Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re going over my updated sensitivity, settings, binds, colorblind settings, and dead zones..
I plan on releasing this video about 12 hours before the official start of season 9, so
it’s safe to say that all of these settings are what I’m going to be rocking going into
the new season. You guys constantly ask to see this type of video, but, I try not to
change all that much, especially when it comes to sensitivity, so I don’t think you guys
really need to be updates more than once every 2 months or so. But that’s enough about that,
and without further ado let’s get right into it. Starting off with sensitivity, and I have
a feeling some of you guys will be dissapointed here, because I honestly haven’t changed all
that much from my last sensitivity update. Still rocking 6.53 X and 6 Y sensitivity,
the 0.427 targeting sensitivity multiplier, and the .398 scoped sensitivity multiplier.
One minor change is that I’m now all the way up at the maximum 2.0 building sensitivity
multiplier. In my last sensitivity update video I believe it was at about 1.9 or 1.95,
and I even said that I planned on going up to 2.0 in the very near future, so that’s
what happened with that. And as a quick side note, if you’re wondering what’s the sensitivities
oddly being .653 and not .650 or .398 and not .400, it was defaultly like that for me
when an update switched sensitivity values switched from 2 decimals to 3, so I just kept
it like it was. Now, the one new thing here that wasn’t in the last update video is editing
sensitivity multiplier. This sensitivity was just added to the game a few weeks ago, and
much like building sensitivity, I have my editing sensitivity all the way maxed out
at 2.0. Now, I’ve talked about this a a little before in a previous videos, so I won’t go
too in-depth with it here, but my thought process with the editing sensitivity multiplier
is pretty much the same thing as my thought process with the building sensitivity multiplier.
Neither editing nor building require anywhere near the amount of precision that aim takes,
so with your non-aim sensitivities you wanna try to go as high as possible. Now, if you
play on console especially, you may not be able to handle 2.0 because you’re gonna be
getting less frames per second, and that makes every thing you do a lot less smooth and easy
to control. So if that’s the case, just shoot for as high as YOU can handle. Now like I
said, I bet some of you guys are dissapointed that almost everything in the sensitivity
section is the same as it was in the last video like this. But honestly, I think that’s
actually a really positive thing. The whole point of sensitivity in Fortnite, or really
any shooter video game, is to find a value that you’re comfortable with, and then you
can focus all your time spent playing on actually improving your aim. If you’re on 7 X 7 Y sensitivity
one week, and then 6 X 6 Y the next week, and then 8 X 8 Y the week after that, how
do you ever expect to get used to any sensitivity? I truly believe those sensitivity values are
the best possible for me, and probably for a lot of you guys out there as well, so why
fix what isn’t broken. Moving onto settings now, and again, much like sensitivity, not
too much has changed here. There are two things I do want to specifically highlight here though.
First, if you play Fortnite on console, you want to turn the setting “motion blur” to
off. This setting was added at the very beginning of season 8, and what it does is it makes
it a lot easier to see anytime you make really quick movements, which happens most frequently
in build fights. Also, I get asked this question fairly often, I actually play Fortnite with
controller vibration turned off. I heard a few years back that a bunch of call of duty
pros believed that turning vibration off made their aim a little more consistent, so I decided
to give it a shot. I honestly can’t give you a definitive answer if that’s true or not,
but I’ve had it off for every shooter game I’ve played ever since then. Other than that,
at this point in Fortnite, I’m guessing almost every one uses practically the exact same
gameplay settings. Just to highlight the important ones in case you’re somewhat new to the game:
turbo building on, auto material change on, tap to search/interact is preference but I
really like that setting on, edit mode aim assist off, auto sort consumables to the right
is also another neat little thing to have on, and finally you definitely want builder
pro builds immediately on. I know some people may prefer to have certain settings turned
“on” such as sprint by default, sprint cancels reloading, or auto pick up weapons. But, I’ve
never really felt that any of those settings were necessary. So now that we covered sensitivity
and settings, let’s move into my custom binds, and this is where it gets a bit interesting,
because for the first time in a while I actually changed something. Now, I gotta throw this
disclaimer out there every time I talk about my binds, these are only possible if you play
on any kind of controller with paddles. Whether that be an xbox elite controller, scuf controller,
or anything like that. So, my edit button is still A, my confirm edit button is still
B, my jump button is still right on the d-pad, which is bound to my upper left side paddle.
So since I’m not a crazy person I jump by pressing that paddle instead of actually clicking
right on the d-pad. But what isn’t the same as before, is that my reset edit button is
now left trigger or l2 on ps4, when it was previously clicking down on the right thumbstick.
So, I don’t know if you guys have noticed this in my gameplay, but recently I’ve been
trying to make a lot more advanced plays where I make an edit, reset it, and then make another
edit. That’s obviously done to throw your opponent off and keep them guessing at all
times. With my old reset edit bind, those plays were definitely still possible, but
it’s so much easier now with reset bound to left trigger/l2. Now I understand that a lot
of you guys probably don’t have controller with paddles, so here’s the custom binds I
would recommend for you. I would make edit Y/Triangle, Confirm edit Y/Triangle, reset
edit to left trigger/l2, and then just make your map the select button on xbox or whatever
the equivalent to that is on PS4. Although I don’t have edit and confirm edit as the
same button, I would really recommend doing that. Moving on, let’s get into talking about
color blind settings, and this is something totally new that I’ve never really discussed
in any sensitivity/settings video before. There’s this new trend in the competitive
Fortnite community to use this specific color blind mode named “Deuteranope”, there’s no
way I’m pronouncing that right but you see it on the screen. When you use that mode and
put it on somewhere between maybe 3-5 strength, it looks very similar to normal Fortnite,
except for one major difference. You can actually see through the storm a lot more clearly.
Now, in my opinion this isn’t as huge of a deal as some people are hyping it up to be,
but it still is a nice little advantage. This is especially the case in any kind of competitive
match like arena mode or world cup qualifiers, because the most important part of the game
are the moving end game circles, where the storm is always right next to you. Without
this color blind mode on, it can be almost impossible to see through the storm. And that’s
a big deal for two major reasons. First off, a lot of the time enemies will get caught
in the storm while rotating. They’re gonna be losing health incredibly fast because the
storm is gonna take a ton of health per tick at that point in the match, so if you can
see them, it’s probably a pretty easy kill. And the even bigger advantage is that being
able to see well through the storm, really helps you when it comes to late game rotations.
You can scout out potential points of uncontested high ground or low ground before the storm
even begins to move. So, if you play competitive on a somewhat frequent basis, you should really
give this a try. However, if you’re someone that really only plays public matches, it
comes down to personal preference. Like I said, even though it isn’t exactly the same
it does looks pretty darn similar to normal Fortnite. So, it’s your choice if you wanna
sacrifice a little bit of how good the game looks for a decent little in-game advantage.
And the final setting that we’re going to cover in this video is my controller dead
zones. I believe these are still exactly the same as last video with my left stick dead
zone being 0.24 and my right stick dead zone being 0.27. I really do plan on gradually
bringing these down over time, just because a lower deadzone gives you slightly more control
over your aim, but honestly I don’t think dead zones have as much of an impact as some
people think. As long as you’re somewhere in a reasonable range between like 0.1 and
0.3, you’ll barely be able to notice much of a difference. However just as a word of
caution, dead zone values obviously have a different effect depending on if you play
with a ps4 controller or an xbox controller. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. I wanna know, if you guys are watching this video before season 9 is released
are you guys excited for the new season and what are you hoping to see? And if you’re
watching after season 9 is released, what are your thoughts so far? Be sure to leave
a like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you
want, and I, will catch you guys next time.

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