hello my name is shashwat r3er i live in mubai Now if you would pardon me I need to set the tone right for this video Because thie video is very important! Let me ask you a few questions Do you want to beat the person you’ve never beat before hello guys how are you

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS”

  1. Hello. Sorry for the delay. It ended up being too long; so I had to separate into a few parts. Enjoy.
    If you have any questions/comments/I'm not being clear, hit me up!

  2. The 'sport' is actually called table tennis. So why do people call it ping pong? Is it because the sound of the ball sounds like 'PING..PONG..PING..PONG'

  3. 0:35 is this legal?? He's throwing the ball back and towards him. Aren't you supposed to throw the ball straight into the air?

  4. LIKE LIKE LIKE… now I just need to buy butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber for spinny serve.. May I know coach, do you BOOST your Tenergy rubber or not ?

  5. Overall i loved the video, but there is one problem ik u did great by putting on slow mo but try to make it from different angles so we could see how u do

  6. incredible to find and be able to enjoy such a good video. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and for your time

  7. Holy shit can't believe they never teached me any off that in the clubs I played in, even went to academys and shit AND THEY NEVER TEACH this.

  8. Заходи на мой канал я собрал все лучшие моменты пин-понг в одном месте специально для тебя

  9. I have a question,

    How many serves should a table tennis player have?

    I mean how many should they have at their disposal, most of my friends have 2 but I am not sure if that's enough, please help me!

  10. Gary WhatHisName example should be an example of an ILLEGAL serve. The ball is not being tossed vertically; it has a distinct angle inward towards the server and being contacted behind the server. Blatantly ILLEGAL.

  11. Throwing the ball up starting near mid-table, to contact it off the side of the table, is not a vertical (legal) toss. I know many get away with it but it is illegal and unsportsmanlike.
    You might as well call throwing the ball into your paddle or applying spin before the serve legal too then. It’s NOT!

  12. I really like your videos bro, but the way you toss the ball sometimes makes me cringe. (like there: https://youtu.be/O1QHwNHHeSw?t=458)
    Good videos overall though, keep it up 🙂

  13. very cool video, I like to get your thoughts on mine  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX_Vi-FJcas

  14. Respect bro a really sympatic and cool guy, maby i win someday against you haha love and peace from split croatia HAJDUK LIVES FOREVER

  15. They sound different though 🙂 The ones with more spin has lower pitch and quieter. So do you have to yell to mask the sound from impact now. LOL

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