Hi, it’s Nicole Mangina with Windermere Real Estate Welcome to my Best of Kirkland video series! Hi, it’s Nicole Mangina with Windermere Real Estate and today’s Best of Kirkland, Washington is Crush Footwear located in the heart of Downtown Kirkland and Crush is one of my favorites—I’m in here all the time. In fact, the shoes I’m wearing today came from Crush It’s just a great boutique show store with lots of fun, unique brands. In fact Neil and Ronda are the owners of Crush—you guys opened here 5 years ago 5 years ago—we used to be up the street a couple blocks and before that we were on a boat Which I think is amazing, that you had a shoe store on a boat, but We started on a boat! We were sailing around, living on a boat and deciding what we were going to do next and we created an online store. So that’s how we started, yeah! Great! And you have lots of really unique lines here—they’re shoes that I don’t see at other shoe stores. Yes! So we have a blend of recognizable brands because a lot of people prefer that and then we also have handmade, made-to-order shoes just for us. Everything on the shoe is made just for that shoe Really? Everything, it’s all handcrafted, we choose the leather and the color heel height— Really! I need to come back and do some more shopping I don’t have those shoes yet! You guys just fit perfectly in with Downtown Kirkland We’re glad you’re here instead of on a boat because because it’s a lot easier to get here! Yes it is!

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