see you have a lot of possibilities
with the Maschine Jam hardware combined with Bitwig. But I usually use the Maschine Jam and the
Maschine mk3 with the Maschine Software DAW. But from time to time I connect it to Bitwig
and make mixes this way too. And with the current version of the Maschine
Jam script for Bitwig you can open up the Devices Browser window to browse patches. But you can’t select patches or navigate with
the knob from the Maschine Jam yet. I hope they will add this feature in a future
version of the script. Yeah, who knows!? Keep in mind that in the current version you
can’t select patches. You have to jump to the mouse to select the
patches that you want to load. I hope you found the information helpful in
this video on the Maschine Jam combined with Bitwig. Let me know if you have any questions on this
video or using the Maschine Jam with Bitwig. Have a real great weekend and… See you in the next video. Bye, bye!

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