There are many goals in football every week. But some goals are memorable… Sometimes one goal can change many life. Specialy, if it come in last minutes… After 43 years Manchester City was again being champion with Aguero’s last minutes goal. With this last-minute goal, Belgium was in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Tottenham was going to the Champions League final with this miracle goal. David Beckham was taking England to 2002 World Cups with this last minute goal. Donovan was taking america out of the world cups group with this goal. This last minutes goal was taking Liverpool to the semi-finals in the European league. This last-minute goal of Barcelona was the return of the miracle against PSG. Gabriel Jesus scored a last-gasp winner as champions Manchester City ended a magnificent season with more Premier League records. With this last-minute goal of Iniesta, Barcelona was going to the Champions League final. Manchester United was rising to the quarterfinals in the Champions League With this last-minute goal. Chelsea was rising to the Champions League final with this last-minute goal. Liverpool was rising to the Champions League final with this goal.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Best Last Minute Goals Ever in Football”

  1. Seriously?! Where is Iniesta’s goal in the final of the World Cup or Rivaldo’s behind the back goal against valencia or Gotze’s goal in the finalin 2014 or Sheringham’s and Solskjaer’s goals in 98?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

  2. falto el de Colombia a Turquía en el Mundial sub-17 Nigeria 2009 iba perdiendo 1-0 y al minuto 92 empató, luego jugaron el tiempo extra de los dos tiempos de 15 vminutos y luego Colombia ganó en penales, y también faltó el de Manchester United ante el Bayern München en el Camp Nou en la final de la UEFA Champions League 1999 cuando Bayern München iba ganado todo el partido 1-0 y en el minuto 92 Manchester United empató y al minuto 94 anotó el segundo y quedó campeón

  3. Bulgaria against France in 1993 – Park de Prance, Paris, the winner made it to the World cup finals USA '94. A must see!

  4. Final champions league 99 man u vs bahern munich

    Bayern munich win bundesligua in last minute and shalque finish 2nd

  5. I know everyone loves Japan, but my god, they were at fault for Belgium winning. They were attacking way too heavily in the end.

  6. アヤックスはほんと悪夢だよな!

  7. Where is Greece vs Czech Republic for EURO 2004? It is the most important goal of all time because it led Greece in the biggest football miracle that ever happened!!!

  8. Where is Sylvain Wiltord 94th minute equalizer in the European Finals in 2000 that enabled the only Golden Goal from Trezeguet in a Eurocup Finals ever ? That's 2 "last goals that matter" in 1 match !!

  9. No deberian estar ahi los del barcelona, sin duda esos 2 partidos han sido de lo mas mierda en cuanto a robos arbitrales

  10. Барсу зачем сюда уснули?! Абсолютно позорные матчи в истории футбола! И с ПСЖ, и с Челси.

  11. semifinale del campionato del mondo 2010 ITALIA GERMANIA tempi supplementari negli ultimi 2 minuti l'ITALIA segna due goal

  12. Goal sergio ramos lah yg terbaik,,
    Final liga champions 2013-2014
    Di menit menit akhir, iya mampu menyamai score, di ujung waktu pertandingan, dan membawa real madrid menjadi juara liga champions yg ke 9

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