Egg! Egg! Egg! Oh Bluebird! An Egg! How exciting Is it? But…what do I do with it? You sit on it of course It’s not very comfortable What do I do now? Just stay there Bluebird you’ve got an important job to do sitting on that egg I’ll make sure that everyone gets you what you need Ooooooh, like what? Oh food, drink, whatever you want Egg! Egg! Wobbly Jelly! I like doughnuts! That’s enough acorns Bluebird needs quiet, off you go and tell the others We’re going to need their help I don’t understand it it can’t have just vanished Maybe some Bozberry muffins will help us think Good idea Big Bear Come and help! What is it Acorns? Bluebird! Egg Eggy! An Egg? Bluebird? Oakley Doakley! Quick everyone! Bluebird needs our help! But what about the missing ball? What about the Bozberry Muffins Are you okay Bluebird? Veeery tired. And veeeery hungry Don’t worry about a thing Bluebird We’ll get you everything you need Would a Bozberry muffin help? Ooooh yum! Yeees, I think I could manage a nibble Oh ah and i’m very thirsty I’ll get you a drink Oh, and uh, it’s a little uncomfortable I’ll get some cushions And toys! Definitely need some toys Consider it done! Come on everyone! Can’t we just go and find the tennis ball! Later Will!

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