sup guys welcome back to the kitchen
we’re always cooking up videos and today’s video is sponsored by EA so huge
shout out to them so if you guys didn’t know the football season has started and
that’s what inspired me to do this football trickshot challenge so this
will be similar to my basketball video of game of pig
but instead of a basketball it’ll be a football I’m gonna explain the rules
real quickly for you guys the first person has to make a trickshot then
everyone else has to follow an attempt at that same trick shot and if you miss
you get a letter but if you make it you move on and you don’t get a letter the
goal is to be the last man standing if you spell out Pig you’re out and that’s
it pretty simple sort of people who are participating in today’s challenge is
myself Ryan Liz and Carter
as you can see Ryan and Liz are warming up right now Carter’s inside getting
ready personally I want to warm up by playing some Madden so I can get into
that football mentality once we’re all ready and warmed up let’s get right into
the challenge woo woo alright let’s get warmed up with some mad in 2020 so I can
get some cool ideas for these trick shots and be inspired and this by
looking there’s a lot of game modes actually there’s exhibition there’s
ultimate team franchise superstar K Oh face of the franchise I mean these are
all awesome game modes the superstar Cara looks like a new game oh that looks
awesome but you know what I’m gonna have to go to the classic back to the basics
and play just a regular exhibition match so my favorite team are the Colts and
you know my boy ey Hilton he’s gonna have to carry the game for me carry the
team and it looks like we’re going against the the Patriots Oh easy money
whoa that’s Finn’s come on woo oh I was out of balance are you serious come on
man let’s do it okay let’s do it okay okay okay you gonna go all the way is he
going to go all the way yes he is whoo easy whoa come on come on
come on okay okay easy easy easy come on now give me the spike give me
that spike okay let’s see what Bayesian do I mean they’re down 21 with 46
seconds left how much you can do do it come on all the way all the way Oh oops like that that last play got me
all hyped up I’m warmed up and ready to go I got some inspiration from this game
on what kind of trick shots I want to do so let’s go see if everyone else is
ready to go whoo all right I’m hyped up for this challenge I’m ready to go
here are the contestants we got Liz what’s up what’s going on everybody where’s Carter I should be here where is
Carter Carter I just landed from Maui babe
okay my Hawaiian outfit on him oh wait I’m relaxing and I’m ready to win this
challenge let’s go let’s do it alright guys so I’ve already explained the rules
to these guys they’re to know what it is and I picked Ryan to be first up so I
get to choose the first trickshot you did you get a make up anything you want
actually easy I’m gonna need you to hold these whoa we’re going blindfolded
people for this first one blindfolded trick shot for the first line that’s
trick shot from here right blindfold on make it into the basketball whoa who’s
up next it’s not pasta all right Liz is up next I don’t think it’s that hard I’m
trying to do it I don’t know you’re ready the ball over that way they open
actually that way yes it’s a trick show you need that is a letter Peter pretty I’m up so
flap next you’re up next I’m going last I kind of feel bad that
we tricked Liz but it is you know a trick shot challenge after all so I
think it’s all good since you tricked you you should trick
them back yeah I’m gonna trick him alright I’m getting dizzy make sure you
oh no put me in the right way alright I’m dizzy but let’s try here we
go in three two one go honey no I mean like that was straight in yeah you’re
facing your facing the backboard no tricks
alright ready three two one whoo that first one was a crazy one I’m
surprised even half the people made it right now Liz the setting up her next
trick shot keep in mind guys it looks pretty crazy and even Liz isn’t safe on
her own trick shot so if she misses it she also gets a letter and let’s see
what it is so what is it yeah what is this trick shot okay so you have to
knock this water bottle off if you knock any of the other Jenga pieces off then
you’re you get a flutter like it doesn’t have the bottle so you have to only hit
the red bottle guys I’m gonna win only hit the red bottle it’s a trick shot
yeah I had two letters all right here we go this is it guys this is the Jenga
block trick shot here we go three so bad at least I hit the block so
that’s a have to “p” for you then I aimed a little too high I’m up I’m up
alright guys so everyone’s missed so far doesn’t look that hard so I don’t think
yeah that’s what that’s a lot of hard anything alright you ready for this in 3
2 1 I knocked the bottle off right yeah no
Cheng applause ah so I got a P then that’s not good alright Ryan you’re up next I think I
think I can actually make this nobody else has so far I’m gonna go underhand only knock off the water pot that is
true those were your rules oh wow hit the water Bobby hit the jingle block and
it but so gently that it knocked up I’m shook up guys the next trick shot this
one I believe is Carter’s choice I’m really curious what he’s gonna come up
with while I was away on my venture in Hawaii I became one with the island so
I’m bringing the spirit of Maui back to LA and for this trick shot we are
incorporating water with this football trick shot so way this is going to work
is you had to stand right here on the top of the volcano
well then have to throw the football bounce it on the water and score it by
hitting the iceberg I will demonstrate and show you that just is very possible this isn’t even possible everyone’s
gonna end up getting a letter it’s not possible alright so if you’re ready for
your next letter I’m ready you ready yep that was way too easy
it was bounce back and I almost caught it again actually that’s not even
possible I threw it as hard as I couldn’t it
didn’t balance how did you make it bounce in the water
I almost got two bounces in the water on that one it’s super difficult and
Nutella so I’ll give you credit though because you bounced it you get a letter
I’m out and then you blew already I know where’s spelling Pig nope EIG three letters three letters I
don’t know I don’t know I don’t know where you learn yeah all right let’s go
come in hashtag Lizzy if you think that she is going to get so rigged it’s not really guess that Liz no she’s out so it’s only
uh right now I’m tied for first place with stove with a Pete Carter’s
obviously getting out next to his two letters wait well I’m not I’m not gonna
go he’s got to he doesn’t stand a chance so up next is actually stoves trick shot
but Carter was adamant that he could make it and he could do any shot so he’s
going to throw the football oh yeah baby and make it down there in
the ring in the pool and he’s out you’re out you’re out
what oh gee baby no okay so we’re taking the same shot to do it BAM but we both
have one letter the letter P yep I’m gonna take the first shot see if I can
make it into that hoop over there and then you’re up let’s see it alright good
luck and ready in three two one oh no oh man all right I know if two
letters P I hopefully stove misses too so we can keep it a tie game because I
do not want to lose this competition he’s gotta lose this number all right
guys so Ryan got one letter from that so he’s at P I if I miss it I’m also happy
I but I’m not gonna miss it alright ready in three two one
oh no make Earth Day right we’re both sitting here with the P I that’s okay on
to the next trick shot I believe this one’s my choice and I got a good one in
store for you guys it’s my turn I’m gonna choose the new trick shot we’ve
been throwing all day so I think it’s time that we drop it and we start
kicking the ball just like a punt for this trick shot we’re gonna try to land
it anywhere on the balcony you let you make it on the balcony that’s a pass if
you don’t make it on the balcony let’s fail so if you guys don’t know what a
punt is I’ll show you guys an example of one a punt and a return in mad in 2020
okay let’s go it okay so now you know what it looks like I’m gonna do a pun
right now let’s see if you can make my trickshot oh I mean we both did play
soccer so I think this should be nice and easy
Oh easy okay oh my gosh behind me doesn’t look
easy I got this on this one’s in the bag oh it almost bounced out but we made it
alright so that’s a tie right there you and I are both still at what P IPI IPI
all over the next trick shot this one’s your calls though I got a really good
about for this one there’s a really nice treat for you guys let’s do it okay
we’re on the top patio right now for the last shot this is my trick shop we both
have a pie so whoever gets that letter will lose and I called this shot the
Hail Mary shot because in football they used a Hail Mary shot as the last resort
play to win the game at the end of the game and if you don’t know what that is
here’s a quick little example from madam 2020 you have three timeouts but very little
reason to use them at this point so wait are you telling me that what we need to
do is take the ball and throw it as far as possible whatever is the most
accurate yep so this shot is a combination of power and accuracy and
we’ll be marking who gets the closest to two big X and whoever does wins this
whole challenge all right so this is the Hail Mary ready for your shot yep ready
ready ready three two all right still had a monstrous throw
big arm on him so I just got to see if I can even make it up there I’m a little
nervous this is for the win potentially should we run up there and check what we
do we went over it went over yeah it’s on the roof okay no better tell read
don’t go close it’s like three feet away oh man
well I thought you’re further than that oh I lost
I guess you lost yes guys that was a massacre I didn’t I didn’t think I was
me back close I thought was gonna be some way in the I took this challenge
home carnal is dropped out real early in the competition Ryan was a good
competitor but I was able to beat him and come out on top as the winner of
this challenge okay so you did win the trickshot
challenge yeah but I am positive that I can beat you in a game of madden 20/20
one on one what no ok then prove it let’s go come on okay all right let’s
get into I’m gonna pick the Steelers my favorite NFL football team I want to
pick the Colts let’s do it my boy ey is gonna bring home and the wind the dub
all right here’s kickoff okay okay don’t matter though could stop them oh my gosh
Oh babies all right there’s 16 seconds left in the game I’m down by one
touchdown and honestly the only option is what’s stove Tommy the Hail Mary
think I was gonna see this anything old oh you got it no balls make the balls
Mike oh you guys Mikey you guys like it once I can run off I mean it’s too late
game over game over man whoo that was like that was a close game
I can’t believe I barely won but only a one score game I thought that Hail
Mary’s gonna work but I made it work but then it just does again not quite but
very fun very fun so Madden 2020 was a lot of fun I want to give a huge shout
out to EA once again for sponsoring this video
absolutely and if you want to play Madden yourself I’ll be putting a link
down below in a description where you can click and download and play it right
now right now I did want to mention though the winner of today’s challenge
and the winner of this game I was gonna give $10,000 wait you’re giving me
$10,000 no because you didn’t win it was supposed to be a surprise but
fortunately I won everything okay you know what that’s fine we’ll play again
sometime for $10,000 $10 I need it I mean every match you do honestly I can’t
wanna play another game right now so what every man you don’t get very much
guys all right guys if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe and we
gotta get this rematch you

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  1. Huge shoutout to EA for sponsoring this video! If you want to play the game make sure to click the link I put in the description box.

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