hello welcome to ethic gaming channel today I want to show you the best serve for backhand dominant player I have shown you how to quickly identify a player style and how to count a backhand dominant player in my previous video today I will explain you what is the best serve for the backhand dominant player I will also explain why youngji crew and Asura has developed the served system reverse pendulum serve tomahawk so and backhand serve this serve are called set up serve a tool to set up the backhand attack this video will help you understand the mechanics observe and return reserve if you are backhand dominant player you can develop your game serve and your backhand attack if you are forehand dominant player you know how to counter the backhand player in your friendly match or your local tournament look at this picture there about 20% of backhand player so the purple guy and about 70% for hand dominant player the yellow guy so you can see that the backhand backhand dominant player has influenced the table tennis game at the top level you can see Jean GQ is one of the best backhand opinions player in the world Demetrio cha growth and one how us also consider as the best backhand in the world so akan dominant player has many advantage compared to forehand dominant player so in today modern table tennis most player most developed should develop the backhand as a new weapon in table tennis [Music] you have watch a hundred of elite players video and you have admire that oh there they have a very good backhand I wish I can have the same backhand item however not many of you understand that almost all of the best backhand dominant player at their own served system in general best backhand dominant player out there has a very good sir or the best server of all time so you have a weapon however you should understand how to set up your weapon in the game so I will explain you today what is the best serve for backhand dominant player take a look Jiang Zi ku is very well known for his reverse pendulum serve ultra roof is well known for his shot tomahawk serve and his backhand serve one how also sometimes used some cheeky serve and reverse pendulum serve do you understand why I will explain you today why does Zhang Gao use reverse pendulum serve so this is a reverse pendulum serve he has so much size being the normal pendulum serve has a size being left to right spin but Zhang Jie could serve has the reverse spin spin from right to left look at here anti-clockwise direction so that’s why this is called reverse pendulum serve [Music] have you wondered why she could prefer using his serve because he is a backhand opinions player by hand player likes to stand at the middle of the table to cover as much area of the table as possible with his backhand so he won the ball returned to his body his backhand he doesn’t want the ball returned to his wife for him because now he must attack with his forehand and he doesn’t want the ball returned to his wife backhand as he is standing at the middle of the table now we must move to hit by 10 and also the mechanics of backhand stroke is striking in front of the body so Zhang Jie who won the return ball goes into his standing position near the middle of the table or near his elbow the reverse pendulum serve match the ball spinning from right to left and to counter the spin when the opponent returns to this ball the ball will go to the right this does is the mechanics of returning serve to hit a ball on the opposite flying the Russian of the ball if the ball spin from your left to your right you will hit it mostly from right to left so Jonsey could use this setup serve as he know the ball will be returned mostly to the area between the metre of the table and his standing position where he where he is standing waiting and ready for the backhand attack this ball you should mention that after this serve look at the video Zhang Jie could move immediately to the middle table because this position is the favourite position of the of the backhand dominant player as explained in my previous video it is very hard to to return this science beans ball to Zhang GUI by hand or one for hand the ball will normally be returned near the middle of the table this is the advantage of T cell you look at this serve the return ball goes to John’s equal backhand but not the Y backhand corner it is difficult for Quan hard to return the ball to the white backhand exam G cool because the ball has a sign spinning from the left to the right of one how and one how must return the ball directly to Jean gqs position and John Ziegler is waiting to attack this ball The Voice returned to the middle of the table and John G cool can also step around and people to this ball from how forehand fit this ball and can only flip it to the middle or mid four hands and jean-claude Juncker has totally a good control after this serve that’s why backhand dominant players should develop a good setup serve incorporated in his playing style Jean he could use the same serve again now one now back and flute deserve and can only fit near the middle of the energy curve and junggigo is waiting for that first backhand loop on the table and with the point so remember if you want to ball go more to your right use the reverse pendulum serve to speed the ball from right to left and the return ball will go more to your right side near the middle of the table [Music] why does dimitrij ovtcharov use tomahawk and backhand serve this is the backhand serve of of giraffe this self has the same principle of the reverse pendulum serve it has size being speed from right to left after the serve was a rough stay at the middle of the table as he knows the ball will be returned to the middle to the middle position where he is standing this is a tomahawk serve it speeds also from right to left however it is difficult to make short to Mahad tomahawk serve if the tomahawk serve is long it will be attacked the second tomahawk serve of cutter off is better to boss go to the middle and Otero backhand counter-attack to win the point so now you understand the serve system of the backhand dominant player he want the ball go to his standing position so he the act size field and then mostly the return ball we will directly to the backhand position so if you have at wrong quick back an attack congratulation you have one of the most versatile weapon in table tennis now you should set up set it up by using the serve reverse pendulum serve very also the death and the placement of the serve to the hawk so be careful trying to do a short terminal serve don’t belong to master because along to my Hawk serve is easy to be attacked by cancer backhand serve is easy to do and but you should vary the speed topspin flow side spin and backspin plus size speed variation and perfect gaming [Music] the summer is added I am back to work I also have two small kids and a family I’m sorry that I cannot answer all of your question I’m doing the video during my spare time I’m trying to answer your question soon but slowly if you really enjoy my video you can support me at patreon empathic your support will motivate me and I hope that I can do more video about our passion table-tennis to you now you can enjoy some best points between two best backhand player in the world Jean jakku and one half [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

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34 thoughts on “Best Serve in Table Tennis for Backhand Dominant Player”

  1. I dont understand why the right to left serve is a good serve for BH players, high level players can return all server wherever they want… And at the 7:20 Wang Hao returned Jike's serve at the top of the net, and then Jike could attack that ball with FH. I think most of high level player run away from another high level player's FH because that's a very powerfull stroke compared to BH stroke. I really like your table tennis videos, keep posting!

  2. I don't agree, if this is true ZJK wouldn't pivot on his BH side to use his FH!! Actually it is just that high level players avoid each other FH, now to win the point you can pivot to use your FH but then you risk an active block from your opponent to your FH side exactly at the second you moved more to your BH to pivot.

  3. hey , where should we place these serves ? wide forhand and elbow against forehand dominant players and long backhand against backhand dominant ones ?

  4. Whatever you are explaining, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Base on the reverse pendulum serve from Zhang Zike, it is just a spin direction advantage because the ball will be likely to the BH side but it is the best to hit with pivot FH at the BH side table.

    Likely, if opponent return "soft" with less spin, but not many player with a consistency and confidence with BH, Zhang Zike can do the otherwise. So it becomes his strongest hit and the opponent is really afraid of that.

    To me, reversed pendulum serve is for FH use to smash but because most the opponent understand that so they will be likely to return the ball to BH with "softer" spin.

  5. you said somewhere that we should correct your pronounciation…the word weapon, is pronounced wapen, not wiipen….thanks for your great content…

  6. Wait, I use the reversed pendulum and I am a forehand dominant player. Can I pivot if it goes long to the backhand? Or if it goes short just a backhand push or train for the backhand flip. Because the reversed pendulum is my most spined serve. I could also train to spin the pendulum serve.
    Thanks for a answer!

  7. I have thought some more about this and would like to have your feedback.

    1) general discourse about placement
    In general, the opponent can place the ball into 5 zones:
    1. wide to the forehand
    2. into the forehand
    3. into the elbow / crossover point
    4. into the backhand
    5. outside the backhand

    Placement 1, 3, 5 are good. Placement 2 and 4 are bad.
    That is, assuming you stand in position 4, playing BH in front of the body.

    2) the pendulum serve being good for forehand dominant player

    Now, with a pendulum serve, the ball spins clockwise. A skilled returner can probably do whatever he wants, but the likelier returns are 3 & 5 (and 4). This means the server can shift into position 5, covering this with BH, while covering 3 with FH. The unlikelier 1 & 2 now lie both outside the forehand.

    This kind of position is best for a forehand dominant player, because he can cover the likely 3 and the unlikely 1 & 2 all with forehand, while covering only the likely 5 with backhand.

    If the opponent chooses to maintain this direction, the server is well placed to control the point and even pivot. If the opponent chooses to go for the weakness left on the wide forehand, the forehand dominant player gets into his strong area.

    3) the reverse pendulum serve being good for backhand dominant player

    With the reverse pendulum serve, the ball spins counter clockwise. Again, a skilled returner can do anything, but now the likelier returns are 1 & 3. This means the server can shift into position 3, covering this with BH, while covering 1 with FH. The unlikelier 4 & 5 now lie both outside the backhand.

    This kind of position is best for a backhand dominant player, because he can cover the likely 3 and the unlikely 4 & 5 all with backhand, while covering only the likely 1 with forehand.

    If the opponent chooses to maintain this direction, the server is well placed to control the point, as anyhow even a backhand dominant player has a strong forehand, when he's in the controlling position. If the opponent chooses to go for the weakness left on the wide backhand, the backhand dominant player gets into his strong area.

    4) (a)symmetry

    The two tactics are not fully symmetric because the forehand is the strongest stroke at top level, even with backhand dominant players. The dominance is mostly relative. This has an effect on the likelihood of the return:
    – A pendulum serve can be returned to position 3 (elbow) and 5 (outside backhand). Both represent an equally big problem for a (forehand oriented) player.
    – A reverse pendulum serve will more likely be returned to 3 (elbow), rather than 1 (outside forehand) because even for backhand dominant player, getting an angle from the wide forehand on 3rd ball may be too easy.

    Is this the right way of looking at it?

  8. sir i am a forehand dominant player.
    So u can please teach us best serve for forehand dominant player

  9. i wached this video first time, dont understand, i wached again this is second time, i understand the key thing y mentioned on this video

    very clear and understanding

  10. Firstly you love Chinese players you should see other games to, dimi is great on back hand .. his drives , flick ..placement …
    Reverse pendulum can be used for third ball backhand shot ..fh pivot

  11. thank you for posting these videos, i think as a community as a whole benefits from your analysis and guidelines. promoting the sport further! appreciate your efforts!

  12. I just don't get the reasoning. 9:01.
    Otcharov's return clearly went to his forehand on this point and the point before.
    On the next point after, you mentioned the ball went to the middle, but it actually went to his forehand. 🤔

  13. I am confused. I normally use normal pendulum serve which i put left and back spin on the ball. with that serve, i normally receive the ball back to my back hand position. mostly. if i do reverse pendulum serve, which is right side spin, i mostly receive the ball back to my forehand position. This is what i understood right now. i use both serve depend on the level on the opponent i am playing, and also to have variety. But this is opposite to what you are teaching. So i am confused.

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