Hi – I’m Stefan and I have great news for
tennis players. If you also enjoy watching the slams and other great
matches on TV, you know that every time somebody hits a great shot or badly
misses immediately statistics are flashed on the screen. The tennis world
is absolutely crazy about statistics and professionals depend on them to get an
edge on their game. But the rest of us are left out. We don’t know about our
service percentages, conversion ratio of break points, and all the good stuff that
you see on TV. But sometimes just one or two points can make or break a game, so I
want to know how I’m doing statistically and I’m sure many of you do also. So I
developed an app called BigPoint. BigPoint runs on Apple Watch and all you do
is tap it after each point. And you can do that easily while you go and pick up
a ball or wait for your opponent to get ready. Even with just a single tap you
get a complete service profile: aces, double faults, percentages, you get all the
winners and errors, and you can see how you’re doing on the big points. Plus, you
never ever lose track of the score again. All in all, BigPoint tracks about 30
parameters, but if you cannot be bothered with all the statistics, there’s also an
easy mode where you basically just slap your watch and still get an accurate
score and the bottom line on big points. Now when the match is over, all the data
is transferred automatically into your iPhone which doesn’t even need to be on
the court. And there you can view your entire match history, broken down into
individual head-to-head records by opponent, or by season, or match type; you
can track your partners, your ranking points, you can even share your results
with others. So BigPoint is not only like having a strategist with you on the
court to help you come up with a good match plan, it is also a lot of fun. To
check out BigPoint for yourself, visit the App Store today and
get an edge on your game!

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