What is the best way to wash shoes? Do you want to make your old shoes look like
new again? Even if you treat them carefully, your shoes
will eventually get to the point where they need to be cleaned. Thankfully, cleaning shoes is much easier
than you might think. Athletic shoes like sneakers and tennis shoes
are incredible easy to clean. Start by unlacing your shoes. If your laces
are extremely dirty, you may want to replace them with new ones. If not, you can simply wash your laces, and
put them back in once you have them nice and clean. After that, take a toothbrush and scrub the
shoes thoroughly, getting rid of any dirt or grime. The best way to wash shoes is to get rid of
this stuff first. If the shoe has hard to reach grooves, you
can use baking soda and a cotton bud to get any and all dirt out. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the chunks of
dirt and grime, you can put your shoes in the washing machine.
However, you should not put them straight in the machine. Put the shoes inside a pillowcase, and pin
the case half shut so that the shoes will remain inside. Rather than putting the shoes in by themselves,
put a few towels in along with it. That way, the shoes won’t bang around inside
the washing machine, and won’t be damaged. Set the machine to the delicate setting, and
make sure you keep the water cold. Once they’ve finished washing, let the shoes
air dry. If you washed the laces, let them air dry
at well. This method is the absolute best way to wash
shoes. It’ll get your shoes incredibly clean, and
it won’t damage them at all. Giving your shoes a good cleaning is much
better than buying a new pair.

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Dennis Veasley

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