I know there is one question, only one,
is wrong, but I say the true one. My hairstyle, always Mo… Sadio is living alone in Liverpool.
He just walks alone. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Egyptian King… ♫ He doesn’t know the song! I think coffee! I think coffee, yeah. Because we are always a little bit late,
seven minutes late, because of coffee. So… – Late for this?
– Yeah. Mo, come, come. Quickly. I know all of them. He’s taking the cup away. Sorry, but, Mo, I think it’s coffee. That’s true, I love the coffee. I can say, he loves coffee all the time. I’ve just said we were late because of coffee,
so that’s why, he drinks coffee always. Phone. If he says something else, he is lying.
But phone. Good music, huh, Mo? Yeah. Yeah. Because he loves his phone. He’s always
on his phone, talking, talking. Sad’… Come. I say the phone. I saw him on the phone… – I saw you on the phone most of the time.
– No, not really. You’re wrong. Can you tell him the answer? I said maybe. But what you can’t live without. My hairstyle, always, Mo. Since you’re here, always, but the phone,
sometimes I can leave it for a day and it’s fine. OK, maybe I made a mistake. One of his favourite goals is against Roma. At Anfield I think. Your favourite goal is gonna be against Roma. Of course I think you love
to play against Roma always. And it was a wonderful goal, that’s why
I think you’re gonna take this goal. Yeah, that’s true. It’s the first goal that jumps into my mind
when you ask me that question. Easy for him. I can’t remember any goals! Arsenal. Probably he’s gonna say Arsenal. He scored also against Roma away,
it was an important game. Ah, he scored in the final,
but because we lost… OK, I’ll go for Rome. His favourite goal last season, I chose two,
I said Arsenal then Rome. Arsenal because it was a very, very
good game for you, and a good goal, in the beginning of the season. But also Rome, because it was a semi-final. I’ll go for Rome. Yeah, I love that goal,
and it was a very important goal for us. You can see his last pictures on Instagram,
everywhere, he is always muscles, and also he loves his hairstyle. And which one do you think? No, I think his body muscles. I think you gave me the answer.
Mo, it’s your hair, or…? Yeah, could be. Cos always… But you have to answer! I think I can say it’s physical. He loves his hairstyle as well, yeah. Yeah, but the last seven, eight pictures
on my social media was, like… OK, so he is muscled and everything,
you know! Yeah, but I like my hair, I like my haircut. His muscles. I mean, all the body,
not just… triceps, no, no, just all his body. He likes his body. – I said muscles and body.
– Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, that’s true, Mo. Dejan. Lovren. Yeah, they are always close,
always funny and things. I think Lovren. I can say they have a special affinity, and Lovren is always
making him laugh, all the time. Yeah, that’s true, he is my best friend. Sadio also is very close to me,
but you said choose one, Lovren is closer because me and Lovren
sit close to each other in the dressing room and we talk a lot. Sadio is more quiet,
talks when he wants, not like us, having a lot of fun every day. No, he’s just quiet and easy. But Lovren more… He wants to have
a joke and he wants to have fun, and we sometimes go for coffee together. No-one. Sadio is living alone in Liverpool,
he just walks alone, he eats alone, he drinks alone,
he just leaves everyone alone then leaves. Now Naby is his best friend. But before Naby he was alone. That’s true. – Best friend…
– Tell me, Mo. No-one. Now Naby, but before Naby, no-one. I’m not someone who loves
talking too much, you know? He doesn’t know a lot of information
about your life, he just lives, looking forward –
“I’m happy, that’s it.” But now it’s Naby. I think he needs help, so… Not because he needs help,
because he’s your friend! Yeah, I think everybody is here for him, but… When I came, in the beginning,
he was talking to me the most, and he was wanting to help and everything. But when you know everything,
so I said he’s a good boy, he was young, now he’s a big boy, so… you can be with everyone. – With Lovren.
– Yeah. Espresso, and… ..milk, I think. I said espresso and… Yes. Espresso macchiato. So, Mo, sorry, I know everything, huh? His favourite? Not Dave. Mona. She’s very nice, everyone loves her. So cool, and she’s helpful. Yeah. I said not Dave. – Dave!
– Not Dave. 100 per cent, they are not friends. In a good way though. Why? Cos of the recovery sessions,
after the games, Sadio likes to recover easy, easy. I always complain. And he always tells me, “You’re like my
little brother, you’re always complaining.” I chose Mona. She helps everyone. Sorry, Mo, but I think… I said Sad’! And I have to say Sad’ also,
cos I think I will win Mo, eh? MO SIGHS HEAVILY Without doubt. Only Mo has this one in the world. But this one. This one, I think… almost a million people have it. No, it’s not true. Would you ever swap haircuts? No, I’m OK, I’m happy about my hair. You would never…? No, no, I’m happy about what I have. Oh, come on. Come on. – No, I’ll go for you, Mo.
– Of course! I’ll give this one to Mo. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Egyptian King… ♫ He doesn’t know the song! Ah, Mo, come on, eh? Come on. It’s a bit different, because the style,
you can see the difference. Yeah, everyone has his own style. But I still write my name, of course. No! No way, no way, no way,
come on, Mo! This one?
No way, no way. Come on, eh, Mo?! Come on, Mo, eh? Come on. I think we know each other well, you asked
normal questions, but in the end… I think he’s not completely wrong,
you know what I mean? You are good friends? I think he’s… Three from five is not bad.
And four from five is not bad.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “BEZZIES with Salah and Mane | Fastest? Best haircut? Coffee or Lovren?”

  1. It’s just so funny how their trying to show people that mane and salah are friends even tho their not mane hates him lmao am spurs fan btw and it was never a handball it hit the Nike sign this is a disgrace this is a fucking disgrace stupid ref

  2. wait, if it is true that Sadio is a "lone person" but why does he know everything about Mo? Sadio, you are a good observer: D

  3. I love mo salah so much because he very nice and good person and I love Liverpool because mo salah playing with the time

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    Vhkjvcf salah ,mane liverpool !!!!tuihddjkugv

  5. Aku fans Muhammad salah pengen banget ketemu sama Muhammad salah dan nonton langsung Muhammad salah main bola amiiiiiiiinnnn saya muslim

  6. Assalamu aleykum!!! Hello everyone 👋. Liverpool is power. Good luck all of yours. I'm from Uzbekistan. Muhammad Salah, you are Goodman 👍. Allah bless you!🤲

  7. You just can’t hate Mo SALAH,I’m a Man United fan but salah is my absolute idol and hero…his smile is just contagious😅

  8. my god this might sound racist but i dont mean it the light coming from behind on Sadio's fore head is reflecting so hard my goodness

  9. Is it just me or there is no point in the headphones? They can just watch the video and know what the other one was talking?

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