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videos so just a short video to highlights to that the Australian Open
is taking place over the next couple of weeks and it’s a competition that is
worthy of your attention because it will ease you in to tennis over the course of
the year and the first quarter of the year the tennis starts in Australasia
and then gradually moves around the globe before landing in spring and the
clay-court season in Europe so it’s a chance to sort of flex your tennis
trading muscles as it were but there are a couple of problems obviously with the
Australian Open and the biggest one is the time zone you tend to find that the
match is taking place late at night or in the early hours of the morning and
when you wake up in the UK UK time you may find that there’s a couple of late
matches taking place because they can run very late into the night and as a
consequence and you’ll be able catch those if you’re an early riser so there
are opportunities there but predominantly most of the activity takes
place overnight so it’s not the biggest Grand Slam in terms of trading
opportunities that you get throughout the year now typically you can obviously
automate some of that but one of the problems that we’re going to have this
year is Betfair are not exposing by the API the tennis cause at the Australian
Open so that kibosh is a little bit of the
enthusiasm for the competition because typically I will run stuff overnight and
then even if it’s just testing an individual strategy you can report back
to me in the morning so that’s particularly helpful but I thought I’d
just flag to you that this year there will be no live score feed from the
Australian Open so that is a bit of a shame I imagine that will probably
impact liquidity because there’d be a lot of people that don’t want to trade
if that is the case however the liquidity generally is
pretty good so it’s just not as strong as some of the other tennis tournaments
that are around but it will give you the opportunity to dive in and out
and get a little bit of tennis trading under your belt before we start moving
on to some of the bigger stuff that occurs as we head into the spring
now like all Grand Slams you start with a large number of participants and then
each round as they get knocked out you gradually gets towards the final and
because of that the early rounds in the first week of the Australian Open can
produce some really really uncompetitive matches where players are going off at
101 103 105 and so on however there are sometimes opportunities to oppose those
and hope that there isn’t a breakthrough at some point by the dominant player and
then you’ll start to see the price drift now what I’ve done is at the end of this
video on the end screen you’ll get the tennis trading playlist which is pretty
extensive where I discuss a number of strategies so you should have a look at
those but I will produce a couple of other videos as well based upon stuff
that I’ve done before at the Australian Open and things that I think will help
you and I’ll follow up with a video about something that I use to analyze
and look at tennis matches that will give you probably a different
perspective on that so yeah early rounds you could get some very uncompetitive
matches typically what you’re tending to look for with in tennis is you’re
looking at women’s tennis and preferably looking at the competitive matches
because competitive matches have more uncertainty and when you’re looking at
tennis you’re looking at a binary non time-related sport I probably could have
summarized that a bit better but what we’re saying is because there’s no
particular time limit on how long a tennis match can end though they aiming
for a certain score and because it’s binary one or the other has to win you
tend to find on tennis that the prices will flip-flop between those two play
two players repeatedly and that makes it a pretty good trading medium because
you’ll have more than one opportunity to get out of profit over the entire course
of the match now if you’re looking at football that’s not quite binary related
because there are three outcomes and obviously it is time related so that as
the match progresses the time will affect the odds as well but of course in
tennis you don’t get that so you can get some pretty
wild swings and in competitive matches that’s when you tend to get the most
volatility I’ve measured it I think I may have done a video on it at some
point in the past I’m pretty sure I have I’ll dig out the graphic for you but if
you’re looking at players that are roughly equally priced or fair fairly
closely priced that tends to produce the highest amount of variability within a
match so if you’re looking for a great match to trade it will be a woman’s
match where they’re both roughly equally priced it will be very competitive
between the two of them but there are opportunities all around I have
discussed previously about early rounds tennis so that will be within the
playlist as well excuse me but I’m yeah there will be opportunities around but
the other problem that you sort of tends to have in Australia as Australians
can’t bet in play without having to pick up the phone and dial somebody which is
a bit of a nonsense so that it doesn’t sort of make it you know absolutely
fantastic anyway but I bet you that people will be doing it in play they
will find a way and you tends to find that the events are quite liquid anyway
so yeah there’s plenty of activity whether it’s done directly or by proxy
so yeah interesting ta’en certainly worth of your attention I tend to use it
to sort of warm up on the air I know in the offseason I work on loads and loads
of things and I tend to use the Australian Open tennis to sort of mess
around an experiment a bit without like going full-blooded on it although as we
get into the latter stages that one you can get some pretty good competitive
matches that are very often worth spending a bit more time on so anyhow if
you’re going to trade it best of luck and don’t forget that there will be no
live scores this year so you won’t be able to trade it completely
automatically you will still be able to do a lot of stuff and work on stuff
overnight which is what I intend to do but you’ll be missing the scores which
obviously is going to be a bit of a downer on this particular occasion but I
thought I’d do this video aid to allow you to the competition but also to alert
you to that particular fact that may influence how you choose to trade the
Australian Open this year anyhow I wish you the best of luck

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  1. Im an Aussie punter and there are lots of weird rules here. Usually the result of political compromise to the anti-gambling lobby

  2. Hello peter. Did you start any paid online training course yet? I am a beginner and looking for a complete course on betfair trading. I have experience in financial market trading and want to try out sports industry. cheers

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