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in the future so I’ve had a couple across for some tennis videos and here a
couple of trades within half an hour of each other one of which fails and one of
which works and okay so the setup on this one is that we’ve got zeal Muller
who is basically two sets to love and and we’re into the third set and these
are quite low odds already and you can see tennis trader on the right hand side
and tennis trader is basically mapping out what the downside is on the straight
so we can see if Muller goes on to win this particular game then his odds will
not contract much and if he doesn’t win the game then the odds will go out a bit
and missus a decent profit so you can see I’ve pitched my trade right at the
point at which I think the odds are about to reach within the market if he
doesn’t win this particular game so the hypothesis going to say that it’s easy
for you to say the hypothesis here is that Muller will probably win this match
but we’re just saying that his opponent here will put up a fight you know your
two sets to love down and you’re going to try and break your planet surf to get
back into the match and so you know why not go for it why not
you know try a few shots oh you’ve got nothing to lose you either going to lose
three sets – laughs are you going to lose anyway so let’s just go for it
let’s try and you know find an opportunity that allows us to do that so
that’s what exposing ourselves to we’re basically saying if Muller goes on in
wins his service game it’s not going to contract much but if he loses it then
the price will ping out and who knows it could ping out even more if he makes a
hash the next game or two so one that’s what we trying to do we’re trying to
expose ourselves to that opportunity within this particular setup so if you look closely at tennis ready
you can see that score is forty fifteen and Muller is serving and it’s got a big
serve and he gets the point and we just dumped our position so we
tried to get some upside on this particular trade we did that by opposing
Muller on his surf with the hope that his opponent would come back in that
didn’t happen as a consequence we just dumped our position so we’re willing to
take a small loss here a loss of five pound or so on Muller and where you can
see it sir that has completed now and and that’s it basically you know that
our play was on him being broken he wasn’t broken so we just dumped a trade
and it’s as simple as that so if you look at what we’re doing on this market
would basically do me exactly the same anishka Rhee is two sets to lock down
and this setup is a little bit better because mr. curry is the favorite or was
the favorite his opponent isn’t so in terms of the two trades that you are
seeing here the first one is a weak one and I probably did it because of the
British player am i bad really but on this one you know these the seeded
player is going to go out against the unseeded player if he doesn’t get his
ass in gear really quickly and so there’s a much bigger incentive here for
Mr curry to break the serve good and as a consequence you know he probably has
the skill and ability to do that and this I would say is the better of the
two they’re both exactly the same way you can see the difference in price here
between this in the previous match which obviously implies that the market is
somewhat discounting that Misha curry will come back and do something here but
basically exactly the same setup and for the same reason there’s a little bit
more risk in here but then of course the chance of Misha Misha curry coming back
into this match you would proposition is slightly higher because he is the seeded
player and he started at shorter odds whereas if we look at
the previous match and that wasn’t the case so you can see here and it’s going
advantage disadvantage juice and all that we need is for data breaks or occur
or even without the break occurring you can see it’s move fairly significantly
already we’ve put an order slightly further up to the book here in order and
to make sure that we have a position that we could indeed exit on but can you
see here that on the basis that the break of serve is going to happen the
price is getting up there already all it needs is one more point and our order
will be filled and indeed that is exactly what happened on this but not
only that and Lycia Currie went on to win the set and he eventually returns to
much larger odds so hopefully that’s given you some insight into how this
would road work how you set it up how you’d minimize the downside but how
you’d give yourself plenty of upside in this particular scenario if you’re
looking at trading tennis you

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Betfair Tennis Trading – Two Tennis trades with identical entry points”

  1. Great video thx Peter!!! YEah I guess it will work better with failing favorites . Baustista's next match against Cilic is very interesting, Cilic's odds are too short he won't win easily, Baustista unlike other Spanish players is used to fast courts, so it might be 4 sets + match

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