[upbeat music] Stapy! Will you play eat the dirt with me? Yeah! Wait, did you say EAT the dirt?
[music stops] Uh, you know Marker, I think I’ll pass on this one. [music starts again]
Hey Marker! ♪ intro ♪ Da.
[tick] Da.
[tick] Dadadadadadadada!
[Clock ringing] Huuunnnghgnn!! Doesn’t that mean it’s time for— Cake at Stake! Okay! Geez! ♪ cake at stake ♪ Free Food. C’mere. Just sit around; I don’t care. Donut: Uhh, you lost last time, alright uh, yeahyszyyou’re here, uh Donut: Alright, uh, votes? Votes, yah? There are votes.
[intense music starts] Donut: uh GELATIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?! THE JIG IS UP!! We gotta take what we can! [squeak] X: [screaming] Guh!! Pipe down! Hey, hold on, who did that? Everyone: X? Oh. You found me. X, you mean to tell me, you’ve been here the whole time? Ummm! I thought we used you to multiply Four and Zero. Actually, X: When you multiplied them, I ran away because I got scared. X: I’ve been hiding ever since. But you found me! Okay, well, I’m… REALLY tired of this whole ‘hosting’ thing. Here you go! You’ve done this before, you’ll do great, bye. Um… I just got a regular cake this time. Is that okay? [everyone affirms] At 9028 votes, Stapy is eliminated! Puffball is safe with… Wait, is X saying the votes backwards? MMMM! I think SO!!! Well, I guess that means I’m eliminated. I just wish Foldy was here so I could say goodbye! Puffball, can you make sure Foldy and Bell get their cakes? Okay dokay! Peace! …down to Eraser, and Foldy! Eraser got 1151 votes, so he’s safe. Foldy got 1114 votes, so she’s… …also safe? Wait, did I mess up? Oh no! Reading the votes backwards? Best April Fool’s prank ever! Oh, um, actually, X: it was an accident. [thick accent]
That’s okay, X. Everyone makes mistakes. Hom!! Hey, save some for me! [plop] Nickel: Thank you. [clears throat] The ninth contest is… X: Wait! I can do it! I’ll host! Phew! Donut: Go right ahead! I’ll leave you to it! Um.. X, it’s really okay if you can’t— NOnononononono I got it! Today’s challenge iiiiiiiisssssssss…. [nervous noises] X: b-basket… [more nervous noises] X: ball! basket ball! Yeah, X? Not you. One second. [building noises] Here’s the challenge! Basket Ball! Last team to finish loses! Go!! What do we… do? Oh. Right. X: Throw balls into your team basket to weigh it down. X: When it touches the buzzer, you’re safe! Last team to do it loses. Oh, okay! Go! Blocky: Mmm, huh, ha!!
[TB and Basketball scream] Huh? Already? You said use BALLS to lower the basket. So I did. X: Well, I guess so… A Better Name Than That is… safe? [disapproval] [sigh] If ONLY there were someone on our team who specialized in THROWING! Hngg! Here, let me try! Hup! [glass shattering] [thick accent]
Hey! Stop breaking my window, Coiny! [Woody wailing] Maybe we should just give up… [thick accent]
Cloudy: David! You have to throw!! You and Woody are the only ones with arms! David: Aw seriously? [rocky vomits] Marker!! Play toss the balls! Oo-kay!! Free Food is safe! Uh, Marker? You can stop. Guys. Why don’t we use Bomby to— …throw… balls… …into the basket? [sarcastically]
Uh huh. Sure. Hey. He’s taking a step in the right direction. Yuh! iance is… HEY!!!!! Yeah? N-nothing! You’re safe! You’re safe! Tree, you haven’t made a single shot! I thought you were the best thrower we had! Yeah, what’s the big idea? Pull your weight! [muffled]
I’m trying to! Heehee! Quit moving around!’ [muffled]
nn! Fantastic. Guys, there’s an easy solution you’re all missing. Black Hole! Yah! [black hole suuucks] Pillow: Fantastic. Oh wow! Team Ice Cube!, The Losers!, and [eight names said at once] are all safe. Now, Death P.A.C.T. and Beep are left! [thick accent]
Come on, Woody! You have to throw that ball so we can win! [thick accent]
Cloudy: You CAN do it! [thick accent]
Woody! I believe in you! Well it’s clear to me now that we can’t rely on Tree to do anything. Guess we gotta do everything ourselves! We’re about to lose… [thick accent]
Woody! PLEASE!! [nervous sounds] [determined sounds] [dab sounds] All: Yay! Death P.A.C.T. is safe! Wait, we were supposed to throw more than one ball? Pay more attention next time. You were… kind of hard to follow. O-oh. Donut: Uhh, X? X: Oh! Um, X: Vote in the comments using the letter in square brackets under who you think deserves to be eliminated. X: Whoever gets the most votes will leave the show! X: Is that ok? Donut: Yeh. Good job today.

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  1. Why in the world is everyone voting on 2019!? They should read the description when it was published. This is weird

  2. Why is everybody yelling and saying “Don’t vote it’s over!”? They can vote if they want, even though it’s not gonna be in the next episode, they can still vote.

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