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Bianca Andreescu has been named Canada’s top athlete. The Mississauga
teen is the winner of the Lou Marsh award for 2019. Devin Heroux
of CBC Sports is here with more on this story. This is not unexpected right, but
why did the judges make this decision? Andrew this just in,
Bianca Andreescu is very good at tennis. So good, it was a unanimous vote. So every
December 30 of the journalists in Canada get in a room they debate who the top
athlete in this country was, well it was no debate this year. Bianca Andreescu
just 19 years old, what a season she had. So let’s put this into perspective, at
the beginning of the season, she started outside of the top 150 tennis players in
the world. And then in March, she wins her first ever title
in Indian Wells and then Andrew she wins the Rogers Cup right there, actually that was at the US Open. Who will ever forget, that September afternoon?
And here’s the big thing about these Lou Marsh Award winners, it’s been handed out
since 1936, is that every year there’s that one standout performance that
people go: “I remember when that happened.” I remember when and everyone, millions of
Canadians knew exactly where they were. I was at Arthur Ashe Stadium that day, to
be the best you have to beat the best. She knocked off Serena Williams at the
Rogers Cup that moment remember when Serena gets injured and then Serena
calling Bianca Andreescu. Remember just 19 years old, an old soul, so she has
poise, she has power, she has grace, and now she’s the top athlete in Canada. And a
neat little note Mikaël Kingsbury was the winner last year. When Bianca won the US
Open title he tweeted out: “hey I have the trophy here in Montreal I’m ready for
you to come get it at any moment,” she’s going to be picking it up and today. You
know when she won at the Rogers Cup. Serena was injured, so she won the Rogers Cup. That was a big deal. But she said you
know, this is not the way I wanted to win. And then she played at that US Open and
she won. The first Canadian woman the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam right?
I mean this was historic. It was. And actually, I should point out that she
becomes a first tennis player ever in this 79 Lou Marsh Award winners to win
and be named athlete of the year as a tennis player. So let’s go back to that
situation in New York, I mean there you are in Arthur Ashe Stadium, I’m actually
seated in the audience. It says tennis Coliseum, you’re taking on 23-time Grand
Slam winner Serena Williams and Bianca Andreescu, if you thought she was going
to be nervous under pressure, she wasn’t. She won the first set going away six to
three. Then the pressure was mounting. The New York crowd, clearly on the side of
Serena Williams. The place was going crazy, Bianca Andreescu, she catapulted
to a 5-1 lead in that second set and everybody’s going is this really
happening? And then Serena surged and if you were going to see Bianca Andreescu
meltdown under pressure, that was going to be the moment and what did she do? She
buckled in, she dialed in. When the pressure is great, Bianca Andreescu just
Rises to her greatest tennis level and there she was and you see the emotion of
that moment. Andrew I was there I talked to her after the match.
There’s her parents Maria and Nicu of course the dog Coco was there. And she
collapsed to the court. That is a moment of the year,
the sports moment in 2019 everyone will remember. Yeah, I mean at our meeting
today, I said what do I know? But I said it’s got to be Bianca, I mean, come on. And they got it right. It would have been a very different story if Bianca Andreescu
didn’t get this award here today. All right Devin.Thank you Devin Heroux of CBC sports.

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  1. Figures leave it to CBC to open comments on a feel good story . When it comes to Government issues they ( the useless CBC ) shuts the public out . F Y CBC

  2. So shes good. And…? OH! I get it, I should get all warm and fuzzy cause this makes Canada proud and she's a Canadian.

  3. I'm so tired of hearing about white people. Can we make some progress for a change? CBC has become dangerously right wing in promoting the accomplishments of a white woman.

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