The thing about Self-Discipline is that it is necessary for every thing
you do in your life you have to be self-disciplined. Working out, working out
you gotta work out every day you gotta stay in shape, if you wanna…
I mean, if you don’t stay in shape you die. When I’m working out I always do
one extra rep, one extra set because it, it’s a promise
I kept to my self. But, but working out might have be
a priority for every single day because you got things going on in your
business world and with your family and all that. So, guess what, it’s a priority for my life,
so I do it in the morning before my day even starts. If you change your mindset and really focus it
on what discipline really is. You start to welcome discipline,
you welcome self-discipline into your life And here’s the biggest thing,
it’s a pattern. It’s a pattern I keep of me. I always do a little extra,
I always go an extra inch. And the quickest and easiest place
to do it is the gym. Because I can always grab
one more weight, one more set and look what it does?
It shifts your identity. The benefit of discipline in my eyes
has always been that through discipline I get things done. I do it in the morning
before my day even starts so I can still handle the priorities
for the day, but I got my workout done. So long-term, I look up in a year and I’m not out of shape and breathing hard
when I go up the stairs Because I maintain that discipline
on a daily basis. Most people go through life never
discovering what their talents are Most people never develop their talents. You need to tell you, no more snacks,
no more desserts, no more TV no more.
No, we working out now. You have skills and abilities,
but if you don’t nurture them if you don’t develop them
they will never serve you. Your gifts can take you many places,
if you develop your gifts. The best gifts come from the bottom. I value myself enough
to give 120% or don’t do it. And that if you decide that
my life deserves my developing this what I do well. Why are you only giving 50%
what’s wrong with you? I grant you that if you begin to work
to develop your gifts you’ll develop a strong sense of happiness,
you’ll get a larger vision of yourself Because part of beginning
to get a larger vision of yourself all of us need some area of our lives
where we can have a feeling of competence. When other folks are having a good time you’ve got to have
the strength of character. You need to tell you
that you owe you something as you begin to develop and expand
your skills and your talents and your vision of yourself You will always be in control of your destiny. I want freedom. And for me disciplining myself
means more freedom. It’s so easy to be great nowadays. Because everybody else is,
most people are weak. This- this is a softened generation. So if you have any mental toughness any, any ability,
you have any fraction of self-discipline. The ability to not want to do it
but still do it People have a hard- thing- understand
I hate to run and what makes me so crazy
it doesn’t need more people go “why do you run if you hate it?” What are you talking about? I don’t want to take showers
and eat either, I hate that too. The whole, that’s life man. That, and it wasn’t until
I changed that mentality That I became somebody. I hated going to school,
so guess what I was dumb. But if you can get through
to doing things that you hate to do on the other side is greatness. That’s what people don’t understand by me running, I’m callusing my mind. I’m not training for a race,
I’m training for life I’m training for the time when I get
that two o’clock in the morning call that my mom is dead
or something happens tragic in life I don’t fall apart. I’m training my mind and my body
and my spirit, so it’s all one. So I can handle what life
is gonna throw at me because the life I’ve lived,
it throws a whole bunch at you. And if you’re not physically
and mentally prepared for that you’re just gonna crumble
and you’re good for nobody. 99% of people are not willing
to do what it takes to make their dreams come true. The Marines have a saying
“Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die” The center of bringing
any dream into fruition is self-discipline. You know something
as simple as food and eating is not about your body
as much as it is about your mind. It’s getting command of your mind to be able to choose actions that
are in your own best interest. Every day we are choosing stuff that’s not in our own best interest. So if the world is attacking you
and the world wants to fight you and the world’s trying
to hold you down. So you gonna kick yourself in the balls So you gonna stop yourself
from getting what you dream? And I think the word DISCIPLINE
has kind of gotten a bad name we think about it in terms of punishment. I’m not, I’m not talking about
discipline in that way. I’m talking about discipline
in the sense that you you forego immediate pleasure for the exchange of long term self-respect. I believe that self-discipline is the definition of self-love. That when you say that you love yourself that means that
you have behavior towards yourself that is loving. Self-discipline is the center
of all material success. You cannot win the war
against the world if you can’t win the war
against your own mind. Self-love is when you say to yourself “Man look, I know you and that girl
got a real connection I know y’all vibe but
that’s your girl’s cousin so I love you too much
to let you do that.” it’s like you say to yourself
“man look, I know you want to eat that
pizza and it’ll be really good you know but I can’t let you eat that man because if you eat that pizza
you gonna feel like crap you know and I, I just I love you too much
to let you eat that” Self-love is “Eh look, I know you got
a test on Monday, you know and I know you really want
to go out with your friends it’s Saturday night you want to go out
but if you fail that test you’re not gonna feel good
about yourself you know I just I love you too much
to let you go out tonight.” Self-discipline is self-love. If you wanna be happy
you have to love yourself which means you have
to discipline your behavior. The road to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behavior. We tend to base our self-esteem
on what other people think and that’s not really self-esteem. Self-esteem is supposed to be
how we feel about ourselves and I was just saying how dangerous it is to allow other people to determine
how you’re gonna feel about you. And it’s kind of like
looking into a broken mirror you’re gonna look at a broken mirror
and then change your face to try to look good
in this defiled busted broken mirror. And it- it’s just other people’s opinions is a really bad way to determine
how we feel about ourselves. Life can be brutal. Life can be unforgiving. If I had to sum up in one word the difference between
the greats and the average the difference between the successful
and the nobodies of the world One word, one attribute
to describe the difference Discipline. If you don’t have the discipline you can forget about the trophy. You can forget about the success,
the greatness. All champions have discipline. It’s the discipline to work hard. You know, not when everyone is watching but when no one is watching. When the fans aren’t there. When the coach isn’t there. When it’s just you and your character. The discipline to eat strong healthy foods when you have other tempting options. When those around you
might not be so strong. The discipline to say no when those around you choose to be average. The discipline to keep going when it hurts because life doesn’t give you what you want it gives you what you deserve. And if you haven’t work for it if you haven’t sacrificed for it. If you haven’t given your all then you don’t deserve it and you won’t get it. Push through the pain
on the other side is growth. When pain comes, that means
it’s time to show character. Show me your character remain disciplined, stay strong. When it all seems hopeless
keep plugging away. Nothing can stop you
if you don’t stop for anything. Don’t stop for anything! Never break your discipline. Remain faithful to yourself
and your vision. When it gets painful push harder push through the pain. You gotta have the discipline to do 11
when your opponent stops at 10. The discipline to keep going when it hurts because life doesn’t give you what you want it gives you what you deserve. And if you haven’t worked for it if you haven’t sacrificed for it if you haven’t given your all then you don’t deserve it and you won’t get it. Show your character remain disciplined, stay strong don’t say “why the pain?”
don’t say “why me?” Say “try me!” Say “is that all you’ve got?” Give me more, keep plugging away. When there seems to be no hope of victory. When you don’t see the results hang in there, be strong,
be brave, remain disciplined And your time will come. I was weighing like 297 pounds. And I had to make a change in my life. You know, I was at an all-time low and I wasn’t going anywhere. And I was exactly
what everybody said I was gonna be which was nothing This man is a self-made beast. Widely considered to be
the toughest man on the planet and one of the greatest
endurance athletes of all time. I was just an insecure, scared kid and the only way I could find myself was to put myself
through the worst thing possible. He’s the only member of the US Armed Forces
to complete SEAL training the US Army Ranger School and the Air Force tactical air controller training. He has completed the infamous destroyer
of men known as Hell Week three times including two in a single year and one that he started and finished
with multiple stress fractures and a hernia. No one was here to help me and the feeling I had every morning I started shaving my hair
when I was 16 years old. And the feeling I had every morning
I looked in the mirror was horrible and I didn’t wanna feel like that anymore. And how I felt was a kid going nowhere,
a kid that was scared and most kids will accept that
and look for help but the best thing that happened to me
no one helped me. He served in combat in Iraq was the bodyguard
for the Iraqi Prime Minister. He once held the Guinness World Record
for most pull-ups in 24 hours at 4030. No one felt sorry for me. No one looked at me
and said like this day and age they’ll, they’ll take you in and they’ll
tell everybody stop picking on this person back then they didn’t care. I had to build calluses in my brain the same way I built calluses on my hands. So I broke the Guinness World Records
for pull-ups a long time ago but I failed at it twice. And I did 67,000 pull-ups
in trying to break this record. So to do 4030 pull-ups I had to do 67,000 for training for that. He has run eight, eight consecutive
100-mile races over eight back-to-back weekends. He ran over 7,000 miles in a single year and that is the equivalent
of running 267 marathons. I saw myself as the weakest person
God ever created. You had to have a goal. My goal was, the only person that’s
gonna turn this person around is me. The only way I get turned around is put myself through the worst things
possible a human being can ever endure And that would be the only way
that I can build this brain to handle anything
that comes in front of it. Callusing my mind
through pain and suffering. The only way you’re ever going
to get to the other side of this journey is you have got to suffer to grow. To grow you must suffer. I’m afraid of my shadow how can I overcome that? Go in the Military, get your butt kicked. do things you hate to do,
be uncomfortable every day of your life. Roger that. I’m not the smartest kid in the world okay?
Is there somebody saying “Oh, no you’re smart.
No, no don’t say that to yourself” I said to myself “No, I’m dumb” Okay, roger that How do you get smarter?
Educate yourself. So the things that we run from,
we running from the truth. We’re running from the truth, man So the only way I became successful,
was going towards the truth. As painful and as brutal as it is it changed me. It allowed me to become,
in my own right, who I am today. If you can for the rest of your life
live inside of yourself Stop listening to people
who are calling you fat, gay, transsexual everything that is makes no sense. All these insecure people
putting their insecurities on you you gotta flush it out. You gotta just be whoever the hell God
or whatever the hell you believe in If you believe in nothing but yourself,
I don’t care what it is. You’re gotta take everything
and throw it away. You have to believe in one thing
and that is yourself. Around 97% of students
are distracted by cell phones. Are you a part of that 97%? When you want to succeed
as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful. Whether your distractions
are text messages Checking emails Surfing the web Playing games or scrolling through social media. The fact remains
that it is a distraction. I’m saying to you today
that there’s some of you if you give up your cell phone,
you would be successful. But your cell phone is more important
to you than your success. Stop wasting time on your cell phone. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Instagram will still be here
this weekend. Focus on your dreams,
focus on your studies focus on your goals and aspirations. Put the thing down. Look up, you missing stuff. What is the long-term effect
of too much information? We don’t know, but we’re finding out. Focus on becoming a better you. A better you that is not distracted
by unnecessary things. You gotta cut off the cell phone,
you got it no TV. There were those of you who were
watching the game last night. You really didn’t have no business
watching these boys win a national title going to the NBA and making millions. You didn’t have no business watching them. Because you’re not where
you need to be. One that is determined to
succeed and not scroll that is determined to prosper
and not post to grow all day and not game all day. Stop wasting time on your cell phone. And when you get to the point where all you wanna do is be successful
as bad as you wanna breathe then you’ll be successful. It’s about you and your future. It’s about your grades. It’s about your dreams. Ultimately, it’s about your life. The time you spend on your cell phone
could be used for your success. The time you could be using to be
successful, you’re using on the cell. And the cell phone is not
bringing you nothing but a bill. Is your life more important than
that app, then that game, that pulse. I need cell phones off, listen to me Some of you are gonna be broke
for the rest of your life because that little thing
on up on the side. You’re gonna be broke for the rest of
your life because of a little cell phone. We’re so plugged into our cell phones that we become blind
to the world around us. And somebody has told you
you couldn’t live without it We can’t take our eyes off the screen long enough to see the beauty
of the world around us. It don’t matter whose fault it is
that something is broken if it’s your responsibility to fix it. For example it’s- it’s not somebody’s fault
if their father was an abusive alcoholic but it’s for damn sure
their responsibility to figure out how they’re gonna deal with those traumas
and try to make a life out of it. It’s not your fault if your partner cheated
and ruined your marriage but it is for damn sure your responsibility
to figure out how to take that pain and how to overcome that
and build a happy life for yourself. Fault and responsibility
do not go together, it sucks but they don’t,
when something is somebody’s fault we want them to suffer,
we want them punished we want them to pay we want it to be
their responsibility to fix it but that’s, that’s not how it works
especially when it’s your heart. Your heart, your life, your happiness is your responsibility
and your responsibility alone. As long as we’re pointing the finger and, and stuck in who’s fault something is we’re jammed and trapped
into victim mode. When you’re in victim mode
you’re stuck in suffering. The road to power
is in taking responsibility. Your heart, your life, your happiness is your responsibility
and your responsibility alone. You can make a person smile,
you can make a person feel good you can make a person laugh but whether or not a person is happy is deeply and totally
and utterly out of your control. The prerequisite for spending time
with any person is that they nourish and inspire you they feed your flame. Look at your last 5 text messages are those people feeding your flames
or dousing your fire. Put your phone down for just a second
and look around look to the people around you are those people throwing logs
on your fire or are they pissing on it. I want my life,
I want my- my work, my family I want it to mean something. And it’s like, it has, if you are not
making someone else’s life better then you’re wasting your time. The separation of talent and skill is one of the, the greatest
misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel,
who have dreams and want to do things. Talent you have naturally skill is only developed by hours and hours
and hours of beating on your craft. You don’t try to build a wall. You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say “I’m going
to build the biggest baddest, greatest wall
that’s ever been built.” You don’t start there. You say “I’m gonna lay this brick
as perfectly as a brick can be laid there will not be one brick
on the face of the earth that’s gonna be laid better than this brick that I’m gonna lay
in this next 10 minutes.” And you do that every single day – And soon you have a wall.
– And soon you have a wall. And I think psychologically the advantage that, that gives me over- over a lot of people that I have been
in competition with in different situations is, it’s difficult to take the first step
when you look how big the task is. The definition of who I am
is very clear to me and it also redefines who I want to be In that I know for a fact that I’m stronger than I thought I was. You know, you can’t help
but ask yourself the question “what would I do, if I was in
Muhammad Ali’s shoes?” I’m motivated by fear I hate being scared to do something. And I think what developed
in my early days was the attitude that I started attacking things that I was scared of. Why were you scared
in your bed the night before? Why did you, what do you need
that fear for? Just don’t go. Why are you scared in your bed
16 hours before you jump? Why are you scared in the car? Why could you not enjoy breakfast? Fear is, fear of what? You’re nowhere even near the airplane. Everything up to the stepping out there’s actually no reason to be scared. It only just ruins your day you’re, you don’t have to jump and then in that moment, all of a sudden
where you should be terrified is the most blissful experience
of your life And God placed the best things in life
on the other side of terror. And they had the nerve to count you out. That’s because they didn’t understand
that your motivation would never let you
stay down for the count. It’s times like these that we
separate the real from the fake. And winners like you can take a punch
and bounce right back because you understand
and know exactly what’s at stake. It’s times like these that we
separate the real from the fake. And winners like you can
take a punch, bounce right back because you understand
and know exactly what’s at stake. It’s money time, baby And this is for all of the marbles. It’s put up or shut up. Survive in advance.
Win or go home. And that’s why you spend
all those hours grinding. That’s why you spend all those hours
pushing yourself to the limit. You spend all those hours running. That’s why you spend
all those hours sacrificing. You spend all those hours sweating because you know there will be
no time for regretting, fretting or letting yourself or your teammates down. See you are bound and determined to enter into the realm of greatness
that’s reserved for you and only you. And so if the day ever comes
that you’re tired enough to quit. Then I need you to act like
a car with 4 flats and re-tire. I don’t think you heard me,
I said “If the day ever comes that you are tired enough to quit then I need you to act like
a car with 4 flats and re-tire.” Next level success is reserved for those that are willing to not start
counting the reps, until it starts hurting. Not start counting the shots made,
until their arms are dead tired. Not start counting the sprints,
until they’re already breathing hard. I heard a wise man say
“It hurts but it works” I say when it hurts then and only then
will you start receiving the perks. The accolades,
the ATTA-BOYS, the ATTA-GIRLS the great jobs, the ALLEY OOP LOBS the celebration parties
with the lobster and shish kabobs. The hoisting of the banners,
the sizing for the rings. The smiles, the hugs and all of the love
and respect in-between. See some of you out there, you in the dark. And you know what I need you to do for me
when you in the dark, right? Turn the lights on when I’m talking to you
because I don’t think you heard me. I said next level success is reserved for those that are willing to not start
counting the reps until, it starts hurting. Not start counting the shots made,
until their arms are dead tired. Not start counting the sprints,
until they’re already breathing hard. So just when they think
you’re about to throw in the towel That’s when I need you to recall all of
the days that you went that extra mile. All of them days that
your friends said you were foul when you said you couldn’t hang out
because you were dialed in You were locked in, you were in a zone So you had to be strong,
because you knew that day would come. When you would have to show the world
that you can overcome any adversity any obstacles, any hardships, any setback. Because you were prepared
for any and everything. You understood that
it would be impossible To run with them cheetahs
when you’re walking with the turtles. You understood that it would be impossible for you to run with the cheetahs
when you were walking with the turtles. So your mindset is that of a track star and that gives you the middle strip
to leap over life’s hurdles to power through the speed bumps
to push through the roadblocks and continue to grind past any
and every obstruction that attempts to deter you from
your ultimate goal of next level success. So the stresses of the world,
you laughing The dreams they say
out of your reach, you grab it. The things they say you can’t achieve,
you take a stabbing And when the bullies of life
try to knock you out you stick and move and you jab them. I said the stresses of the world,
you laugh at them The dreams they say out of your reach,
you go and grab at them. The things they say you can’t achieve,
you take a stab at them. And when the bullies of life
try to knock you out you stick and move and you jab them. And on the rare occasion,
that you take the punch from life and it knocks you down. You dig deep and then you dig deep
and then you dig even deeper because you understand that this is the moment to pick yourself up Push through with determination and grit. Because of all your resilience commitment, hard work, perseverance you have now put yourself in position
to show the world that you got that dog. And your inner dog
Has No Quit. I said this is the moment
to pick yourself up and push through
with determination and grit. Because of all your resiliency commitment, hard work, perseverance you have put yourself in a position
to show the world that you got that dog. And your inner dog Has No Quit I hated jumping out of airplanes I hated shooting guns I hated the job as a Navy SEAL but I did it because I wanted
to change myself. Everything I do
I’m not really comfortable doing but if you choose to go that route,
to go be a Navy SEAL you might as well go be
the hardest person in the world because if you’re choosing to do
something you have two routes you can go there and be a little,
a little weak person and get through, barely
and that’s your reputation or you can go through the hardest guy you
can possibly be and that’s your reputation. So my whole thing is if you’re gonna choose
to open that door in Iraq or Afghanistan open it up and go in hard. Because they’re gonna remember you by slowly opening it and peeking in. So if you’re gonna open it
and you made up your mind to open it don’t just crack it open open the door and go in, that’s with life. If you choose to do, if you’re
choosing to do something, attack it. Because they’re gonna remember you
as not attacking it. So I want to be remembered you can hate me but one thing
you can’t say about me I didn’t attack it. So that’s the mentality to have. If you’re gonna do something
you might as well attack it – Because you’re doing it anyway.
– Right. Who on this earth would still be going right now? You are You are

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35 thoughts on “Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #14 – DISCIPLINE | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation”

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  2. Only 1% of people make it, people misread or misunderstand this FACT, because THAT DOESN'T MEAN you have a 99% chance of failure it doesn't mean you only have a 1% chance of success,, it means only very few people even try to make it. We know MOST people stay down after their very first failure; and the ones who get up earn and learn something way more valuable, that Failure really doesn't exist if you keep getting up, even as you try to minimise the times you do fail and have to get up, even as you ALSO learn from successes and not just failures.

  3. You can change what you DO today, even if you can't completely change what you think. Do what winners do, that is all it takes, even if you don't know the reasons or motivations of why they do it, those reasons will become clearer as you ACT IN THE WORLD, as things transform for the better in your life. Do the right thing — specially if it is clear what the right thing to do is — and good, and better things will start to happen in your life.

    I mean, so long as you have to do something everyday, you might as well do something towards success, and don't define success to narrowly, do it more flexibly.

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  5. Stay consistent, stay positive, and know tough times are just temporary! Discipline is something that either happens or doesn't happen after the video shuts off. These videos are truly empowering but what is even more empowering is knowing that "Everything I need is within me", and understanding discipline is the way to true happiness and success.

    I hope everyone reading this has a great day!

  6. This video really helps me during my work outs this video helped me do that extra rep and helps me remind my self that I can change my life and turn it and go on the right side of the road instead of the other side

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  8. The hardest part for me (still going) realizing that your loved ones don't share your ambitions. They support them, but support usually equates to praise when you do well, and "you'll get it next time" mentality. A man in this video spoke the truth: You have to call yourself out, and realize at a point you're using others as an excuse.

    Based off my experience: Keep performing. Those who truly support you will be there when you're waking up at 4. My spouse told me I was going crazy. Now, they are loving the changes I make and they are waking up everyone morning at 4 with me. They might not be working out, but they are making breakfasts while I hit the gym or the trail.

    Got to say, I feel lucky at the moment.

  9. DISCIPLINE: It is simply self-inflicted pains for self-anticipated gains! It is always worth it, in the end, so, make discipline your watch word today and be the best you can be!

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  12. Green Lantern: Wields a ring which runs on pure Will. The wisest beings in the Universe said that Will is the strongest, and most unbeatable force there is. His enemy is Sinestro, he wields the yellow ring of Fear. UNDERSTAND THIS: Fear is the enemy of Will. And all Fear needs to win, is for Will to allow it. Harness your will, and Fear can have no power over you.

    I am a Green lantern, and I fear NOTHING.

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